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Jan 28, 2006
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With the arrival of the newest edition I thought it might be nice to have a thread dedicated to this topic as I’ve always been a great fan of these charts, because I feel like they usually feature a number of awesome series that are not all too well known yet but are totally worth checking out!

What’s this about?
In a nutshell, Kono Manga ga sugoi! (jap. このマンガがすごい!, These Manga are amazing!) is a mook – a portmanteau of magazine and book, mind you – published by Takarajimasha Inc., that recommends and introduces manga series. The mook exists in its current form since 2005 and gets published in December of each year, providing a list for the upcoming year! (i.e. the first edition published was 2006’s list back in December 2005.)

Besides a ranking of the most popular series arranged in a notorious "Best 20" list (split up between "Series Aimed at Men" and "Series Aimed at Women"), the magazine also offers reviews, commentaries, interviews with the winning mangaka and other goodies, such as exclusively commissioned illustrations from the winners.
In the early years there were two issues sold separately, one for each sex, but starting with 2008’s edition they were collected in one general issue.

Takarajimasha Inc. has also been publishing a number of comparable lists for other genres of literature, including Kono Mystery ga sugoi! and Kono Light Novel ga sugoi!. They further established a number of literary awards corresponding to some of those lists in 2009.

How does the ranking work?
The ranking compromises the results from a survey of approximately 70-150 participants (that's during its first years; newer editions have several hundred participants, e.g. 2013: approx. 600 people). The field of participants is composed of bookshop employees, writers, illustrators, editors, critics, actors, voice actors, comedians, musicians, sportsmen, idols but also university manga research groups, students of manga-related sciences and even elementary and middle school students. So it’s a variety of people from different age groups and social circles.

The survey works as follows:
Participants get to pick five series from the number of titles that were published during the time frame of October 1 the preceding year and September 30 of the current year. (Until 2008 they actually got to pick a total of six series but this was changed to five starting 2010’s edition.)
They put their picked titles in a graded ranking whereas each position corresponds to a number of points, i.e.: 1st rank – 10 points; 2nd rank – 9 points; 3rd rank – 8 points, 4th rank – 7 points and 5th rank – 6 points!

Collection of previous rankings
This year's ranking:

Note from the thread starter
Last but not least, I would like to kindly ask you to NOT copy any of this data all over the net and rather just link to this place as it took me a great amount of time to dig up and compile all these infos, put up those charts, cross-reference certain tidbits (because there are some discrepancies for certain results) and so on. - Hoping for your cooperation and thank you for your understanding!