Chapter Fairy Tail Chapter Reviews (currently ch 545)

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Fairy Tail Chapter Reviews

Mangahelpers will be posting chapter reviews for featured manga such as Fairy Tail on the forum homepage. Each chapter, the first submitted review will be used. Preferably reviews are to be submitted as soon as possible and before the release of the following chapter. Subsequent reviews will be linked in the published review, and are also to be completed in this thread. Your permission will be sought before your review is published or linked.

The 24 hour spoiler rule does not apply in this thread. However this is for reviews only. Any discussion about reviews can be done in the chapter thread, or the Hangout thread (keep in mind the 24 hour spoiler rule applies in that thread).

Review standards
  • Minimum 500 words
  • English language. Standard spelling, grammar and punctuation apply - enough so it can be easily read.
  • No emoji, slang, swearing. All forum etiquette rules apply.
  • Refrain from using pictures. A picture may be incorporated should the need arise.

What should be included in the review?

A concise summary of the events within the chapter; and how said events are interconnected with the story. Aspects such as character actions/development, art, tone etc can all be subjects of the review. Any points can be appraised (was it good? was it bad), though it is expected to be reasonable and/or supported by chapter/manga content. The review should be finished with a concluding paragraph, with some forewords regarding possible future events. Feel free to add/omit any of these recommendations as you see fit, as well as adding your own perspective and character to the review.

Any queries PM @Brandish
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