Discussion Do you think the exiled Villagers will get further relevance?


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Feb 26, 2017
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Hey guys!, lately i've been reReading some of the early Dr. Stone Chapters and as i did i noticed this Panel stood out to me. More than it did when i first read it at its Release to be honest:
This is from Chapter 20,shortly after Senkuu had arrived at Ishigami Village. One of the Adults/Elders mentions some of the Villagers/Criminals had been exiled from the Village before and wonders if Senkuu is one of them,which had me thinking that it couldn't have been that long ago when they got exiled and some are possibly still around.

My Question now is pretty much what the Thread Title says,Will we see the exiled Villagers somewhere down the road now that Senkuu has aquired the means to travel even in the Skies? Thanks to the Balloon invention they are likely to find the Oil Fields soon as well,i'm thinking maybe while looking for their "target" they could stumble across another Village/Settlement created by the ones previously exiled for their Crimes. It would serve as good and further World Building,the Author has shown that he can give spotlight to Side and Main characters before so i guess if he introduces some of these Criminals and their descendants he could give them ample characterization and spotlight.

Curious what everybody else could/would make of this so i thought i'd come out,put it in a thread and have everybody else share their thoughts on it.:verily