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MAFIA GAME 94 - Magi: The Crests of Magic

Hosts: @SonOfDaws @Asako @Purity of Magi

Avatar Artist: @Valhalla

If you want to take part, then you would have had to sign-up before on the Mafia Game "Discussion" Thread.

Game instructions
The MH specific game rules will be explained below. If you would like to play, please announce your participation in the "Mafia Game Discussion" Thread. This thread is strictly for playing the game. Thank you.
Players will be secretly assigned two roles. One group will play the "Mafia" role; the other group will play the "townspeople" role. The townspeople will not know who other townspeople or Mafia members are. However the Mafia members will know who is a Mafia member and who isn't.

During the day phase, all of the players debate the identities of the Mafia members and at the end each person will vote to eliminate a suspect. This is carried out in the "game thread". In the game's "night" phase the Mafia will discuss through PM’s (which will be sent to the host when it’s over) on who they should kill. They will then send the unlucky person’s name onto to the host. Play will then continue until all of the Mafia have been eliminated, or until the Mafia reaches the same number as the townspeople.

A typical game will start with a minimum of 7 players, 5 Townspeople and 2 Mafia members. The members that will be Mafia and Townspeople will be chosen through a random list generator . Whereby the participating player’s names will be put in and after the randomisation the Mafia roles will go to the names at the top of the list. This is to avoid butthurt and favouritism accusations. :'[

Lastly, the numbers of Mafia Members depends on the number of participants! (the numbers are indicative)

7 - 10 = 2 Mafias
11 - 13 = 3 Mafias
14 - 17 = 4 Mafias
18 - 20 = 5 Mafias
21 - 24 = 6 Mafias
Game Phases
This is where you discuss/argue about who is and isn't mafia. As soon as the day phase starts, you are allowed to vote. The day phase will take place strictly inside the “game” thread. Any discussions regarding the day phase outside the thread will be dealt with severely.
VOTE KILL [user]
This will be the manner in which you vote. Make sure it is clearly displayed in your post though caps/coloured or bold font.

You will be only allowed 1 vote change per phase. So use your vote wisely. Day phase will last about 24 hours, or until the host gets a majority on votes for one person (majority = half +1)
The host closes the game thread during the night phases.
There should be no discussion about the game during the night phase, regardless of the player being still in the game or already out.

During the night phase, the mafia members will collaborate and choose who they want to kill. They will not do this in the thread, but via PM's with each other/other alternative communication channels approved by the host, such as piratepad.

At the beginning of the game the Mafia members will be informed of the other members. The Mastermind (Boss) must PM the host telling them their choice for the night's murder and the murderer from his team. They should also pm the PM discussions separately. There can only be one murder in the night phase therefore the mafia members must come to an agreement.

If the Mafia don't send in their night kill before the night phase ends, then their action will not be performed. The Mafia can also send in their night actions during the previous day phase, if they think they will not be online during the coming night.

The time for the Night phases are set by the host.
MH Specific Game Rules

Be active in every day phase and post at least three times. It's a Minor Violation if you don't do that and will result in Penalty Vote(s)/Hostkill and ban from future games (Hall of Shame). If you are going to miss out a period of time due to real life events make sure to inform the host, who is going to judge each situation individually and decide whether or not taking the player out of the game is necessary.
Place at least one vote every day phase. It's a Minor Violation if you forget to place a vote and will result in Penalty Vote(s)/Hostkill and ban from future games (Hall of Shame).
Don't post more than 100 times per day phase. This is to reduce spam and the volume of posts per game. Nobody has time to go through hundreds of one liner posts with the same content over and over again (Imperium Copyright Rule). If you hit the volume restriction, it's a Minor Violation you will get a Penality Vote per 10 additional posts you make.
No talking during Night Phases, except for some roles that it is explicitly allowed and encouraged to. The Night phases are only to send in Night Actions. The scale of punishment for players who are caught discussing game content in the night may vary from Minor Violation to instant Hostkill, depending on the seriousness of the comment and/or warnings given before. NEW
Dead people can't talk. So don't post once your character is dead; do not help others once you are dead. You can however, lurk the thread. If you post regardlessly, you will be banned from future games (Hall of Shame).


Absolutely DO NOT discuss the game outside of the game thread (unless you are Mafia members discussing it with other mafia through pms/piratepad). This is so that people do not reveal their roles and ruin the game. Players violating this rule will be instantly hostkilled and banned from future games (Hall of Shame).
Do not directly comment on the current game, once you are dead. This is so you don't influence the players that are still playing. Violator of this rule will be banned from future games (Hall of Shame).


You are not allowed to post any screenshots, PMs or anything similar that can reveal your role, or the role of others, neither fake host PMs. If you do, you will be hostkilled and banned from future games (Hall of Shame).
You are not allowed to pretend being a Daytime Vigilant, Cowboy, or other roles, that have Day Commands. It's a Minor Violation if you do that regardlessly.
You are not allowed to ignore directions sent in to you by the host, for example a mandatory vote change by the Politician. It's a Minor Violation if you fail to respond accordingly. NEW
You are not allowed to majorly edit the content of your posts, nor delete any of your own or someone else's post without the Host's approval. If you do, you may get a Minor Violation punishment or hostkilled immediately and banned from future games (Hall of Shame).


Minor Violations are "small rules violations", which do not result in a hostkill instantly, but are sanctioned with Penalty Votes first. For the first Minor Violation you get 1 Penalty Vote, for the second you get 3 Penalty Votes and the third gets you hostkilled. Three Minor Violation of any kind will lead to a hostkill. NEW
If you disobey the roles above that are resulting with you being host killed and/or banned from future games, you will get registered in the Hall of Shame.
One violation bans you from the upcoming game.
A second violation of the same kind will ban you from the next three game.
A third violation and you are out from all upcoming games.
No amnesty or prescription until further notice.
MH Specific Hosting Regulations

Each active player has to vote during a day phase. Each player has the chance to change his vote once.
A day phase can be ended earlier, if and only if one player has collected more than a half+1 of the second votes ("locked votes") of all players and each player has voted at least once (Absolute Majority Voting).
If by the end of the the regular time of the day phase two or more players have the same amount of votes, the second votes ("locked votes") are decisive. The player with the most locked votes is being lynched.
If one or more players have the same amount of votes and locked votes, each player is getting the possibility to change his vote one more time. The regular day phase is being expanded for the means of further discussions.
If the voting result is the same by the end of the expanded day phase, both players are being lynched.


During the night phase each player that has a role with a night action may send it in to the host via PM.
The player may or may not make use of his action. If the player misses the deadline and does not submit his action within the given time, it is seen as not used action. It is possible, however, to submit it before the start of the night, if the player already knows he has no time to do it later.
The night actions are listed in Priority groups. The higher the priority ranking, the more likely it is that the night action is being executed successfully. First actions to be performed are those from P1, then P2 and ending with P3.
If two night action roles from the same priority group target the same player at night a coin flip will decide which night action is executed first.


(Prostitute, Hypnotist, Mafia Escort, etc.)
(Doctor, Detective, Spy, Sickly Townie, Hider, etc.)
(Mafia Member, Mafia Boss, Third Party, Time Bomb, Insane Doctor, Maison Recruiter, Pirate's Robbing, etc.)

Keep in mind the basic behavior rules of the game:
Post at least 3 times and Vote at least once every Day Phase.
Don't post more than 100 times per day phase.
No talking during the Night Phases, no talking about the game outside the game thread and no talking if you are dead.
You are not allowed to post any screenshots
of PMs or anything similar that can reveal your role or the role of others, whether real or fake, nor to quote the exact words of host PMs.
You are not allowed to majorly edit the content of your posts, nor delete any of your own or someone else's post without the Host's approval.
You are not allowed to ignore directions sent in to you by the host, for example a mandatory vote change by the Politician.
Keep disrespectful behavior in-check.



1. GrySun as Hakuryuu (Jesus Magician) <<< Died Night 6 <<< Revived Day 8
2. Scary Noona as Serendine (Mortician Magician) <<< Died Night 4
3. Lady pompom as Falan (Mafia Boss Magi) (Sickly) <<< Lynched Day 5
4. Evil3ye as Scheherazade (Mafia Robber) <<< Lynched Day 8
5. Crescent Jinx as Gyokuen (Detective Magician) <<< Died Night 5
6. Copy Panda as Aladdin (Townie Goi) <<< Died Night 1
7. Erinyes as Muu (Police Officer Magi) (Illusion) <<< Turned Illusion Night 3 <<< Shattered Night 5
8. MarmaladeSky as Morgiana (Doctor Magician) <<< Died Night 3
9. Equaling Heaven as Judar (Townie Goi) <<< Died Night 4
10. MArGi as Kouen (Townie Goi) <<< Lynched Day 7
11. Digitaldude as Sharrkan ( Mafia Goi ) <<< Killed Day 2
12. Desin24 as David (Noble Magician) <<< Died Night 3
13. James Rye as Ugo (Janitor Magician) <<< Lynched Day 2
14. Demonspeed as Kougyoku (Townie Goi) <<< Lynched Day 6
15. Farfalla as Yamraiha (Assassin Magician) <<< Lynched Day 3
16. Seraph as Jafar (Mafia Goi) <<< Lynched Day 9
17. Hardy as Kouha (Mafia Goi) <<< Died Night 5
18. Hermit as Yunan (Mafia Escort) <<< Killed Night 8
19. Brandish μ as Sinbad Naive Traitor (Sleeper) <<< Turned Mafia Member Magician Day 1 <<< Died Night 5
20. Shobu_Yoruichi as Cassim (Mafia Detective Magician) <<< Lynched Day 4
21. Belserion as Koumei (Townie Goi)
22. Holt as Masrur (Townie Goi)
<<< Lynched Day 1
23. Haya-san as Hakuei (Doctor) <<< Died Night 6
24. Shinobi as Alibaba (Paranoid Spy) <<< Died Night 7

Day Logs
Day 1 End - Night 1 End - Day 2 Start
Day kill
Day 2 End - Night 2 End - Day 3 Start
Day 3 End - Night 3 End - Day 4 Start
Day 4 End - Night 4 End - Day 5 Start
Day 5 End - Night 5 End - Day 6 Start
Day 6 End - Night 6 End - Day 7 Start
Day 7 End - Night 8 End - Day 8 Start
Day 8 End - Night 8 End - Day 9 Start
End Game

Vote Logs
Day 1 Votes
Day 2 Votes
Day 3 Votes
Day 4 Votes
Day 5 Votes
Day 6 Votes
Day 7 Votes
Day 8 Votes

New Roles
New roles are going to be tested in this game. Details on what can show up are posted in the Rules Thread.

Special Mechanics


All [Goi], players with no starting role ability, can get [Metal Vessels] and can equip them to become the Metal Vessel's normal role ability and its Extreme Magic role ability, a one-time use ability.

Equipping a Metal Vessel takes one phase. Once equipped, the Goi will be able to use the role normally.

Casting Extreme Magic also takes one phase and the Extreme Magic ability is only available for use the one following phase. No matter which Metal Vessel is used, each Goi can only cast Extreme Magic once.

Equipping another Metal Vessel automatically unequips the previous Metal Vessel.


Every day phase until there are no more dungeons left, metal vessel dungeons appear in the game and each has an element.

By using their action for the day and following night, a player can enter the dungeon and vote on which Goi gets a chance to get a Metal Vessel. This means players entering a dungeon cannot use their role ability, if any, that day phase or night phase, but can vote in the dungeon that night.

Who gets the Metal Vessel is decided based on the votes via PMs of those who entered the dungeon and the Rukh of those who have since passed.

Magicians and Magi

All [Magicians], players with a starting role, can potentially become 1 of the 3 [Magi].

Magi can choose to give 2 individual night action priority boosts and always have a super-vote (counts as 2 votes) in dungeons.

The first 3 Magi will be secretly selected among the magicians living in the game at the end of Day 2. Upon the death of a Magi after D2, the player most loved by the Rukh becomes the new Magi at the end of the following phase.

The Story So Far...

After the collapse of Alma Torran, with the Sacred World of Uga Land being on the brink of depravity, and so many following it on the way down... we came up with a plan.

A second chance...

To all those that call the Sacred World of Uga Land home, we've chosen a select few of one to prove yourselves here

In a new peaceful world

Where we maybe

Just maybe

Give a world without depravity another try.

A world where peace and Solomon's will are the priority on every person's mind.

No longer shackled by circumstances of our previous worlds.

This is the last hope for peace in the Sacred World of Uga Land.

May the will of the Rukh guide your way!
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The normal avy is much better!

Kougyoku :hearts.


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Nice touch that they went with the manga for the avis.


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So does the 3 Magi having roles mean that only 3 of us have roles, or that literally the 3 Magi avatars have roles? Aladdin, Judar and Yunan.


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The Wall
1st of all thxs to @Asako & @SonOfDaws @Purity of Magi for hosting and @Valhalla for the gorgeous avys :zomg
I really dont know a lot about Magi ive only watched the 1st season of the anime, and i havent even completed it ( Its maybe time i complete it :arf ), i barely remember the main cast from the beginning. So i dont know or i dont remember Muu but he looks a nice guy and has gorgeous hair :zomg .


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New dungeons have appeared!

The 1st Dungeon
Element: Life - Start
The 2nd Dungeon
Element: Wind - Clairvoyance
The 3rd Dungeon
Element: Sound - Word
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