Discussion Mana Nakiri, WGO Bookmaster and Erina's New Woe


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Nov 7, 2013
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Folks, we really need to talk, seriously. After reading the chapter itself, I can't helped but to be baffled to see that the Bookmaster of WGO, aka, Jackass-behind-the-curtain, is in fact a woman and also Erina's mommy. Yep, you read it right, the jerkass who made his year's BLUE miserable is yet another Erina's worst parent, and you though Azami Nakamura is the most controversial one. This alone prompts us to assume that Nakiris influential position has make cooking world both better and worst place in the mangaverse.

Throughout the entire mangaverse, Mana is nowhere to be found or even mentioned until this shocking chapter. Naturally, unlike her fear towards her daddy Azami during their reunion, Erina instead angrily calls her mommy out for everything. Aside from making BLUE as the travesty of all, Mana is also blamed for Erina's miserable childhood which is somewhat understandable she was not around in almost all of Erina's childhood even when her own husband Azami tormented her daughter for so long that resulted his exile by Sen. The worse part of all? Her sole obsession for superpower and thrill have blinded her so terribly that she is not only having a bad judgement towards other chef, but her intentions of removing her daughter's own talent because...reasons . Personally, I have to assume that Asahi's "marriage" with Erina was also orchestrated by Mana herself, mostly due to her bias favoritism over Noir instead of any chef considering her view for the "Dark Chefs" are "amusing" whilst neglecting the others chef. Mana's strings of wrong decisions not only drag her baby girl into her own mess she made, but also gotten the Yukihira Genius himself involved for he overhearing the hostile conversation between mother and daughter, making him seemly the only person who can solve the strife within the Nakiri House.

Anyhow, what do you think about this kind of development? How do you all think of Mama Nakiri here? Will Soma and his allies ever confront the Dork herself before his battle against Asahi and other Noirs? And who will Mana's reaction about seeing the Yukihira Genius himself?
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