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Oct 2, 2016
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MangaHelpers presents:
Husbando Wars 2021

Your favorite Husbandos needs all of your support to stand at the top!
The event where your favourite husbandos will fight for the crown. They are al beautiful, strong, handsome... but there can only be 1 husbando that takes the throne.

Genral Rules
  • Nominate your Husbando (and yours alone) during the nomination period.
  • Previous winners are ineligible. Check them out here.

Battle Phase
  • The Husbandos will get paired into 1vs1 battle threads.
  • Each battle will have its own poll
  • You are allowed to vote for one Husbando
  • After 5 days, the Husbando with the most votes will proceed into the next round

In case of a tie, the following rules will apply
The tie will be broken by the nominator with the most points.
Wear a set of your husbando3 points-
Campaigning5 points-
Campaigning in all rounds10 points-
Providing a 200x200 picture2 points-
Still a tie: The person with the most overall campaign posts wins*
* if there is still a tie after this, mods will break the tie.

Special Rules
  • We proudly encourage you to share the best pics of your Manga!
  • Earn the possibility to win a badge by being the proudest Waifu around!
  • Provide us with a 200x200 picture of your Husbando which you want us to use in the battle phase!
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