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  • SnuggleCupcake

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  • Purity of Magi

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  • Brandish

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  • Hakuteiken

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  • liductan

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  • riki

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Oct 2, 2016
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MangaHelpers Art Contest - Time Poetry

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Voting will automatically close on June 7th at 11 PM (GMT)
You may only vote once and for up to 2 (two) of the submissions.
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Entry #1:
"Time" - "Time Marching On" by "SnuggleCupcake"

My earliest memories are of crying and your hopeful face
I ran to you, when I was learning only to walk
And I never wanted to lose you again

I remember your screams at night in that hopeless place
I screamed so much I almost forgot to learn to talk
I can feel it even now, your and my pain

I remember when we got away and left without a trace
Our new environment was such a shock
For the first time I could really feel sane

Even as we aged you faced everything with such grace
Even dying you remained my rock
And I never want to lose you again

Entry #2:
Time - ''A long lost time, watching from afar'' - by Purity of Magi

Like the lost soul of a loved one
The time just pass by
Small footsteps sounds been hearing from afar
A soft voice hears quickly passing by
A lovely soft giggle approaching so fast
Time just flies

There were sweet moments though
From a long time ago It was delightful yet sorrowful
Every day, every hour, every minute, every second
A dark night, the moon so bright, the shadow appears
Wishing it could last forever
Time just flies

There was happines, yet so much regret
Time just passes by
It's like a beloved one;
Watching from afar, lasting for long
A memory of beauty, silently waiting
From a long lost time

Entry #3:
Time - Like that David Gilmour solo - by Brandish

When we first met I thought nothing of you
We were kids, so I knew nothing, anyway
Whatever was fun, was

Couldn't tell if it was me, or you, that was changing
So much going on and it's all blurred together
Can't even pick a fucking movie to watch bruh

Still, we were stuck with each other
Suffering just enough to find something fun again
Shit we got this far, I'm kinda proud of what we've done

We're nearly there and born again, a miracle
Fun, that's every day, thank you old girl, oh sorry, young lady
I'll listen to that guitar solo one more Time

Entry #4:
Time - Passerby Moment - by Hakuteiken

Tick, tock.
A snap of fingers and a glimpse of the moment
The blink of an eye and everything is frozen
As lights paint the horizon
Where everything meets nothing
And our hopeful gazes flicker
For a savior beyond a dime a dozen

Tick, tock.
Like a trigger being pulled, just as tense
Like a string being tugged at by a wild animal
Just as gentle
We wait to ride the waves of the light
To reach where the skies welcome us aboard
We wait
And we hurt
And we live

Tick, tock.
Tick, tock...
A bleeding hand with pain
A gleaming eye with aim
We are atop the strings of sun
Riding across our lives
To reach where the skies are awaiting
We run
And we run

Tick, tock.
Tick, tock...
The heat of time warms the frozen moment
Until it thaws and melts
Into a future where
We are one with the skies.

Entry #5:

Time- "There's a Time For Everything" - by liductan

A time for a new star to be born
Full of life and innocence
Grasping for the wind, trying to reach the moon
While dreams seem endless
And time is on your side

Time for conquering
In youthful days
Full of bliss, merry
Invincible in all your ways
Think not and do now
While life is your experiment
For time is on your side

A time to climb
Chasing dreams day and night
Embracing your limits
And ascending beyond your expectations
Looking to be qualified
And found within yourself
For time is passing
Fleeting faster than your hopes and dreams

A time to settle
Rinse and repeat are history
the past becomes today
And the future is closer than ever
Acceptance is becoming a better friend
Day by day
While regret is a fond enemy and a
Former lover
As time time pass
Rest is assuring
cherishing the few pearls left
While counting the losses
For time is coming to an end
Wishing it would slow down
To be on your side again

Entry #6:
Time - “The Yesteryears” by riki

It feels like yesterday
When we used to play
In front of my house
Jumping through sprinkler
And riding our bikes from here and there
Our laughter and screams filled the whole town

It feels like yesterday
That we used to sit on my bed
Braiding our hairs
And painting our nails
While talking about our latest crushes
And gossiping about the latest trends

It feels like yesterday
That we became roommates
During our college years
Where we commiserated
over tough courses
And get drunk with cheap beer

It feels like yesterday
That I finally got married
After years of searching my prince
Amongst the frogs
You were my maid of honor
Like I was in yours

Years passed
Where has the time been?
I sensed that we’re drifting apart
We no longer keep in touch
But it’s nobody’s fault
You have your own life
And I have mine

Nevertheless, I still miss those days
When I would rappity rap at your door
As you called out my name
To come inside and chat

Maybe one day
We can rekindle our friendship once more
Until then
You will always be in my thoughts
My dearest friend
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