Submissions MangaHelpers Art Contest #27-28: Darkest Before Dawn Poetry

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Aug 23, 2015
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MangaHelpers Art Contest #27-28: Darkest Before Dawn Poetry

Hi everyone! And welcome to another art contest. This time, the category is poetry, and its theme is darkest before dawn. Have you ever experienced a "things get worse before they get better"? The deadline is October 7th.

Category: Poetry
Theme: Darkest Before Dawn


What do I need to know before submission?
  • All members are welcome to join the contest. There is no minimum post or user status you need to have to participate.
  • Entries for the contest must be posted in this thread.
  • Each participant can only submit ONE ENTRY and it should be a new piece. So don’t try to be smart and enter a piece used in past contests.
  • Submissions not following the weeks theme will result in disqualification. If you have any question about the contest, you can ask it here.
  • No maximum lines or characters :)
  • No excessive, suggestive, spoiler, or porn-related imagery in the contest.
  • Plagiarizing will result in immediate disqualification from this contest and possibly future contests also. Leadership point deductions, loss of artist status and badges, and/or account bans may also occur.
  • Submission is open until October 7th, 2021, at 23:00 (GMT)

Post Format:
"Theme Name" - "Work Title" by "Artist Name"


Voting Details:

  • Voting will commence after submission period is over, that is October 7th, 2021 at 23:00 (GMT).
  • Announcement of winners, next contest dates and theme will be done soon after the voting period is over.
Good Luck, Everyone!

Baka Taichou

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Apr 20, 2007
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"Darkest before Dawn" - "My Darkest hour" by "Sakura-Taichou"

The night has come to take me away,
As I lay here drinking my sorrows away.
My mind invaded by the darkest thought,
I'm loosing my grip on the reality I sought.

I look outside at the nightlight sky,
And try,
I try to breathe, but it feels like something's sucking me dry.
Is it my breath that's killing me slow,
Or is it my heart that's reached a new low?

Hammering pain on the tips of my fingers,
And the harrowing ache in my chest that still lingers,
Feels like the devil's got me wrapped around his finders,
Using my soul as his puppeteering stringers.

I stretch my hand to the full moon up high,
Hoping it's light will sway me closer to the sky.
And as I lean more on the balcony and sigh,
Your hand's gentle touch rekindles my heart's lost high.

Well, here goes nothing....
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Jan 7, 2009
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"Darkest before dawn" - Fuck I'm almost 40 by the artist ChaChizzel4Rizzle

Fuck before dawn I realize I'm almost 40.
Fuck before dawn I'm almost 40 thankful my hair is still there.
Fuck before dawn I'm almost 40 thankful my hair is still there; I'm struggling with the smuggling of the days daily chores.
Fuck before dawn I'm almost 40 the days are rolling by, high before light the night turns to dawn, faded.
Fuck before dawn I'm almost 40 Im faded not jaded but most of all still got it making my rounds, most of my days faded.
Fuck before dawn I'm almost 40. Fuck me and fuck you too, yes, the time flies too fast for me to give a fuck at best darkest before dawn.


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Mar 8, 2016
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"Darkest before dawn" - "Revenge" by Raven.

Playing league of legends like everyday.
To destroy the nexus for victory.
But sometimes things are not okay.
Like when i'm in a promotion series and get trolled by my team right away.
I'm losing the game and my mind goes astray.
My anger and frustration is in full display.
There is no hope to win, So there is no point to play.
I accepted the loss and swore to make them pay.
Started another game and i found them as enemies, HOORAY!
The game started and so is their dismay.
The previous game it was colorful for them now it's just gray.
Killing them left and right and enjoying the slay!
As i flame them and drinking their tears, My anger slowly decayed.


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Sep 9, 2021
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"Darkrst Before Dawn' "Dankest by Night' By Slaynoir

Every day I wake up to see disappointment lingering in my dreams,
Yet all is not as it seems for my time to be deemed worthy,
I seek my reasons and my sanity only to be repressed,
My thoughts and feelings are of only unrest and scrutiny,
As I make my day go past my own doubts and self loathing,
I find myself drawn to a single place,
One that is of utmost importance,
And somehow quite dandy,
Good people of MangaHelpers I find solace in my perverted memes,
Then I find myself with an eggplant wondering 'wtf was I doing here',
With a Side of Kiki roasting someone's ass like it was a well done steak,
Shad being whatever a Shad is,
Erinyes being the one whom has titles and I feel like John Snow in that one scene in comparison,
Not to mention Charlie with that dank avie that makes me feel slightly awkward as to it's awkward measurements,
And then there was me with my little American values,
So now I'm ever so happy in my -insert harems here- groups,
And now I'm writing a damn poem to make actual sense of whatever the hell this poem is suppose to mean,
Thus I am quite content,
And now back to posting a lot of spam no one cares about.
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Feb 1, 2015
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Darkest before the Dawn - by SirSamuel016

I’ve always disliked saying ‘it’s darkest before the dawn’,
mainly because it feels like contrived bullshit.
What good is offering those words if someone’s stuck in a bottomless pit?
Saying that to someone who is at their lowest does them no good,
just like putting a band-aid on their stab wound to help because you could.
When you’re lost in the darkness, you’re isolated, truly alone and you have no hope,
and instead of offering legitimate help it’s meaningless words and drugs to help you cope.
The weather itself is also fickle just like an old hag,
who’ll avoid giving pennies to the homeless to slowly kill herself with another fag.
That’s why I avoid empty words and idioms when someone is at their lowest and suffering,
because when they’re blinded by the darkness, it takes more than small talk to give their perspective some much-needed colouring.
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Oct 2, 2016
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Mangahelpers Art Contest #27-28: Darkest before Dawn Poetry

From one moment to the next, warmth slid off the tips of my fingers
Overtaken by an icy cold, damp feeling.
Nothing remains, of the old calm and collected lingers.

A suffocating energy filled with unpredictability
The tightness in my throat,
My heart running a thousand miles, Shattering in its fragility

Nails all over my body, all sense of control is lost.
Overwhelming urges
To the point of no return, it doesn’t stop.

The need to move, to get away from this dialogue.
The electricity in the system.
My mind taken over with a thick, crushing fog.

Uncontrollable trembling, uncomfortable shivering
A quiet voice
I can hear something inside me whispering.

For this unease and distress to be set free
To just breathe, in and out
That is your key.

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