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Heaven's Storm (Naruto fanfic)


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Feb 21, 2007
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Been really bored today so started writing this. I'll probably edit posts as time goes on to fix grammar and what not. This is part one, if people like it I'll keep working on more. If not...well I'll probably still finish it for myself so who cares =p

Hinata, Shino, Kiba, and Akamaru are walking down the road out of Konoha. With their nin gear in tow they head to train. “I wonder if we’ll get a new jounin since Kurenai is pregnant now,” Kiba wonders outloud as they walk.

“It would make sense,” Shino responds. “It would be good to get out in the fie..” Shino is cut off though as AKamaru starts barking intensely.

“Akamaru? What is it?” Hinata asks. Suddenly a strange wind blows down the road.

“This wind, it’s not natural.” Shino says tensing up as bugs begin to come out.

“Akamaru smells something…it’s familiar but different.”

“Byakugan!” Hinata shouts as she uses her kekkei genkai to look down the road at what’s ahead. “There’s someone coming this way, he’s fast! It’s a nin but there’s no headband or distinguishing marks.

“Be rea” Shino gets cut off as a man suddenly appears before them landing in another gust of strange wind. He stands tall, with orange hair wearing a full black gi. On his back are strapped two short swords. Standing up from his landing he looks at the three with piercing blue eyes.

“Oh, hello!” the strange man greets as he waves at the three.

“Identif” Shino unfortunately gets cut off again, it’s just not my day he thinks to himself.

“Look, sorry to be short but I’ve got important business to tend to. Can any of you take me to Uzumaki Naruto? It’s vital I see him immediately.”

“Naruto? What do you want with Naruto?” KIba asks.

“I”d really prefer to discuss that with him, not you. So can you take me to him or not?”

“…Naruto-kun..he’s…well…you should tell us what you want with him if you want us to take you to him” Hinata says quietly as she looks at the strange man.

“Huh? What’d you say? I could barely hear you. Can you speak up? Or hey maybe something’s wrong. Is something wrong with you?” The strange man walks closer to Hinata peering at her curiously.

“Wah? No, it’s…Naruto-kun is just,” but this time it’s Hinata’s turn to get cut off by the impatient stranger.

“Okay, I can see we’re getting nowhere here and as I said this is a very important matter so I’m gonna make this simple. I’m not your enemy, nor am I his; but I must be going.” The strange orange haired man quickly reaches into his side bag and tosses out a piece of paper with markings on it. Tossing it up into the air the strange wind returns and carries it astonishingly fast ahead down the road behind team 8. Then in a gust of wind the man before team 8 disappears and appears far down the road behind them where the piece of paper had blown to. He turns to shout to team 8 quickly, “Attack me if you want, but be warned it won’t turn out well for you. So why don’t ya just trust me huh? This is personal.” Team 8 starts to run after him but they can’t match the speed of his wind teleport.

The strange man walks through the gates of Konoha stretching his arms, “Wow, so this is Konoha. It’s been a long time. Gotta admit it’s looking better than it was last time I was here.” He walks up to the guard station at the gate as the two ninja waiting there tense at seeing him. He waves his hand greeting them warmly as he walks up. “Hey can either of you tell me where to find Uzumaki Naruto?”

“What business do you have here and with Naruto?” the first guard asks, the stranger simply sighs.

“You know, you people are the most unhelpful. Your tourism must be way down. I don’t have time for this.” He again reaches into his bag but this time he pulls out a handful of the pieces of paper. Tossing them into the air he sends his wind to carry them to different sections of the city. “I’ll find him myself,” and again the strange ninja disappears in a gust of wind.

The two guards left staring at nothing turn to each other astounded, “Alert Hokage-sama immediately! This could be related to Akatsuki.” The second guard nods and takes off as Shino, Kiba, Akamaru, and Hinata run up.

Catching their breath, Hinata looks at the guard remaining. “We saw a strange man, orange hair black gi.”

“Looking for Naruto? He just disappeared from here to somewhere in the city I believe. I’ve sent word to Hokage-sama of the threat.”

Hinata nods as she turns to her teammates, “We should find and warn Naruto,” Shino suggests. The others nod as they take off into the city.

“It’s late afternoon, if I know Naruto he’ll be eating ramen about now,” Kiba asserts as they run through the town. “Let’s check Ichiraku’s”

The three run into Ichiraku’s to find Naruto sitting there with Sakura eating, “Naruto!” Kiba shouts as they run in gasping for breath. Naruto and Sakura turn to face them.

“Huh? Kiba? Shino, Hinata..what’s going on?” Naruto inquires looking at them while still eating his ramen.

BAM Sakura punches Naruto on the top of the head, “Baka, don’t talk with your mouth full, especially with girls present it’s rude.”

“Sakura-chan… so cruel…”

“Naruto-kun…there’s a strange man…looking for you in town.” Hinata says looking at him. She then notices Sakura sitting with him and blushes. “I mean…it could be Akatsuki.”

“Akatsuki in Konoha?” Naruto and Sakura stand up and run outside with the other three. “What’s he look like?” but with a gust of wind the strange orange haired man appears before them.

“Ahhh finally!” the strange man starts walking forward as the five draw their weapons. “Oh put those things away, how many times do I have to tell you people I’m not your enemy?” He turns looking at Naruto. He locks gazes with Naruto blue eyes to blue eyes. “Finally, it’s been a long time but I still recognize you,” He pulls Naruto forward and hugs him. “little brother.”

Naruto instantly pushes back to stare at the stranger, “brother?!”

“Yes, allow me to introduce myself to you finally. My name is Azan, Uzumaki Azan. I’m your older brother.”

“But…I mean, how is that possible? And if it’s true then WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN! Do you have ANY idea what I’ve been through?!” Naruto shouts staring at Azan.

“Yes, I’m sorry. I assure you if I could have been here I would have been, but we both had our part to play. But now, Akatsuki is on the move against you, and it’s much worse than you can imagine. I’ll explain everything but first I’m starving, how’s the ramen here?”

“food before anything else, cheery demeanor, if anyone else would be an Uzumaki this guy would be it…” Inner Sakura declares.

“What proof do we have you’re who you say you are?” Sakura asks coming to stand beside Naruto.

“Hmmm, proof. Well, I assume little brother that you have incredible chakra reserves and stamina, and amazing control of it yes?”

“Stamina and chakra amounts yes, control? Well….that’s more Sakura’s area.”

“Hmmm I see, it must be the chakra you have to constantly divert towards the Kyuubi that inhibits your control, I’m sure your still above average though in it. Anyways I’m correct on the stamina and chakra reserves amount though you said.” Azan pulls his hands up in a seal, “Tajuu kage bushin no jutsu.” In a puff of smoke Ichiraku is suddenly surrounded by hundreds of Azan’s. “Massive stamina is a family trait.” Azan dispels them as easily as he summoned them.

“We have other shared qualities as I’m sure you notice. The blue eyes, spikey hair, although your hair is more like moms. I got dad’s rusty color.” Azan starts to walk into Ichiraku, “as I said I am starving. Won’t you treat your older brother to some ramen?” Azan says smiling.

Naruto just stands there staring down though. A brother alive…and he knew about mother and father. Naruto had to know now. “Mom and dad, are they…are they still alive too?!”

Azan instantly gets a serious face as he looks into his little brothers eyes, “They really told you nothing I see…mother and father died 16 years ago when the Kyuubi attacked. I’ll explain everything to you, and your friends here if you wish.”

Naruto nods as they all head back inside to sit down.

“Everything I’m about to discuss has until now been the most guarded secret there is. Our family, the Uzumaki’s were long ago known as Heaven’s Storm. We guarded the pillar of hell in secret. No allegiances to any city. No ties to anyone. We lived in hiding from the world protecting the pillar from anyone who would seek to use it. Our mother was a ninja from Konoha, she was the sister of who you all call Yondaime. She stumbled across our hidden temple one day and dad fell in love. Soon after I was born.”

“My uncle was the Yondaime?!” Naruto exclaims at Azan.

“Yes, let me finish little brother,” Azan directs smiling at Naruto as he musses his hair. “So I was born, and everything was going well. Our uncle would visit occasionally, less and less as time went on. There was war afterall and he had responsibilities. Mother missed her family and city very much though so after you were born she wanted to take us both to visit uncle. So we left the temple in the care of our clan and took a trip to Konoha. I was eight at this time and you were a newborn. When we got there though, the Kyuubi attacked.”

“We were still on the road when it began, caught in the fire of chaos. Mother and father were dying infront of us then uncle Yondaime showed up. With his last breath father looked at Yondaime and told him this, ‘I am sorry that your city has been pulled into our affair. This can only be the work of my brother Kuvon. The kyuubi will destroy your city unless you do as I say. Seal him in my son, in Naruto. Keep him safe in your city for now. Things are going to get bad from here on, very bad.’ Father was hacking up blood, it was horrible. Be glad you can’t remember it because I did every night for a long time. As Yondaime took you to do as father asked father gave me his final words. He said for me to run, run and hide. Kuvon would surely hunt me if he knew I was alive so I had to go into hiding and never come out until I felt I was strong enough. Once strong enough I had to find Kuvon and stop him from using the pillar of hell to bring chaos to the world. He said Kuvon wouldn’t be able to accomplish his goals as long as you lived as well. Kuvon was father’s older brother, a traitor to what the Uzumaki’s were. Father thought he was dead but only he could have freed the Kyuubi. He wouldn’t know of your existence yet though so you would be safe for a time.”

“I did as father asked and went into hiding. I never even went back to the temple there would be no point. We knew the pillar of hell would be gone, taken by Kuvon. I’ve remained in hiding until this day, seeking information about Kuvon where I could while perfecting the way of Heaven’s Storm. I’ve learned Kuvon is focused on you now. He’s realized the threat you can be. Until now he didn’t believe you were a real Uzumaki because of what others told him about you but with the death of Kakazu and your development lately he realizes you’re a threat. And he needs the Kyuubi inside of you to realize his ambitions. He comes for you now, with Akatsuki. He will rain hell down on this city to get the beast inside of you.”

“Is Kuvon related to Akatsuki?” Sakura asks.

“Kuvon is the leader of Akatsuki I’ve learned. He’s using them all though. They think capturing the bijuu is about taking over the world but it isn’t. Long ago this world was linked with the world of chaos. Humans lived in fear everywhere. Then one day the pillar of hell cracked and the 9 bijuu were born. Although the bijuu became a threat themselves humans learned to deal with them with the lack of chaos. In time everyone forgot about the chaos the world used to be enveloped in except for our clan. We protected the pillar of hell from anyone trying to restore it. That’s what Kuvon is trying to do. With every bijuu he returns to the pillar the world of chaos comes closer. If all 9 are restored to the pillar then hell will be unleashed again.”

Avan finishes his ramen, “Ahh that was excellent!” He drains the soup from the bowl and slams it down. “So now that you’ve heard my story little brother it’s time for us to go. We need to go back into hiding. I will train you from here on in the arts of our family, heaven’s storm. You have started your wind training, I will teach you to walk the skies as only our family can do. I will teach you to rip open the skies and pour out devastation on your enemies through wind and water. And with the kyuubi you will surpass me then we shall destroy our uncle. We shall redeem our clan; shatter the pillar to free the bijuu again.

“If they’re coming here then we can fight them here and now and end this!” Naruto shouts standing up. I won’t run from the person responsible for all of this death and neither should you anymore!”

Avan as well stands up staring at Naruto. “Spoken like a true Uzumaki. But you’re not ready yet and you know it deep down. Kuvon has linked his soul to the pillar and draws power from it. Every bijuu restored to it multiplied his abilities. He only needs two more at this point. The only one who can fight him at that level is you with the Kyuubi but you need to learn more first. You MUST master our family’s art if you hope to stand a chance against Kuvon. And you must also form a true bond with the Kyuubi to draw on its reserves. All the ninja in this village won’t stand a chance with the amount of chakra he has from the pillar. The only chance we, or this village have, is if we vanish until you are ready.


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HIc... Interesting... ... Naruto's brother seem dun have much social skill cuzz he hiding all the time I guess..

Anyway love to see more of the story from u... X)