Shoujo Komomo Confiserie by Minami Maki


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Jun 5, 2011
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Title: Komomo Confiserie
Author/Artist: Minami Maki
Year: 2013
Publisher: Hakusensha
Serialized in: Hana to Yume
Edited Manga: On-going @ AQUA Scans
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo

Komomo is a spoilt princess who enjoys bossing her servants around. She has taken a particular liking to Natsu, the son of her family's favourite patissier; so the poor boy has to endure every one of her whims until his family moves away to France.
Years later, Komomo's family has lost their social standing, and the inexperienced girl is left in the care of strangers. Around the same time, Natsu returns to Japan as an acclaimed patissier. How will their paths cross after their lives and positions have changed so much?

Personal Thoughts:
I just found this the other day and I read it because of the mangaka. I quite like Special A and Seiyuu-ka, so I figure this might be good too. I only read it out of curiosity at first, but then, I figured I could not stop reading until the newest translated chapter. *laughs* I think I'm going to love this manga more than its predecessors. It's just so epically hilarious, and I love how Minami-sensei draws the characters' expressions, especially the "wtf" and "scared" expression (usually worn by Yuri). :XD I laughed until my stomach hurt. Komomo is actually not likeable at first, but I love how she grows as a character. She is still the typical Minami-sensei's heroine (which means she is a boke) but I love that she learns how to grow out of it, especially with Natsu's help. I love how sadistic Natsu is; it's really, really amusing. But what I even love more is that there is a good reason for his sadism. I sometimes think he is too mature for his age because of that. I really love all the characters, even the love rival Shuu the shoemaker (:rofl). Aside from the hilarious moments, there are also some sweet moments that makes me love the characters more. This manga is really promising; I really hope it will continue to be better. I surely can't wait to read the next chapter!