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Apr 20, 2008
Are you tired of the normal forum threads?
Are you tired of having to actually write something that makes sense?
Do you want to go nuts?
Do you want to ban, Kill, be an evil genie or tell a fairy tale?

Then you're currently in heaven.


The Fun Forum is the only section that doesn't allow your post count to rise, which means that you can't spam to gain a higher post-count, but you can spam....well, because you can!

There are TONS of games here and I'm sure there will be something for you!

Where to start, where to start...

First you should take a read Concerning 'Immature Discussions'

After you've done that you could start browse this wonderful world of games and funny threads!

This is the place where you drop in to relax and have fun. We don't want bad energy coming from any posts.

Bashing and such are prohibited from MH and especially from the FF.

Every thread in here is either a game or something else that fits under the "fun" section.
Think of this section as a place where you laugh, share, relax, have a good time and spread love.

Thread Example

Person 1 creates thread and posts the following message

"Continue THAT Sentence!!!"
Post a word or two to continue the sentence! Splurt out anything that comes to mind, make it as funny as possible!

I'll start off:

Pepperoni chakra

Now, it's up to person two to continue that with for example

"is found"

The third person continues with

"in the middle of"
.....and so on.

  • Threads with a prefix where it says "Fun Thread" is a thread that isn't game, but simply a fun thread. You, of course have to obey the rules in each thread but the rules are very easy to follow so don't worry.

  • Threads with a prefix where it says "Game" is simply a game-thread. Obey the game rules and win! :)

  • Threads without prefixes are other fun threads and they should be PG rated with no exceptions.


1a. NO SPOILERS - Please do not post SPOILERS of any newly released chapters here, even in spoiler tags. You may discuss about spoilers in their respective Discussions Thread.

1b. Please refrain from posting any major spoilers for other manga here. Unless it is really necessary, please remember to use spoiler tags.

2. Please do not put any xxx links or make any reference to any xxx sites, or post any pictures that are offensive.

3. No Bashing.

As this is a general kids thread, and everyone here is out for harmless fun, please bear the above in mind.
Any fouls will 'entitle' you to a nice yellow or red card, and you don't want to receive a card...

Also, just a general reminder to everybody: please also refrain from going off-topic or straying from the rules in any of the game threads. This is a place where we all go to get some enjoyment and peace of mind, and it ruins the fun if somebody doesn't stay with the rules.

Finally, please don't go overboard introducing a whole bunch of new game threads, try to go easy on that so nobody feels overwhelmed.

Other than that, this is a very easy section and if you have any problems or question regarding anything here, feel free to PM:


Thank you for reading

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