Community Awards 2021 Winners Announced

Here is the list of the Community Awards 2021 winners. Thanks to everyone for participating!

  • Most Contributive Member
    ------- Erinyes
  • Most Epic Member
    ---------------- Purity of Magi
  • Most Friendly Member
    ------------ Erinyes
  • Most Improved Member
    ---------- GB
  • Most Missed Member
    ------------- gnut
  • Most Mysterious Member
    --------- shinobi
  • Best Newcomer
    -------------------- Maryxxi
  • Most Passionate Member
    --------- Erinyes



Lol i won most spammy.

I have to apologize to the trully spammy ppl out there, dw next year you.ll win for sure since my activity is obv not spammy nor will it ever be again.

Thanks for everyone who voted me for whatever category you did, i appreciate the support and love ♡

Congrats to everyone!
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Thxs @xi0 and all the staff for hosting the event & to everyone who joined the fun.

Congrats to the winners !

Huge huge thanks to everyone who nominated me or/and voted for me, even in the most unexpected categories ( how did I even land in the most pervert category :grumble :lmao ), thxs so so much, i didnt expect it, it means so much for me !

Love you all !
The badges are so cute. That troll one is perfect, half neko, half fishy. Dammit Magi, you snatched the cutest badge :arf

Congrats to the winners. Asako and shino got awards which was very refreshing. Wasn't expecting Battou for perv however.
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I guess, it's kind of an Evil Orgy win. I'll take that.

Honoured to be welcomed into the pretty boys hall of fame with my boo, thnks all for voting.
It's a crime that you haven't won it before now. Congrats, babe! :hearts Honestly flattered to get to share it with you (thank you to those who voted!)

Congrats to all winners and nominees and everyone else, really – celebrating all our amazing members is always just wholesome and great. Thanks mods for another good job hosting! :tem
Much thanks to everyone who voted for me <3 I appreciate it
Special thanks to my campaign manager @Shad for all the hardwork <3 <3 WE DID IT BRO, all those times you walked me to school finally paid off. We worked hard for this exact moment xD. Enjoy the title of the best newcomer no onii-san :cheez (tho u do deserve a best onii-san award)

Also congratz to all the winners and thanks to the staff hosting this <3