Custom Naruto Video Game Cover Requests of Characters and a background (Artwork Request) Project


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Jul 12, 2019
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Title of the game should be this:

The concept of this for this game is What if Scenarios situations with the original characters.

We all know there are different dimensions in Naruto. What if you could actually choose all the originals characters to decisions?
More Dimensions you visit harder the next dimension would be.

Dimension 0 = Minato, Kushina and Kushina teleport away to the Whirlpool country to raise Naruto. Kurama thanks them for freeing him from the masked man.
Dimension 1 = Naruto and Boruto aka the NaruHina. CANON
Dimension 2: NaruSaku, SasuIno, ChoHina, ShikaShiho, & KankuroTenten.
Dimension 3: NaruTema, ShikaShiho, ChoIno, LeeSaku, SasukeTamaki
Dimension 4 NaruSaku, SasuKarin, ChoIno, KibaHina, NejiTen, YamatoAnko, IrukaShizune, KakashiHana Inuzuka, & ShikaTema
Dimension 5: Naruto goes rogue and gathering all the normal rogue ninjas to create a new village. Called, Village hidden in the Cherry Blossoms.
Dimension 6: NaruSaku, SasuTema, ShikaIno, & ChoTen.
Dimension 7: Naruto Joined the Sound village.
Dimension 8: NaruSaku, SasuHina, ChoIno, SaiKarin, NejiYakumo, ShinoIsarabi, LeeTen, KakashiXHana Inuzuka, YamatoAnko, IrukaShizune, OmoiKurotsuhi, KankuroKarui, & ShikaTema.
Dimension 9: Naruto joined Akatsuki.
Dimension 10 NaruSaku, SasuTen, & ShinoHinata.
Dimension 11: Naruto join Kumo Village.
Dimension 12: NaruSaku but Sakura dies.
Dimension 13: NaruShion, Sakura becomes the Hokage but Sasuke and Rock Lee dies.
Dimension 14: Sakura and Ino joined forces to save Naruto.
Dimension 15: Naruto joined the Iwa village.
Dimension 16: Naruto joined Haku and Zabuza.
Dimension 17: Naruto joined Root aka the Foundation.
Dimension 18: Naruto joined the Twelve Guardian Ninja.
Dimension 19: Naruto was adopted by Jiraiya.
Dimension 20: Naruto was adopted by Tsunade.
Dimension 21: Naruto was adopted by Kakashi.
Dimension 22: Naruto was adopted by Anko.
Dimension 23: Naruto was a curse mark.
Dimension 24: Naruto joined Dotō’s Three-Man-Team.
Dimension 25: Naruto joined the Four Celestial Symbols Men.
Dimension 26: Naruto joined the Gato.
Dimension 27: Naruto joined the Haido’s Knights.
Dimension 28: Naruto was adopted by Tsunami from the Waves arch.
Dimension 29: Naruto joined the Mist Village.
Dimension 30: Naruto joined Furido’s 4-Man Team
Dimension 31: Naruto joined the Star Village.

You could add more dimensions after Dimension 31. This part I need your guys to help on. I need your help with creating fanfictions with those minus the Canon and Dimension 8 that's mine.

Cover Characters:
NaruSaku: Haku Uzumaki who has Pink and his eyes are Violet.
NaruIno: Daughter of them.
NaruTen: Daughter of them
Boruto Uzumaki in the background somewhere.

The backdrop of the cover should be fictional Village called, "The Village Hidden in the Cherry Blossom."

In the middle of the town square is a statue of Sakura Haruno.
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