Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (19)

Yakusoku no Neverland - Chapter 19 Review by WithYouInSpirit

This manga has certainly leaped from the Author’s minds and hit the track running… and it’s still going strong with one of the best opening arcs of a Shounen manga I’ve seen in a long time. Chapter 19 was no exception as far as offering a variety of fantastic artwork, use of angles and shadows, another cover page filled to the brim with possibilities and so much more.

Some of this week’s highlights for Yakusoku no Neverland are as follows:

  • Emma, Norman and Ray making peace with Don and Gilda
  • Ray’s meeting with Mama (Isabella)
  • Sister Krone’s offer of an alliance against Isabella

Chapter Title: “Out”

The first thing most people notice in a chapter is its title. This week’s title seems to have been intended to instill a sense of excitement as we near the day where Norman’s Escape Plan will begin.

Making Peace:

In the events of the last chapter, Don and Gilda’s trust for Emma and the others was nearly torn apart because of Krone’s scheming. After a short scuffle resulting in Don punching Ray and Norman in the face we see them all coming back together again. I loved the way in which we could clearly see Emma learning her lesson and admitting that they had been in the wrong by not telling Don and Gilda the whole truth from the start. With their trust rekindled it’s hoped that the supplies they have been gathering over the last few weeks will prove useful. Things such as Poison and a very short rope have been gathered and at this point I can’t tell you exactly how those will be applied to the escape plan but I have a rough idea.

The Poison will be used to either incapacitate the adults, allowing them to escape very easily.

The Rope will be used, possibly as a weapon but also as a means of mantling a wall or building.

The Meeting:

Ray… Easily the most devious character in this series thus far and the one who’s supposedly got both the children and Isabella in the palm of his hand. He attends a meeting with Mama and brushes off her inquiries about his injuries as a fight with Norman. That’s a pretty lame excuse if I do say so myself because Isabella was clearly dubious about it. He “updates” her on the latest events, rather uselessly considering Krone now knows exactly what’s up. Even if Ray’s supposed to be a double agent who’s working in favor of the children, the accuracy of the intel he does give Mama is frightening. These kids might seem like they’re getting out Scot free but this is no ordinary Shounen. Isabella does have the upper hand, but for how much longer? This is where she drops the bomb of the chapter. The next month’s shipment is being skipped at Ray’s request, so the shipment after that is past Ray’s 13th birthday. His turn is next…

Sister Krone’s Goal:

As the chapter draws to a close we have what we’ve been waiting for since last week. The moment when Sister Krone makes her move after overhearing the children’s whole plan. With one of the scariest and thrilling panels seen yet in this manga, Krone confronts Norman and Emma and the kids think it’s all over. They’re going to die. But wait, Krone has something she wants, the position of Mama. She’s going to do anything she can in order to get it as well. She knows everything now and she has the upper hand, but she has realized something. The kids want to escape, and she wants to become the Mama. If the kids do escape then Isabella will be punished and Krone can see herself gaining the position of her dreams. So instead of reporting it she does the unthinkable. She offers to assist the children in their escape…

Overall I rate this chapter 9/10 for it’s great mix of events and revelations.

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