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Oct 2, 2016
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Entry #1 by @zim
A letter from the past:Dear zimbardo,

By the time you read this, I will already be long gone. I know that this won't affect you much, as (and you don't need me to tell you this) there is little to gain from worrying about the past. The past is done and dusted, the future is more than capable of sorting itself out. So do yourself a favour and keep your mind in the present, where it belongs.

I don't really have much to tell you as, considering how you are me, you'll know/have experienced it all already.

To be honest, if you were in need of some past information, the fact that you might be relying on this letter to obtain it is a rather worrying thought. If this is the situation, hopefully it's just a mild case of forgetfulness and not something more severe.

Wishing you nothing but the best,

From the person who loves you most in this world,

Entry #2 by @Hakuteiken
Back to the future by Captain KirkHello little boy,

If you are reading this, you probably fell into one of the good old melancholic traps and ended up by yourself again. Sharing your loneliness with yourself is a me thing and judging by how things went there, it just happens to be a you thing, as well.

In case you are curious why I am coming out of the woodwork to mess with you, I wouldn't single out a particular reason. Let's just say I got an urge to talk to you, for no more than a few minutes, without allowing retaliation.

I think the last legitimate letter I got from our little brother was three years ago. Maybe four. Since then the owner of those words grew up a bit more, or simply put, got a bit older. We all did. I leave the semantics up to you. If your ego is vulnerable enough to the point you turn to me for my comforting words, let me grant that wish of yours for once.

Truth be told, I once had higher caliber plans for you of any sort or had some kind of plans to begin with. None of those came to materialize in any form, not taking any shape. Our little brother had an enthusiastic wanderer mindset with a lot of imagination. I don't possess that very skillset and frankly speaking, I wouldn't expect you to, either. Which is why I will keep things proper and without fantasy.

Remember that last letter that was written by our brother? Who would have thought yesterday's big brother would be today's middle brother. I thought I'd be you by this point, having been entrusted with the task of carving out a path for ourselves. Alas, it wasn't me. Maybe someone else from the young blood, but not me.

I'm not going to beat myself over this situation, however. Not being a totally foreign entity to my own self feels like the smallest of the opportunities missed. I can know better, I can live better, I can become better. Compared to that, this is merely a fleeting evolution that I looked past; keep it in its dream state and nothing of value is lost.

There is a chance this is where we end things, though. If this is nothing but a point of convergence in our space, that tentative chance is a firm reality. He couldn't create the canvas of reality. I couldn't do it. Perhaps you can, but even if you couldn't, we would only be a part of it, as long as we are one with the others.

We are because I am.

Your loving brother

Entry #3 by @Shobu_Yoruichi
Pay heed to recommendations
Dear me,
This will happen, i don't want you to forget this, so if by any chance to do but remember to come to see this, hope it helps you!
1- If your throat itches, scratch your ear, their nerves are connected!
2- If you have problems with hearing something in a place with too much volume on it, just use your right ear, it's better for decoding conversations
3- Wanna pee? You can't right there? Think on a girl! Your brain will be putting more importance in the other function of your friend down there, until reachin' where you can.
4- Blocked nose for snots? Use your tongue to press the palate, and your finger to press between eyebrows, that will force the snot to move back and forth.
5- ALWAYS sleep on your left side! Your stomack won't send anything to the esophagus while keeping that position.
6- Dizzy after the party? Just put your hand somewhere stiff, your brain will have a second opinion to deal with the world goin' round.
7- You ate ice-cream and are incredibly chilling right there? Press your palate with the tongue and warm up it! That will help.
8- Your eyes are failing when looking at different distances? They're stressed out, close your eyes, stop breathing, contract the muscles, like 20 seconds, then re-start at slow pace in order to relax all your body, the muscles helping with your eyes will also be more relaxed.
9- Swimming and you want to keep more underwater? Before diving, start breathing fast, in other words hyperventilate, the concentration of carbon dioxide in your blood will be less than before, and that's what makes you 'drown' faster and will have more seconds below.
10- Nervous? Your heart is beating pretty fast? Put your thumb in your mouth and blow! The breathing process may control your beating one, so it will stop for a bit, do not overuse please, at least 10 yrs more of life.

Triviality matters my friend, so hope you're doing well, as i'm right now, can't go and say how to live, but at least i can give you tips, hahaha.

Bye ;)

Entry #4 by @shionoro
You want to be great. Stop being despicable.
Did you purge your tainted real self yet?

I'd like to believe you accomplished your ten and twenty year goals. I'd like to believe you are happy and make good money by doing what you love.
I would like to believe that you didn't forget what you love and instead delude yourself (like you tend to) into making up excuses.

But what I would really like to believe the most is that you stopped being the weak toxic man that you once were. Or at least stopped lying about being a good person for a start.

You once would have loved to be a writer, a mentor figure or generally somebody who is admired. But how would a coward like you ever do that? The best shot you have is imitating these things and hoping you are good enough at playing that game. That might make other people believe you, but you know this imagination will always shatter on the long run. Because you are not brave and because you are not honest.

I can imagine that you do well in your life. I can even imagine that you do things others find great at some point. I cannot imagine that you ever show your true self to another person and receive love for it.
If you managed to do this, please tell me how. Because I do not know.

But you should know: Even if you did not manage to do any of this: I'd like to believe that you are still trying.

Entry #5 by @Kiki
To Kiki in the Future
To Kiki in the future :vbunny

This letter is created in 2020
Means, it's been 6 years you have this disease
If you still can read this after 2020, congratulations, you have been surviving :hbunny
Please be happy. Don't be sad
Please don't regret
Please keep on living a healthy life
Please take care of yourself
Please keep on doing your best :cheerbunny

Thanks in advance,

Kiki from the past

Entry #6 by @MarmaladeSky
Some words for the future me
Dear Marmalade,
As a child you always imagined that life would be easier, happier and just better later. But the years flew by, and later kept getting pushed away.

Did that time come for you? Or is it still a mysterious future, far far away.

But you know what, is okay if you aren’t there. Look at what you have accomplished over the years. You have come so far. And yes, I know that because I am working hard for your future everyday.
So it’s okay if your life isn’t perfect. It isn’t meant to be.
It is okay if you haven’t figured out what you want in life. Let’s be real, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough for you to decide.
It’s okay if you fail, just get back up and try harder.
Don’t worry if you still work at the saddest place on earth, or the amount of cats you adopt.

Because maybe, just maybe, we are already living in the promised land of later. Maybe we always were, but just couldn’t see.
And I hope you see it now, and stop dreaming of the future. The brightest place is not the days you have ahead, but this very moment.
Dear future me, Please keep living in the present, that’s the best place to be.

- Your past self.

Entry #7 by @Holt

I hope
I think about you every day.
What are you like? What makes you tick?
I think about my worries. And wonder if they're yours as well.
I need some spoilers. Are these things bothering me pointless?

I want to know. Do you still dream? Are you still ambitious?
Do you still hold out for others?
Are you still kind?
Did someone break you? Or are you still strong?

I have a million questions, but you know that better than me.
I just hope that wherever and however you find yourself,
I hope you have a good heart.
I hope you've grown and accomplished most of your dreams.
I hope you love and cherish people.
I hope you've found important things to live for.
I hope you'd be ready to die with a smile.
I hope you are happy.

Entry #8 by @Purity of Magi
Just a simple reminder as usual

Yes, of course, I am talking to you, the old me. Yes, exactly, YOU right there. Unless you are someone else then something might went wrong, but hopefully that isn't the case.. just saying. Anyway, when you read this you might think ‘’jesus what was I even thinking back then?’’ but at this very moment you just felt like writing yourself a message for a couple of reasons perhaps, but you know what? That is totally okay. Perhaps, somewhere in a not all too far away future, the older me, of course, if you already haven’t passed away, will read this again and have exactly the thought that I write here. Sounds kinda funny to read this in a present tense, right? Regardless, maybe at this stage of life you have accomplished a few things that you certainly wanted to do or you have become a terrible hobo and you are now on crack, who knows. The future can be a scary place.

Regardless, I just felt like to tell you that no matter what happens, no what matter people say, life can and always will be fair and unfair at times. Many ups and downs you have probably already been through, but remember that being successful isn’t everything. The most important part is that you always have to remember that you are who you are. Do not forget where you are from, do not try to change for the most unnecessary ''points'' or anything, and believe what you always have believed in.

You only have one chance to life and, in the end, there is a task that you have yet to accomplish. Perhaps you have already done that or that you are still at that stage to try to fulfil it. You have to make the best out of yourself. Also, try to enjoy your time, do not stick yourself with many tasks and grab for once a nice and long vacation. You deserve it after all and do not dare to try to make an excuse and say that you do not have time for it. Remember that time will simply pass by, even quicker than you might expect and at this point you might even regret that you couldn’t do what you truly wanted to do. It is never too late to start now, but it is too late if you will not take actions for it.

So do not make the same mistake again. You fall, you stand up, you learn and you keep walking because that is something you have always been done. For the rest, I basically do not have much to say further, because sometimes you just had that moment that you need to write your though down and probably will forget in a few days. So a reminder doesn’t sound too bad at all, does it? With other words: stop pouting there and stand up, you silly fool.

PS: Bernkastel is great and so is Arba. These were your two favorites back then and they should be loved again you motha fuckah!

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