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Hito's Fake Chapter Scripts for One Piece! =D


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May 11, 2007
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Might be spoilers. Depends on if I get anything right. XD

This is how it will go. Basically, I will make a fake script of the next One Piece chapter. This will also show me how good my terrible predictions will be. XD I might start doing it with Naruto as well, dunno.

Anyway, on to the fake script!

Chapter 466: "Perona's Weakness and A Man of Pride!"
Enel's Great Space Adventure Vol. 31: "A huge civilization beneath the surface!?"


The scene is Perona's room.

Perona: "H-How did you know my real body was hiding in that room!!? You couldn't have known!"
Usopp: "It was obvious once I examined the situation!"
Perona: "!?"
Usopp: "Before, you were running away from me. Then, suddenly, you gained too much confidence! I knew this couldn't be the real you!"


The fake Perona fades away and the real one on the bed looks up.

Perona: "Even if you figured out that secret, you still won't be able to defeat me!"
Perona stands up and raises her hands. More Ghost Rap's appear on Usopp.
Usopp: "S-Shit!! These things again!"
Perona: "The outcome will be the same! I will still win! Now die!!"
Perona snaps her fingers.


The Ghost Rap's explode all around Usopp.

Perona: "Horo horo horo horo! As I said, I wi--!!"
Some smoke clears and reveals Sogeking still standing, Kabuto aimed right at Perona.
Sogeking: "Killer Move!! "Hi-no-Tori Boshi"!!!
Sogeking shoots fire attack at Perona.
Perona: "G-Ghost rap!"
Many small ghost raps appear infront of Perona.


A large explosion occurs.
The dust clears to show that Perona had been slammed back against a wall from the blast. However, the Ghost Raps took most of the blast for her.
Sogeking: "Huff huff. I.. I did it.."
Perona: "Horo horo horo horo!"
Sogeking: "W-What!? But the Perona I shot isn't moving!? How is she lauhing like that?"
Perona: "Behind you idiot!"


Sogeking turns around and see's Perona.
Sogeking: "W-What!? But my attack hit you!"
Perona: "I'm not that foolish! Just before the explosion I created another fake clone and ran out of the way! Face it, you can't beat a Ghost Woman!"
Sogeking: "She really is strong! Maybe I can't win! No, don't tell yourself that!"
Sogeking aims Kabuto up at Perona.
Sogeking: "I have another technique! Kaubto: Style Breath Dial!"


Perona: "!? What? What are you doing!?"
Sogeking: "You see, normally, Kabuto can be a regular slingshot. But with the dials I mentioned earlier, I can enhance it's capabilities! For example!"
Kabuto is raised at Perona. In an instant Perona eploded and falls to the ground. Quickly, she regains her balance.
Perona: "W-What was that!? How did it move so quickly!?"
Sogeking: "As I told you, I used the Breath Dial to enhance my attack's speed, so quickly that you didn't even see it coming!"

Pg. 7

Perona starts running away.
Sogeking: "You're going to run away again!?"
Sogeking aims Kaubto starts shooting more attacks. "Breath Dial Style!"
The attack hits Perona once more. Once the dust clears though, there is no one.
Perona: "Horo horo horo horo! You fall for the same thing so many times! I'm over here!"
Sogeking spins around and sees another Perona in the corner.
Sogeking: "What!? Was it another fake clone I just encountered!?"
Perona: "Horo horo horo horo! That is correct!"

Pg. 8

Perona: "As long as I am able to create more clones, there will be no way for you to hit the real one! I perhaps may not even be real!"
Sogeking: "Sh-She's right! If I can't find the real one, I'll never be able to touch her! I- I'm going to loose! Wait, no, I must have confidence!"
Sogeking: "Wait! That's it! I've figured out how to defeat you!"

Pg. 9

Perona: "You've figured how to defeat me? Nothing you've done will work, so you should have no hope!"
Perona creates more Ghosts Raps around Usopp. However, suddenly, they all vanish.
Perona: "W-What!? What did you do to them!?"
Sogeking: "They're the same as the zombies!"
Perona: "!?"

Pg. 10

Sogeking: "These damn exploding ghosts, they're exactly the same as the zombies! Their weakness, it's salt!"
Perona: "What? How did he figure that out!? How does he even know the zombies weaknesses!?"
Sogeking: "The zombies, they are created from the use of a Devil Fruit power, thus their weakness is salt! The same goes for these ghosts! They were created by a Devil Fruit power!"
Sogeking: "And that means they're weakness is also salt!"

Pg. 11

Perona: "He really figured it out!"
Sogeking aims Kabuto. "And I've also figured out how to find the real you!"
Perona: "Horo horo, wrong! Even if you figured out one thing, you still don't have the ability to defeat me!"
Perona sinks into the floor.
Sogeking: "She was a fake one! That means I just have to wait for the next to appear!"

Pg. 12

Perona appears from the cieling and faces her hands toward Usopp. "Go, Ghost Raps! Blow him up!"
Sogeking spins away from Perona and aims Kabuto straight down into the floor. "Air Dial Style: "Ageha Ryusei"!!!"
Explosions slam into Usopp's back just as Usopp's attack blasts through the floor.


Sogeking still standing, smiling. "See! I've figured it out!"
Just below the floor lays the real Perona, on her back. The fake Perona fades away.
Sogeking: "I just realized it! Everytime a fake one appears, the real one is always at my blind spot! Directly behind me! And since the last fake one appeared from the ceiling, I knew the real one must be just below the floor!"

Pg. 14

Perona, staggering, getting to her feet.
Perona: "He-He managed to figure that out as well! He knows all my techniques!"
Perona looking up, pointing at Usopp.
Perona: "You may have figured out all of my techniques, but I still have one attack left! My ultimate attack!"
Sogeking: "!!?"

Pg. 15

Perona Raises her hand and a giant exploding Ghost Rap appears behind Sogeking.
Sogeking: "A- A giant one!? Crap, I won't be able to escape it!!"
Perona raises her fingers, getting ready to snap.
Perona: "Now do you see!? Even with your weapon and your smarts, you still can't outwit the Ghost Woman Perona! Horo horo horo horo!"
Sogeking: "Wait, there's still one chance!"

Pg. 16

Sogeking throws the slingshot part of Kabuto around the giant Ghost Rap's neck.
Sogeking: "As I thought! This thing is solid!"
Sogeking then aims Kabuto at Perona, the slingshot part around the Ghost Rap's neck.
Perona: "W-What are you planning!? I won't allow it at all! Die!"
Perona snaps her fingers and the giant Ghost Rap exlpodes.

Pg. 17

Perona: Horo horo! I've wo--!!"
A Impact Dial slams into Perona's face, sending her flying back.
Threw the smoke of the eplosion stands Sogeking. He falls to his knees.
Perona is out cold on the floor.
Sogeking: "Hah Hah... I- I did it! I knew it would work!"
Perona nearly incouncious. Laying on her stomach.
Perona: "W-What d-did you d-do?..."

Pg. 18

Sogeking: "When I threw the slingshot part of Kabuto around your exploding ghosts neck, I was doing it so that my next attack would be ten times stronger!"
Sogeking: "I quickly changed the dial in Kabuto from Breath Dial Style to Impact Dial Style! So when your giant ghost exploded, the slingshot of Kabuto snapped back, sending the Impact Dial at Air Dial speeds!"
Sogeking: "And because I am the greatest shart shooter in the world..."

Pg. 19

Sogeking points a finger high in the air.
Sogeking: "My attack hit straight on!!"
Perona: "... No..."
Perona faints.

The end.