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FanArt Colo Book


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Nov 3, 2006
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Hello has all. I am webmaster of a French site on the manga Naruto. There is approximately 5mois, I had the idea to make a kind of gathering chapter of the colorized drawings of Naruto. We have a equipe drawings and colourists for that.

But the problem is that we miss draughtsmen and colourists. Some people of this forum already took part has this project (Lee-nus and Orthider) and we are currently spirit of preparer the third volume.

The drawings and colour applications realized for the project should not be published before the publication of this one

If you are interested by this project or if you have drawings or colour applications has to make us share, veiled some useful links.
My website :
The page to have more information :
And my Email :

This project is in partnership with Dattebayo, Japflap.
Do not hesitate has to put your questions. Thank you.