Voting MangaHelpers Art Contest 03-04: "Life on the Forum" Short Story

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MangaHelpers Art Contest: Life on the Forum Short Story Contest.

Voting Details:

  • Voting will automatically close on March 14 2021 at 11.00 PM GMT.
  • You may only vote once and for up to 1 [ONE] of the submissions.
  • Announcement of winners will be done soon after voting closes.

If you have any questions regarding voting, they can be addressed HERE.

Entry #1:
"Mr. Sticky 005's Adventures in the Hunter x Hunter Thread." by Mr. Sticky005

It was a dark and stormy night. But luckily Mr. Sticky 005 was inside typing away making some silly Hunter x Hunter theory that was never going to happen.
All the forum members laughed at his absurd theory that Gon and Killua were actually the same person! "Hmph. What do those fools know?" Mr. Sticky 005
thought to himself. "They just don't understand the intricate workings of Togashi's brilliant mind like I do. I admit that at first glance it may seem like an outlandish theory. But if you look closely enough the clues are all there." Mr. Sticky 005 looked towards his computer when he got a notification from Manga Helpers Notification Alert System. It was a reply from another user and it read

"This is the stupidest theory I have ever read"--TheRealTogashi89

Mr. Sticky 005 was about to write a butthurt angry comment but then he saw another message

"You were about to type that Togashi would agree with you. But you're wrong because I am Togashi!"---TheRealTogashi89

Mr. Sticky 005 knew this must be a prank but it wasn't April Fools. There was no way this fool was really Togashi. But could...

Mr. Sticky 005 didn't believe it was really Togashi. But what if it was? Could there be a way to prove him a fraud? Yes indeed there was.

"What are the properties of bungee gum?" Mr. Sticky 005 smiled mischievously. As only Togashi would know the answer to such a question.
It took a while for a response. So Mr. Sticky 005 decided to play a quick game of Spider Solitaire. He smiled as he waited for the response.

But the response Mr. Sticky 005 got was not what he expected. Rather than victory what Mr. Sticky 005 felt was the sharp incision of a deck of playing cards.

Mr. Sticky 005 looked at his screen and saw that all the cards from his Spider Solitaire game were missing. With the last of his strength
Mr. Sticky 005 read the message from the user "TheRealTogashi89" which simply said:

"Did you know bungee gum contains both the properties of rubber and gum?"

Mr. Sticky 005 would have replied yes. But all the blood had left his body and he was dead.

Later that evening another user named Uriel logged onto the Hunter x Hunter forum. He saw a new thread

"Give Me All Your Cookies or I will destroy the World" and the thread was started by TheRealTogashi89.

But Uriel responded by giving TheRealTogashi89 an infraction and a stern warning to keep shit posting to a minimum

"You can't give me an infraction! I'm Togashi". Uriel just rolled his eyes at the reply and gave TheRealTogashi89 a temporary ban.

That's when Uriel sensed an annoying presence. It was a tiny little mascot which simply said "Your interest has accrued."

Uriel saw the message on the forum from TheRealTogashi89

"This is what you get for banning me, Lord Togashi! Now when your nen reaches zero you shall DIE just like that fool Mr. Sticky 005."

"Who?" Uriel asked.

"Huh? Oh I thought you knew him. Never mind. Either way you shall."

but Uriel had already figured out TheRealTogashi89's IP address and by punching his screen he was able to nen punch TheRealTogashi89 in the face.

the webcam then showed that TheRealTogashi89 was actually the former Mayor of Mangahelpers.
The police quickly apprehended the former Mayor who was very upset.

Uriel turned off his computer and took a nap.

Entry #2:
A day at MangaHelpers - By MarmaladeSky
Today is an ordinary day at MangaHelpers. As normal as a day here can be, I mean. I make myself a cup of tea and sit down. It’s time to arrive at the scene. But first, I wonder if I need a new avatar to match todays mood.
Perhaps not. Can’t be bothered browsing through hundreds of pictures to find the right one.
Once arrived, I see blue moderators running around with their ban-hammers trying to contain never ending chaos and fighting off the trolls. I see some green moderators assisting them in this matter, deleting posts with the speed of light. One of them is crying.
A group of members are yelling, raising their torches and pitchforks.
I sneak past them, to a quiet and peaceful place here at MangaHelpers. The Art Forum, where members are creative and comfy.
I'm not alone in this section I notice. A familiar figure is working hard on a set for another member, playing with colours and special effects to make it look perfect. It's my partner in crime, Kiki.
“Hey what’s all the chaos in the One Piece section about, it's way too early for this” I ask him.
“There was a troll running around, screaming something about power levels and ships I believe” he says, without looking up from his creation.
"Ah really... and it's not even afternoon yet" I take a sip of tea.
Power levels and shipping are serious matters, that must be handled with respect and care. No wonder everyone is so angry about it.
Seeing Kiki work so hard, I decide to do the same. It's important to stay busy after all. I look at my own schedule of today.

  • Write a story for the Art Contest
  • Don’t forget to send in the top 10 list
  • Run away from my responsibilities
  • Discuss the importance snacks in manga
  • Convince xi0 and goldb to turn MH into MarmaladeHelpers
  • Or NekoHelpers, that would work too
  • Beg Erinyes for series recommendations
  • Be suspicious in MG
  • Don’t forget to take the Australian Classes
Indeed, it is packed. There is just so much to do, so little time. Something that will never change. I decide it’s time to start with the activity “run away from my responsibilities”. It’s a personal favourite.
I head down to the Fun Forum, and enter a thread filled with numbers. The perfect thread for running away.
It’s time to count.
And perhaps even kiss.

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