Voting MangaHelpers Art Contest #19-20: Love Story Poem

MangaHelpers Art Contest #19-20: Love Story Poem

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MangaHelpers Art Contest#19-20: Love Story Poem
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Entry #1: "Always Together" by @riki

We first met in first grade;
Your desk was next to mine.
So deathly afraid were we that
Our things would touch due to cooties and all.

Not to mention, I thought you were
A Miss Know-It-All and a teacher’s pet
While I’m sure you think
I was an annoying, little pest.

We met again in middle school;
Our lockers were neighbors once more.
This time, we discovered that we have
something in common and soon become friends.

We became a couple in high school
During our sophomore year.
"The ideal high school sweethearts,"
Our friends used to tease.

We didn't mind their ribbing.
No, not at all.
Because what they said was true;
We were very much in love after all.

We could talk to each other
About our future dreams and plans.
Mine was going to college
While yours was to be a nurse.

Everything changed
When I was drafted into the war.
We met one last time before I leave
Underneath the sycamore tree.

There, I carved our initials onto the trunk
And asked you to wait for me.
You promised to keep in touch until
I'm back, safe and sound.

During that terrible time while apart,
We corresponded everyday
Talking about mundane things
To keep our minds elsewhere.

Each letter, we professed our love
Until I finally asked
For your hand in marriage
To which, you replied, "Yes."

We got married after the war was over
Much to everyone's delight.
I still remembered that day
As if it happens today.

You - my radiant bride
Your face glowed
And your eyes twinkled
as you walked down the aisle.

While I tried my best
To stop the tears from flowing
For my hearts sang with joy
At the thought of you being my wife.

We started our lives together
And bought a little house
with a porch and a large backyard
In a nice neighborhood.

We started a family soon after
Two boys and one girl.
Soon, our home was full
With laughter and joy.

While I took care of the family
With a 9 to 5 job,
You postponed your dream
To raise the kids until they’re old enough.

Those were happy times
And now, after several grandkids
And great-grandkids,
We’re still together.

Throughout the years,
nothing has changed between us.
Our love remained strong and true.
I love you, and you, me.

You still make me laugh
With your wicked sense of humor
While I make you smile
With my thoughtfulness

Although we had our ups and downs
(Though more of the former),
We managed to stay as each other's rock
Through those challenging times.

Even today, everything’s still the same.
Our love remains strong.
We’re in the same hospital room;
Your bed is next to mine.

We were surrounded with love
From our family and friends
As I held your frail hand
One last time.

As you took your final breath,
I whispered to you to wait for me
Under that sycamore tree
Where we parted long ago.

And so I closed my eyes
To fall asleep one last time
For I’ll be coming soon
To join you in the afterlife.

Because this I know,
We’ll always be together, you and I.
Nothing -not even Death-
can ever keep us apart.

Entry #2: "Give me Love" by @Xadyu

I remember when I met you,
it was the longest night of the year.
You had cold, dark but alluring eyes.
I knew you were not meant to last,
you blew past me like a powerful gust,
and looked fragile like snapped flowers,
an overwhelming wave,
that brought no comfort in my grave.

Two wrongs never make a right,
but I made so many bad choices,
that I wound up where I began.
A sickening cycle, easy to love you.
Getting to love me back was impossible.
I clung to your chest till you couldn't breathe,
if I slipped I clawed my way back up,
until my nails shared the crimson of your blood.
You were born a ghost,
and I, I was your corpse

Holding onto you felt like drowning in quicksand,
I fought and fought, but always sank right back into your arms.
I breathed in dust, I breathed in dirt,
my lungs filled, all exert.
My heart beating more slow and heavy,
smothered by your existence.
Every time I kissed you,
you sucked out my breath.
I died every day when our hands clutched.

When I declared I loved you,
I could feel your lips pressed against my ear.
Whispering bitter disharmony,
of everything I never wanted to hear.

I remember when you left me,
it was the longest day of the year.
I swallowed down despair and sorrow,
Wrecked the labyrinth you created within me,
the one you didn't have to patience to walk trhough.

That day, the sun set slow, dragging down the sky doubtfully.
I'm alone, still, anxiously eyeing my goodbye.

Hello, sleeping pill.

Entry #3: "Medicine for my Soul" by @Seraph

I used to think that i'm all alone in this World,
nobody to smile for nor to hang with.
Blinded by self loath and suffering from the Past,
in need of someone to show me a Truth i had long forgotten.

Not much later and the long-awaited day had finally come,
for i had met a sparkling Angel by pure chance.
We got close rather quickly not a Day went by where we had not talked to another,
It had been awhile since i had this much fun and more importantly...since i had smiled.

I didn't have to pretend that i'm feeling good or be strong for her,
because for her i was fine the way i was no matter the flaws or strengths i had.
Nobody is Perfect they always say but to me she definitely was,
And maybe that's why in the end i hadn't realized how dependent on her i had become.

Cursed with doubts and without any understanding for her own circumstances,
i unconsciously pushed her away from me.
Despite her being the first Light i had seen in awhile,
She was the same as me,just as frail,just as emotional,just as scarred as i was.

She was a Person with the same sensibilities as everyone else,
and yet i had forgotten exactly that.
No wonder she wouldn't want to hear from me anymore,
No wonder i would end up hurting her...and yet i thought of myself as the Victim.

Driven by foolishness and anger at myself,
i would continue walking down a Road filled with more grief and disregard from others.
I did not want to learn i just wanted a sense of bliss again,
as we all know the one thing does not come without the other first.

Not too much later i would experience the loss of a close one to me,
ironically someone had to die first before i would finally open my eyes to reality again.
I endured and learned from my Mistakes,
when Life feels terrible to you then you won't make it any better if you add more Negativity.

Today i feel like i finally understand what i need to feel complete,
it wasn't a clean conscience or anything like that.
I only wanted to be loved and cared for,
looking back at every Talk i had with her i realize that now.

As an Angel has wings it may fly away,
I who could only watch it fly out of my reach was left with only one last realization.
All the times where we talked with another,laughed with another and had fun with another
were truly Medicine for my Soul.

Entry #4: "Hey Mister" by @MarmaladeSky

Chilled sweat
Paradise of tricksters
Insomniacs United


Right from the start
Numbered days of this strange romance
Even though it feels
Like it is something never ending

I remember it very well
The surges of panic in my body
Your unforeseen anger and impulses
Why does this feel so normal

Time flies after a fleeting storm
Kind smiles and shy looks
The devious pair, you and I
Maybe we were too much alike


Look up
Cherish our time
Thank you
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