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Archived Combolious Girl Survey

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Dec 31, 2005
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This is a continuation to the survey I posted entitled video games and girls. Now I have more precise information I am looking for please participate, it is greatly appreciated ^_^!
I have included my answers so you can get an idea of what I am looking for.
Thanks alot !!

Also feel free to check out my video on youtube if you are confused about questions 7 or 8

Combolious Girl Survey
*** Who are you ***

1. Are you Female? Yes

2. Are you 17-18 years old? No, 25

3. Do you play fighting Games( Soul Caliber, Gulity Gear etc.)? Yes

4. Why or why not? I like to do flashy moves and I am very competitive...

*** What do you know ***

5. How often do you play? Mostly in social environments so at the moment not often because I am too busy

6. How did you get interested in fighting games? Going to arcades

7. Do you know how to juggle or do an infinite in a fighting game? Yes, I know how to juggle and do infinites, depends on the game

8. Do you know how to do a 5 hit combo or more? Yes, but it also depends on the game

9. If you do, how did you learn? Practice and watching other people in arcades and other environments play also losing alot :D

10. If you don't, would you like to learn? why? N/A

11. If you don't want to learn, what would change your mind? N/A
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