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Detective Conan: Detective Ronan (Meitantei Conan Parody)


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Feb 23, 2007
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Hi to everybody! my name is ichii, and i present you a new parody, a meitantei conan parody:

Detective Ronan English Version

¿What's Detective Ronan?

Detective Ronan is a webcomic made by Yago Trebolle Liz (kaitokid7) which parodies "Meitantei Conan", "Case Closed" or "Detective Conan", or what you want to call it.Detective Ronan has a lot of fans, and there are not only Detective Ronan files,but also you can find a lot of wallpapers, fan-art,Translations to other languages... The English version is done by Ichii, who heads up the team responsible for bringing Detective Ronan to English speaking audiences.

We are going to try release one file for Month, because the translation of each file is a very difficult process.

Here you have the one fist file, enjoy it!

Direct Download:

File 01

File 01 Download

please leave a comment about if you like it or not! ^^