DeathNote Cosplay Photoshoots by the "Edjie" Team (?)


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Jan 13, 2007
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As if the Tuxedo Team DN photoshoots weren't enough, there is another group also doing DN!!!!! And they have Mello and Near too! :o

And prominent among the members is the ever lovely and beautiful Alodia 'Edjie' Gosiengfiao!!! :luv She's one of the most perfect Misa I've ever encountered! Makes moi jealous of Light... :jk
Btw, she's the host of the last Toycon 2007 Cosplay Competitions.

Quoted from

DN Shoot Realizations!

Journal Entry: Mon May 14, 2007, 7:35 AM
Death Note Caramel Dance

-batella as Light Yagami

~skullpion as L

*blackmage9 as Misa Amane

~orangeish as Mello

~Crissey as Near

-Diego as Ryuk

*slumberdoll as Photographer

~pilya as Assistant Photographer

~fade319 as the Director

~Tinik as Chaperone

Jenny as Chaperone

My parents as Chaperones

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Death Note: Misa

dn shoot - alodia as misa 03

dn shoot - light, L and ryuk

dn shoot - alodia as misa 02

dn shoot - light x misa 02

dn shoot - ashley as mello 02

dn shoot - mello x near 01

dn shoot - rick as L 03

dn shoot - rick as L 02

dn shoot - crissey as near 01

dn shoot - rick as L 01

dn shoot - ashley as mello 01
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