Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (169)

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 169 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Perfect Scores

"If there were no farms...our families and friends...would not have been killed to be served as food. If it wasn't for you(Peter Ratri)...that abhorrent hunting ground wouldn't have existed. If it wasn't for your Clan...the World wouldn't be this way. This World wouldn't be a place where we children are continually eaten by Demons. How many children have died because of you? How many have shed tears?."...And with this serious and intense Dialogue of Oliver I welcome you, Neverland-Readers, to my Chapter Review for Chapter Number: 169. It has been awhile and we apologize for the little hiatus we've taken on the TPN Reviews everyone but worry not we won't disappear again anytime soon and we'll do our best to make sure we cover and focus as much as possible onto the current and recent chapters in order for you (who is reading this right now) to enjoy the climax of Neverland wholeheartedly! But let's not waste too much time on chit-chat and let's get right to it shall we? Here we go! The only response Peter Ratri can muster to Oliver's questions and criticisms is to call him foolish,as the Cattle Children wouldn't exist if not for him and the Ratri Clan's existence in the World,he is their creator and by extension their "Dad". Hearing this visibly angers Oliver,he thinks to himself that Peter cannot be serious about this as the only person who the kids from Goldy Pond would accept as their Dad is Lucas,the man who entrusted them with everything when they parted ways back at the shelter. Concluding his thought Oliver,Zack,Gillian,Ayshe and her wolves charge Peter Ratri threatening him into going down on his knees and drop his weapon. Meanwhile,Don used the change of situation to check onto Vincent's group in order to free them and check if the latter is still alive,which he is as Peter missed his head and shot his shoulder instead.

As Vincent wakes up from his brief loss of consciousness Hayato looks at him teary eyed,expressing his relief that his friend is still alive and right after a flashback begins. Cutting back to a few minutes earlier just before Vincent had been captured and shot by Peter Ratri, the reason Hayato wasn't captured is that he was sent out by Vincent in order to secure their Escape Route, Nigel told him that if the group fails to catch up to him he is to join up with Oliver's group. When Peter gave his "victory" speech about not letting the Kids go again and having them become proper food this time Hayato took his chance and helped out Oliver's group by attacking one of the Ratri-Henchmen which served as enough of a distraction for Oliver's Team to take out all of their enemies. Back in the present Vincent reveals that it was part of his plan to try and trigger Peter into shooting him,because even if shot they would not get rid of him without finding out the passwords he knows and also due to them needing to perform the Gupna Ceremony,he thanks Hayato for saving all of them. As the situation seems in the Kids favor Don lets Ray know that everything's alright on their end with the latter responding that they too have gotten their situation under control by now,shortly after, all the groups rejoin inside the Assembly Hall in front of Peter Ratri who has now effectively lost everything at his disposal as all of his henchmen have been tied up and all of the Security Demons have been put to sleep before. As Norman comes face to face with his Old "caretaker" he tells him that he has lost this "game" but he is only met by a ridiculing laugh from Peter who wonders how stupid the kids can get as nothing will change with their situation even if he was to die here since they still don't have any means to escape nor any hope of winning here.

Emma and Gillian tell Peter that there is no need for him to "worry" about them as they already have an escape route as well as plenty of hope for victory and group survival,the former tells the head of the Ratri Clan that his schemes and games are over as there is nobody left to save nor protect him anymore,hearing this Peter cannot help but wonder what Emma means since he thinks that the Kids have forgotten something very important. Suddenly,all over Grace Field we see "Mama's" showing up armed with rifles and...tablets(yeah i know haha,which they used to unlock all the doors-)who immediatly surround the Kids from both sides and that just as they thought they had won for good. Among the many Mamas there is also Grandma Isabella, who instantly puts her aim on Emma asking her if she had fun outside while destroying everything the Ratri-Clan has worked so hard for to achieve and maintain over the years,the Kids can resist as much as they want but despair is unavoidable and it'll always end up this way as long as they refuse to learn their lessons and continue resisting. All of a sudden Isabella lifts her aim from Emma onto Peter Ratri while putting on a challenging grin,she praises the Kids for their efforts and tells them that all of them receive perfect scores,every Mama in the vicinity changes her aim onto Peter as well who is now realizing that Isabella has infact betrayed him along with the Grace Field personell...

Personal Thought's

I rate this Chapter a 10 out of 10,because Isabella got her well deserved great moment,as an Isabella Fanboy i can be shameless for once and base my rating solely on the hype i felt reading this chapter.

I'd have been pretty disappointed if Isabella had gotten shafted at a crucial point of the arc such as here, not just as a Fanboy but also as a Reader in general, she is of a high calibre and we had been wondering for awhile what exactly she had been up to while the Kids were going onto their adventures in order to make the new Promise with the Supreme Demon and quite a few (Me included) were expecting her to make a return and get one big moment before it's curtains on Neverland. First I thought she was a legitimate ally of Peter but the more I saw her on panel the more I felt like "Nah, it can't be." Though admittedly I was caught by surprise when she came back and had become Grandma all of a sudden. Even though the assumption was always open to be made since her last appearance. I liked the Flashbacks to Yuugo and Lucas from Oliver,they really were their adopted Dads in a way and seeing Oliver admit and acknowledge that instead of viewing them as Elder Brothers was a really emotional moment. Peter got what he's deserved so far, I'm surprised that it was this easy to stop him and overwhelm his own plans, does prove that Norman has more tactical genius than he does I suppose though. Oh well, we'll see where Neverland goes next, I only know that i'm looking forward to it for sure! Till next time everybody!!!

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