Dr. Stone Chapter 62 Discussion/63 Predictions

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    I'm a bit mad they couldn't catch Homura which shouldn't have been a problem had Senkuu actually gave someone with more strength goggles to use and tied her up.
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    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 15, 2018, Original Post Date: Jun 15, 2018 ---
    Fucking called this happening :smugbunny
    FINALLY Kohaku gets someone she can fight. After the disaster with Magma in the village Kohaku really needed something to help her regain her hype as one of the strongest fighters of the series. Homura's gymnastics are a really nice touch as well since it shows Tsukasa's empire has unique talents among themselves. First Gen with his mental gymnastics :p And now physical gynmastics :zomg
    Expecting that these 2 will clash sometime in the near future and this isn't the last we see of them clashing.
    That flashbang was a really good idea, Senkuu getting jumped like that though :lmao This manga is too perfect :XD
    Also loved the detail of Homura recognizing the village members by their names, shows she's been doing her spy work just right :blush But that stuff at the end of the chapter that Senkuu used on her, fluorescent powder Im guessing? :hmm It's an awesome tracking device but im not sure they'll make it to Homura in time. Which is actually a good thing, it's too early to encounter Tsukasa in my honest opinion.
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