Mangahelpers Art Contest #17-18: Reflection Photography

Hi everyone! Welcome to Art Contests Shoutout. This biweekly article will bring you updates about the open Art Contests and Themes for both Submissions and Voting as well as Winner(s) of the Contests.

A new photography contest has started, the theme this time is reflection. You can submit your piece here. The deadline is June 27 - we hope to see your reflection pictures there! What kind of image will you show?

Also, voting for the color a manga page contest has begun! You can vote for your favorite entry here. Make sure to vote in time! The poll will close at June 27.

To honor the life of Miura Kentaro, the author of Berserk, we've organized a tribute contest. You can vote for your favorite submission here. June 18th is the last day you can vote! Make sure yours counts.

Last but not least, we'd like to announce the winner of the Final Fantasy Banner Contest. Congratulations @Ustegius šŸŽŠ