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MangaHelpers Art Contest #03-04: Romance Poem

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  1. WithYouInSpirit

    6 vote(s)
  2. riki

    9 vote(s)
  3. Organizized

    9 vote(s)
  4. Xadyu

    2 vote(s)
  5. Arjuna

    2 vote(s)
  6. MarmaladeSky

    4 vote(s)
  7. Elusia

    4 vote(s)
  8. TSPanda

    7 vote(s)
  9. Darky

    6 vote(s)
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    MangaHelpers Art Contest Week #03-04 - Romance Poem
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    • You may only vote once and for up to TWO of the submissions.
    • Announcement of winners will be done soon after voting closes.

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    Entry no.1: "I'm Yours" by WithYouInSpirit

    Do you remember the time when we first met?

    Locking eyes silently over the table of a high school hall.

    Of course you wouldn’t. Time has passed too quickly, with too much turmoil.

    But I did, because I was yours.

    Do you remember that day you first spoke to me?

    After so many secret glances, shared euphoria.

    The sky had seemed to stretch into infinity above our heads.

    The swallows dipped and weaved through the aether, as if to welcome us.

    They knew what was to pass.

    For you see, I was yours.

    You stood upon that campus roof and stared.

    I was greeted by the deep ocean currents. Precious, Sapphire irises gracing me with their benevolence.

    Then you smiled, and the ocean gave way to the gates of heaven themselves.

    Was that the gentle patter of rain descending to embrace me? No. Only your voice of course.

    “I’ve been waiting”. That was all the encouragement I would ever need. Where there was a void, was now whole.

    I didn’t need to speak. I was yours.

    Do you remember those years we spent as one?

    I do. How could I not? It was like an eternity, of the best kind.

    We were as two sides of the same coin, you and I.

    It’s a pity none of that was destined to last forever.

    The heavens that you had once embodied returned to take you into their embrace.

    You may think me sad, but that is not it at all.

    Sadness eludes me, as long as I am yours.


    Entry no.2: "Never Been in Love" by riki

    I’ve never been in love before
    So I wouldn’t know
    What it’s like to love
    Someone unconditionally

    True, I have some crushes
    But it’s not the same.
    It was just puppy love
    Nothing more.

    Although I sometimes wonder
    What it would be like
    To be deeply in love
    With someone

    Is it an electric spark
    That jolts you in your veins
    Or is it an indescribable feeling
    That you just know you found the one?

    Is it frightening
    To give a bit of yourself -
    A part of your soul -
    To someone else?

    To place complete trust
    And share your darkest
    Secrets and fears
    To someone other than yourself?

    To risk ostracism
    And condemnation
    From those who
    Oppose the romance?

    To love and to cherish
    Through thick and thin
    No matter how high
    The costs?

    To be willing to spend
    The rest of your life
    With the person
    Who vows to do the same?

    Maybe I’ll know the answers
    One day
    When I fall in love

    Entry no.3: "The Ways of Love over Time" by Organizized

    A kiss,
    held for just a moment longer
    A slow dance
    in the midst of a raging storm
    A thousand memories
    in one quiet song
    Two hands entwined,
    one cold, one warm

    A moment of sinking
    in the eyes of the other
    Two fools,
    remembering two fools of old;
    A time without thinking,
    without conscience or bother
    When all music was serenades
    and all sunsets were gold

    And as we grew older,
    romance grew smaller…
    yet never weaker

    A kiss, a moment,
    a waltz by firelight
    Impervious, then
    to all things routine
    Knowing, once more
    that love is bigger
    Bigger than the life
    happening in-between

    Entry no.4: "untitled" by Xadyu

    Being in love is losing your heart in hers,
    Asking how fresh such a bouquet can plucked.
    Tears still liquid, and stalks braided softly.

    Love is your worries,
    and love is wondering

    What keeps this infatuation standing,
    that without question, you give everything from yourself.
    Your mouth lives for hers, never touching lips.

    Your fingers entwined, as seaweed flows with the waves.
    Her eyes, which the sky reflected.
    Gazing in yours, teasing your heart.

    The other, breaking hearts, where you often forget your heart.
    Love, sometimes very cruel.. Where cruelty, is called cruelty.
    And heart wounds burns.


    Love is when you give everything of your everything.
    Your mouth goes for hers, and gently touches your own.
    Your hands weave through hers, but gently touches your own.

    I can't help but to stare into this mirror.. as it stares right back.

    My feelings are now never-ending.. Not for you, for..

    This rope around my neck

    Entry no.5: "Beloved" by Arjuna

    How much I love you?

    The love that will make me

    Rise to the Heavens with you.
    My and your Soul fuses to become one.
    Our love is Immortal. I will love you day and night.

    I will love you with every moments of my life
    I will love you until our souls get fused in God

    The world before us is full of dreams

    So beautiful and peaceful

    So we jump into this world together
    Into Happiness and sorrows together
    And we will overcome it together.

    I will love you with all height,depth and breadth of this universe

    Our kiss is holy

    And immortal

    O my Beloved.

    Entry no.6: "Narcissus" by MarmaladeSky

    Love is a horrible disease
    It’s out of my control
    Tearing others apart
    Heart and soul

    No matter where I go, they are always staring at me
    Burning gazes and flushed cheeks
    A touch would made them faint, that’s a guarantee
    Stuttering and flirting techniques
    They can’t help it, everyone wants to play

    It’s something natural, a reaction to perfection
    Blow a kiss and wink
    I honestly don’t even have to try, gravity pulls everyone in my direction
    They all fall, one by one
    I can’t help it, the universe made me this way

    That horrible, uncontrollable disease
    It makes everyone fall in love with me.
    Only I am good enough for my own affection
    And that is how it’s meant to be

    Entry no.7: "Their Definition of Love" by Elusia

    A book in my hand
    Tells many myths
    About how love starts
    The beginning and end of romance

    Starts at one sight
    Of their first infatuations
    And the sweet nature of youth
    Clouded in affections

    Though all come as they go
    Many books after telling the same
    Tales with complicated matter
    But all endings entranced with joy

    Love is bright!
    May tragedy leaves!
    Love solves everything
    And may it continue to spread

    As it duplicates again
    Interpretations’ dull and cliché
    Satisfaction fell off of my face
    For I was prone to rest

    Entry no.8: "Strawberries" by TSPanda

    Oh, fickle memory
    I'll never be able to leave that place
    That faraway lodge with no clocks
    Only endless, clear summer nights

    That humid evening on the hill
    When we played tag on farm fields
    When you tripped and fell onto me
    Your eyes closed slowly, your sweet breath simmered my skin

    Ah, that perfect backdrop of stars
    If someone where to ask
    I'd say I can't digest the nostalgia
    I can still taste the strawberries on my lips

    Entry no.9: "Love is one unexplainable human feeling" by Darky

    "What is love" you would ask me,
    I could say "I don't know, it's a sort of affection, maybe."
    Love is just a word , and at the same time,
    Love is for two persons in one story.

    Unfanthomable, I would say,
    "It's unexplainable , I can't shake this feeling,
    It's desirable, I want to make it mine,
    Erasable, I wish it could be,
    But, insatiable I would stay "

    Unknown to love, nor to hate,
    I kept wondering about it
    I would think about this existance,
    But here you come , closing the distance..

    A few words, hesitant, I would ask you for a reality,
    But I knew it could only be a dream.
    As pure as you were, you decided to stretch your hand.
    As curious as a child, unknow to this feeling , I took it.

    Time passed, my heart began beating faster with this feeling.
    Was it because of you, or was it me ?
    Questions, I kept asking,
    Answers , you were delivering me..

    Even today, I can't answer your questions,
    Because of this distance,
    Because of me, a mix of personnalities, an alter of purity.

    Even today, I can't tell if you really love me,
    Because now, I can say it clearly and surely,

    "You are my love "
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