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Dec 31, 2006
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Thought that this might be useful for people who haven't read the whole manga or those who want to revise it quickly.
Notice: by first seen I mean when us readers first see it. Mekyo means when Mokona actually goes Mekyo. Found is when one of the group actually sees it. Returned means when the feather went inside Sak's body.

Here is the list as far as I know:

First feather: first seen+found: chapter 3 & ep 2(by C!Syao unconsciously), returned: chapter 3 & ep 3. No Mekyo. This one is in Hanshin Republic (country with Kudan).

Second feather: first Mekyo: chapter 6 & ep 3, second Mekyo: chapter 11 & ep 05, first seen+found: chapter 12 & ep 06 (by C!Syao), returned: chapter 13 & ep 06. Also in Hanshin Republic (country with Kudan).

Third feather: first seen: chapter 15 & ep 07, Mekyo+found: chapter 20 & ep 10 (by C!Syao and Mokona), returned: chapter 22 & ep 11. This one is in Koryo country (Chun Hyang's country)

Fourth feather: first seen+found: chapter 30 & ep 14(by Sakura), no Mekyo, returned: chapter 31 & ep 15. This one is in Jade country (princess Emerauld's country).

Fifth feather: extra seen and mekyo: ep 21, first seen+Mekyo+found: chapter 48 & ep 24, returned: not yet (Seishirou took it). This one was in Outo and then Edonis (the fairy park) country, current whereabout is unknown.

From this point onward the feathers in the manga and the anime are not in the same order.

Sixth feather:
Manga only: first seen+found+Mekyo+returned: chapter 52 (by all). This one is in the "rabbit" country (no official name for this country as far as I know).
Anime only: first seen+found+Mekyo+returned: ep 26 (by Sakura). Dunno which country is this.

Seventh feather:
Manga: first seen+found+first Mekyo: chapter 66 (by C!Syao). Returned: chapter 68. This one is in Shura country (the god/war country, past of Shara country).
Anime: found: ep 27 (on the advertisement), first seen+ found+Mekyo: ep 29. This one is in Piffle country (the Dragonfly race).

Eighth feather:
Manga: found: chapter 70 (on the advertisement), first seen+found+Mekyo: chapter 87. Returned: chapter 88. This one is in Piffle country (the Dragonfly race).
Anime: first seen+found+Mekyo+returned: ep 30. This one is in the same country as the sixth feather in the anime.

Ninth feather:
Manga: found (through the copy): chapter 100, first Mekyo: chapter 102, found: chapter 104, returned: chapter 105. This one is in LeCourt country (the one with the library).

Tenth feather: first seen+found+first Mekyo+returned: chapter 117 (by Sakura unconsciously). This one is in Tokyo inside Subaru's nest.

Eleventh feather: first seen+found+returned: chapter 123 (by C!Syao in berserk mode). No Mekyo. Same location as the tenth.

Twelfth feather: first seen+found: chapter 126+127. No Mekyo. Brought to Tokyo by Fuuma. Returned: not yet (Sakura decided to leave it in Tokyo for the time being).

Thirteenth feather: first seen+found: chapter 135 (by C!Syao in berserk mode). No mekyo. Returned: not yet (it is with C!Syao). This one was in an unknown country that has been destroyed by C!Syao.

More update of anime feathers coming up. If you think that I have any mistakes, feel free to correct me!

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