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Battle Round 2 Kyo Sohma vs. Obi

Who wins?

  • Kyo Sohma

  • Obi

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Mar 15, 2016
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Imperium of Mankind

Kyo Sohma
Fruits Basket
Akagami no Shirayuki-Hime

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Oct 24, 2015
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Post #2 - How my deep love for Obi happened...

I'm going to take a small risk here and bare my heart for my man while he fights hard in this war. The risk is two-fold as my confession involves common plot development that people may not like - Obi being a part of a love triangle.

Shirayuki and Prince Zen are lovers, Obi is in love with Shirayuki anonymously and unrequitedly. Obi loyally serves Zen.

As I mentioned last round, I am attracted to Obi for many reasons including his composure and strength. My feelings for him were galvanised on a return trip to Tanbarun, where Obi was assigned to escort Shirayuki whom was invited by the prince of Tanbarun, Raji.

In the beginning of their stay in Tanbarun, Obi would perform his duties which meant overhearing conversations between Raji and Shirayuki. Raji, who turned out to be an earnest guy, also has feelings for Shirayuki. Listening in, Obi had time to think about himself. Raji's real trial during this arc was about taking the steps to become a man. Conversely, Obi, who had courage in spades, was coming to terms with romantic love, and the predicament this love would be for him being loyal to Zen. It was only one scene where Obi's thoughts and feelings on the topic were shown:

Unlike Raji, Obi is not a royal. He cannot openly challenge Zen for Shirayuki. Not that anyone is to blame for this. Shiraykui and Zen, the main two people who have given Obi so much, a group of people and a place for Obi to devote himself to, can hurt him more than any weapon without meaning to. And that's why I love Obi so much. His character, and trial he faces by falling in love in an impossible situation, have consumed any resistance I would have toward him. I'm a sucker for this set up. The main people that can truly hurt you are those you hold dear, family, close friends, lovers, and I want to be there for Obi if he ever feels the despair of being hurt by them.

Please vote for Obi


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Aug 23, 2013
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Obi is the obvious pick here

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Who is Kyo Sohma?
Kyo is one of the deuteragonist of the series Fruits Basket written by Natsuki Takaya. In the story, Kyo is cursed by the spirit of the cat, an outcast among the Chinese Zodiacs and as such, not only is he discriminated against, disrespected and has a future of confinement but also has to bear the true form of the cat which is foul-smelling and grotesque monster, which he turns into once his Juzu bead bracelet is removed.​


As a result of his curse, Kyo has had a rather rough and isolated childhood. He was despised, abandoned by his father, pitied by everyone around him and as such has grown into a rather brash, stubborn, sharp-tongued, hot-blooded yet charismatic, if a bit socially awkward.​

However, thanks to Tohru's influence, who reaches out to him with a patient and genuine understanding instead of force or pity, Kyo finds the courage to live on despite his misgivings, guilt and hardships and, gradually grows into a calmer, gentler, and emotionally mature person. Little by little, his heart heals by finding true love in Tohru, and he can, in turn, help Tohru with her self-doubt.​

Underneath his tough personality, Kyo is actually very sensitive and vulnerable and cares a great deal about the people he loves. Evident by his interactions with Tohru, Kyo is a very empathizing, affectionate, patient, supportive, and selfless person who openly encourages her happiness, even if he isn't a part of it. He gets easily flustered when people cry especially people he cares about, but will work through his discomfort to try and help them. He will prioritize their emotional well-being over his own as seen with his interactions with Kagura(childhood friend), Kazuma(adoptive father), and Tohru.​

He is not very good at expressing his feelings, and therefore occasionally comes off as a tsundere. Kyo is also passionate and determined if he puts his mind to something, most notably martial arts, which he eventually makes his livelihood.​

Kyo grows a lot and has some healthy character development throughout the series. With his curse broken, he anticipates a bright future and wants to live like a normal person by actively challenging himself and getting involved with the world around him, something he had never done or wanted before. He also becomes kinder, more sensitive, affectionate, level-headed and laidback, smiles more often, and has much less of a temper, which Tohru describes the way Kyo originally was like, untainted by hatred.​

Kyo as a Husbando-

When it comes to Tohru, Kyo can be very insightful of her and her feelings, to the point that every now and then Tohru herself even points out how Kyo is always spot-on regarding how she feels. He is able to notice her change in behavior when no one else does, as well as when she puts on a happy face to hide that she is hurting. Because of this, knowing that Tohru usually cares so much for others that she forgets to take care of herself, Kyo shows his support and care by regularly encouraging her to speak up and be selfish every now and then, things that Tohru has had issues with and helps her face her self-doubt and is always there to lend Tohru a listening ear.​


Please vote Kyo!
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