Voting MangaHelpers Art Contest #19-20 - Short Story with a terrible opening

MangaHelpers Art Contest #19-20 - Short Story with a terrible opening

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MangaHelpers Art Contest Week #19 - 20 - Short Story with a terrible opening
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Entry no.1: "NANDATO!!!" by Purity of Magi

''NANDATO?! ORE WA SUGOI NE! AAAAAAAAAH!'' Said the guy screaming in the room with all his mighty power inside of him as he jumped up and down continuesly.

The girl looked at confusing to the guy. ''What?''.

The guy turned one time around as he pointed his finger towards the girl while having sparkles around. ''Just what I am saying NANDATO!!! WATASHI WA SUGOI DESU! AAAAAAAAAAH.''

The girl had this unamused look on her face ''What the fuck are you even talking about dude? Have you been smoking some crack, yesterday?''

'"No clue, but I am trying to write a story as you can see here.'' He looked at her with a big grin on his face and express himself as if he is trying to do some important work while just standing in the middle of the room being his dumb silly self.

''But you aren't even writing, you are literally jumping up and down here in the room. The better question I can ask myself is why do we even share a room together or better said, why are we even friends to begin with? Jesus... may god know...'' The girl sighed deeply and tries to continue doing her work. ''Hmm... perhaps what if...'' The girl got some sudden inspiration as she moved her arms faster with the work she is currently doing. The guy looked over at the girl and walks towards her direction as he approached her, looking over her shoulder slowly. ''What are you actually doing?''

''I for once, am I doing my work here like a normal human being unlike you who is only talking a lot of nonesene and, of course... DISTRACTING THE SHIT OUT OF ME. So please, let me continue while I have finally some inspiration.'' The girl tried to get all her focus as she tries to continue her work. However, all of the sudden the guy behind her hugged her tighly as he blows in her ear. ''Woosh~''. The girl got caught off guard, shivered a slightly bit as she screams annoyed ''WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!''

''I am bored so..... I want to have a bit of fun. Now come here and let's have some fun together like true friends'' He tried to do another blow in her ear, however the girl got quickly annoyed and kicked in his face with her fist. ''YOU GET OUT'' She stood up and threw her out of the room in a kind of funny chibi cartoonish way. ''Now sit there for the rest of the day.'' She closed the door and walked back to her desk. A huge sigh of relief escaped her mouth. ''Finally..'''

The guy was pouting and knocked on the door a few times. ''Oh come now, don't be like that. It's weekend and the heat can somethings do these things. Now be a nice friend and open the door for me''


''Come come just open it, I know you want it''


''Open open open~''


The guy sighed and just sit in the front of the door. ''You are no fun.'' He grabbed randomly a snack out of his pocket and nibbled on it. ''Fine, we will have our fun next time for sure. Mark my words! ~ <3''

''No. Now go and die you idiot.''

The end of an usual weekend day of two friends~

Entry no.2: "The accident" by Trien

First, the wheels went flying, one by one.

Next, the doors came off, and went their separate ways. The driver's side first, then the passenger's side next.

Somewhere along the line, the glass of the windows had detached. Not much for shards though, safety glass seems to be pretty marvelous these days.

The vehicle tumbled a few more times. That proved to be too much for the roof, which spun away on its own.

About the same time, the bumpers came off as well, somehow at the same time. Interior parts and exterior trim, added to the growing cloud of pieces, that was once a car, making its way down the steep slope.

The number of pieces that the vehicle was now in was starting to get hard to count. The two passengers still seemed to be inside it though. Perhaps the seatbelts were still holding?

Nope, spoke too soon. There they went, ejected from what was left of the passenger compartment, which was not much of a compartment anymore.

Finally the vehicle hit the ground at the bottom. That proved to be too much of a shock for its frame, which split with a horrendous crunching sound.

There was no explosion. That only happens in movies, anyways.

From the top, two sets of eyes peered over the edge and watched the events unfold, a look of horror upon both faces.

"Why'd you push them over the edge?" demanded the brother.

"I wanted to see what would happen," answered the sister. "Didn't think it would be that bad."

The brother's eyes started watering, and he started wailing, "Look at that mess, you know how long it's going to take to clean that up? Mom's going to be so mad! I'm never letting you play with my Legos again!"
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