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Oct 2, 2016
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MangaHelpers Art Contest #27-28: Isekai Writing

HI everyone! And welcome to the biweekly art contest. This time it's your task to write an Isekai-themed short story. What does your Isekai fantasy look like?

Theme: Isekai
Category: Short Story


What do I need to know before submission?

  • All members are welcome to join the contest. There is no minimum post or user status you need to have to participate.
  • Entries for the contest must be posted in this thread.
  • Each participant can only submit ONE ENTRY and it should be a new piece. So don’t try to be smart and enter a piece used in past contests.
  • Submissions not following the weeks theme will result in disqualification. If you have any question about the contest, you can ask it here.
  • No excessive, suggestive, spoiler, or porn-related imagery in the contest.
  • Maximum text length is 50 lines or 3000 characters (with space)
  • Plagiarizing will result in immediate disqualification from this contest and possibly future contests also. Leadership point deductions, loss of artist status and badges, and/or account bans may also occur.
  • Submission is open until March 8th, at 23:00 (GMT)

Post Format:
"Theme Name" - "Work Title" by "Artist Name"

Voting Details:
  • Voting will commence after submission period is over, that is March 8th at 23:00 (GMT).
  • Announcement of winners, next contest dates and theme will be done soon after the voting period is over.
Good luck everyone!



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Mar 8, 2016
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Story name: Spit and Spank​

Ch.1 : Nasty fate

A man named "Medas Lebas" was seeking immortality. He wondered the lands for so long until he meet a crazy man who spit on ppl from his balcony with the speed of light. Medas heared the people of this area talking about this crazy man and that he lived for centuries and no one ever dogged his spit. Medas thought if he dodged the spit the man would help in his task and share his secret. Medas approached with care, He crouched and his hands were poised on the ground and springed ahead and dodged every spit with high skill. The crazy man got surprised by Medas's speed. But he still got tricks in his spit arsenal. He collected a huge portion of salavia in his mouth and spit it with all his might towards Medas. The spit speed was off the charts it caused a void gate in the atmosphere while traveling to Medas's face. The moment it touched his face, he disappeared and the gate closed.

Ch.2 : The deadly spanker

Medas found himself thrown in the same area, He fell on the ground then stood up and saw someone looks exactly like him getting spanked so hard by a crazy man. The spank was so strong, His counterpart disappeared just like what happened to him in his world. He realized that he is in a parallel universe. The crazy man turned his face and found Medas again, He got confused then admitted defeat. He thought Medas was faster than his spank and dodged it for the 2nd time. Medas took advantage of his ignorance.

Medas: "Tell me your secrets, I guess that how you reward me"
The crazy man replied "I don't give anything for free but we can exchange our secrets".
Medas: "Fair enough but i won and you have to tell me first, tell me about your immortality"
Crazy man: "There is a hidden place in this world and only few know of it"
Medas: "What place and how can i reach it?"
Crazy man: "My turn is over, I won't say more until you give me some answers as well, Tell me how you survived my spank, I felt your ass in my hands!"
Medas: "Illusion!, I tricked you with my powers"
The crazy man in confusion: "I never heard of this power before, I know them all"
Medas: "Well! not all of them i guess"
Crazy man: "I will take you to that place but in return you will have to teach me once we arrive there"
Medas: "Sure!, But first you have to tell me the name of the place"
Crazy man: "It's called "Fuckious Manikous"
Medas: "Tomorrow we move to this place, What do you think?"
Crazy man: "as you wish"

Ch.3: Guilt

Medas was so happy about his progress in his journey but he realized he is in deep trouble, The guy who will escort him is very powerful and at some point will know about his lies so he had to plan against the crazy man, The next morning, Medas went to the crazy man and told him he is ready. The crazy man snaped his finger and Medas found himself teleported to Fuckious Manikous. Medas told the crazy man that the time has come to teach him the illusion powers. He offered him a drink and told him he will gain the powers once he drink it. The crazy man accepted it, Soon after the crazy man collapsed. Medas took his sword and cut the crazy man's body into little pieces out of fear. He continued exploring the place and found many temples, Each temple contain a unique power. All power temples gates were opened but the immortality temple gate. It was written on the temple wall. No murderer will have this power. Medas spent the whole night crying until he fainted.

Ch.4: Redemption

Medas woke up and took a walk and found time travel temple gate, He entered the gate and took the powers. He was so happy that he can fix what he did. He used it and traveled back before he offer the drink to the crazy man. He confronted him and told him the truth that he don't have any power and explained that he is from another world. The crazy man was so angry and he was beating Medas so hard.

Medas expressing his feeling while bleeding on the ground "The rust of the years is covering me and dust of the journey is blinding me, The vapours of tobacco with my heartbreak are leaking from my mortal lungs, I really challenged the world. I got defeated so bad but i never accepted it. I did not realize the meaning of my life and this is my tragedy. To conclude this story, No time would be enough. The light is fading"

Ch.5: Ending

Medas is fainted and the crazy man got so emotional. He carried Medas to the temple of immortality. Medas is now immortal. The crazy spanker man spanked Medas so hard it spent him back to his world. There he woke up and found the crazy spitter man in his face, They hugged then they took separated routes.

The End

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Apr 15, 2012
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Isekai writing: "Departure" by Trien

Two lenses caught the rays of the sunrise and teased them together, and as the light grew, a faint halo started to form in the air where they converged. The man garbed in a black cloak nodded in satisfaction. The alignment was good, but the light wasn’t yet strong enough. Hearing footsteps, he looked over to see a figure step over the nearby ridge.

“Sure I can’t convince you to hold off for a while longer, Lhilt?” she asked. “This might be the first time we can make a stable gate, but it’s not like the flow of magic is going to get any weaker.”

“Mom! Is he really leaving right now?” came the voice of a young girl from the other side of the ridge. The two turned to watch her scramble over it, and with a running jump throw herself at Lhilt in a hug, counting on him to catch her.

“Dae, you know you’re too big to do that!” scolded Tresh, but Lhilt only laughed.

Vaedan, the winded father came afterwards, panting from keeping up with his energetic daughter. “Here, better take this before I forget,” he said, holding out a leather-bound book.

Placing Dae back on the ground, Lhilt took the journal, “Did you get all the numbers, and check all the drift corrections?”

Vaedan nodded, “Got them all checked. The map’s as accurate as it’s going to get.”

A hiss came from the gate, and everyone turned to watch the image start to solidify. “Another year, and it’d be a thunderclap that’d be heard all the way down the valley,” Lhilt murmured. Kneeling to eye level with Dae, he put on a smile and said, “Lhilt’s leaving on his adventure now. Take care of mom and dad, okay?”

“I will!” she replied.

Standing up, he embraced the other two, “Thank you. You’re still family, even if not related by blood.” Swallowing against the lump in his throat, he stepped back.

Tresh met his eyes evenly, “We’ve kept your secret for a hundred generations, and it will stay secret. We’ll guard our copy of the book, and the lenses. We’ll be safe.”

“Bury them,” warned Lhilt, “The waning of the flow of magic after I arrived those thousands of years ago kept you safe, but as it waxes strong again anyone can open a gate to here. You can’t afford to be revealed.”

“Don’t worry, we know,” responded Vaedan with a slight smile, “You’ve certainly told us enough times! We’ve got your signet for only if in case we have to come find you.”

“I know, I just worry,” relented Lhilt, “It’s a long ways back to my home world, and I want to be far away before any trace of magic hints I was here. I only hope it doesn’t take too long for the council to figure out how to guard the gate system.”

The sound from the gate settled into a deep hum, and Lhilt sighed, “Time to go, I guess.” The family stepped back to give him room as his form grew in size. Black scales formed across his skin, his cloak changing into a pair of giant wings, and a tail forming behind. Taking a step into the portal, he turned to look back for a moment, straddling the threshold between worlds. It was time to go home, yes, but the next journey had just begun.
Yeah, yeah, I know, it's another story involving a dragon. :)

This one is based on a backstory I came up with once for my online persona, as to why there would be someone with the same name existing in different games and other various places: they were a dragon shifted into human form, travelling between worlds, in a universe that moved through an additional dimension causing the existence of magic to increase or decrease over time (since some settings might be fantasy including magic, while others like sci-fi did not, etc.).

For this one, I thought, what if with the disappearance of magic, a similar dragon ended up stuck in one place for a few thousand years until magic returned, and what else might be happening at the same time?


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Isekai Short Story - Testing by Farfalla

“Hello, Linali.

You are getting this alert as an announcement that Manga Helpers is no longer a forum based community, but a virtual reality one. This is also an invitation to our beta immersion platform. You may access it with the use of your preferred VR device - just follow the instructions below and enjoy this community upgrade.

Best regards, Pat.”

Linali blinked twice and scratched her head. She grabbed her VR helmet and put it on. Following the instructions, she was led to what seemed to be a dressing room, tidily arranged, with all kinds of clothes organized in hangers and a comfortable dressing table. Some cats were sleeping around it, and a cute asian looking girl, dressed in a tight black leather suit, was inviting her to take a seat by the table, with a smile on her face.

“Uh… Weird additions to the place, but I guess those are stamps from the design team, Marmalade and Kiki?”

She proceeded to the dressing table and found an undistinguished image in the mirror.

“Select your gender”. A floating message popped up in front of her.

“Female.” She thought. And just like that, the face of a girl took shape on the glassy surface. After she was done, a door appeared at the end of the room, and she walked out of it bearing her new selected looks: a blue eyed girl, of average size, with dark curly hair, wearing a magical girl suit with a pink wand - she couldn’t help herself when she saw that outfit preset.

Right outside of the place, she ran into a boy with curly brown hair and green eyes. He had a list on his hands and walked towards her the moment he noticed her presence.

“We’re starting a Sheep Game soon, hosted by Orgz, do you wanna join it?” He asked.

“Hm, sure.” She blushed. She didn’t expect to meet someone so soon. “You can add me: Linali.”

The boy opened a big smile. “Oh? Now this will be interesting… I’m GrySun, by the way.”

“Oh, please, you guys will just make me the winner again.” She said, giggling.

Yes, this already felt like her usual cozy place, and testing the new version of the Sheep Game seemed fun, until her device suddenly went off.

“What…?” She removed her helmet and was back in her room. Tried to connect it again, but just couldn’t return to Manga Helpers. She stood up from her computer desk feeling upset, the idea of not returning to the community, maybe forever, was unsettling. She went out of her room to get some air and walked into what seemed to be a dormitory corridor.

“Heeeh!?” Right in front of her, there was a closed door saying ‘#kickxi0’.

“That’s Vici’s thread!!!” She looked at the very end of the corridor where a sign bore the saying “Member Zone”. Instead of losing the community for good, she seemed to be trapped in it… People started to get out of the rooms with familiar sayings, gathering in the corridor. All of them got the same message popping in front of them:

“It is with great joy that I proclaim you, our beloved and distinguished members, as part of our neural research and improvement program. Remember to have fun but not too much fun!

~Your favourite Count.”

Uhhh... Been wanting to sporadically write small chapters of a story similitar to this one. And I made a Sheep Game in the past to know how some members in here would look like if they would build an avatar, said I would write something having the winner as an MC, and Lina won it back then^^ (Gry was second place). When I saw this contest theme, I decided to work on it a bit? XD
Oh, if this is not brutally hurting your eyes, you can thank @Hardy for reviewing it.

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Apr 12, 2013
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Isekai Writing : Rain and Scorch

“Wake up! Wake up!” urged the talking horse.

His cries fell deaf on the ears of the unconscious young man. The horse resorted to nibbling on one of the ears of the young man to wake him up.

“Ouch!” cried the young man who is now very much conscious of his being.

“Where am I?” asked the young man.

“You are at the stable of the most nimble and fluid horse in all of two elemental realms and the realm of the Earth, Water.” replied Water.

“A talking horse? Elemental realms? This is a dream, right?” said the young man.

“No, it is not.” replied Water. “This world is as real as the world you came from. And you are supposed to find the Tear of the Rain, Ame.” continued Water.

“How do you know my name and what is this Tear thing you speak of?” asked Ame.

“You are someone who is supposed to bring peace to both the realms of the Rain and Scorch by making use of the sacred relic of the realm of Rain, the Tear.” replied Water.

“It was predicted that you will one day will appear before me by the high priest Rain Clear and here you are. If you are willing to fulfill the role of the peace bringer we can proceed to travel to the citadel of the Rain to meet the high priest Rain Clear who will then tell you where the Tear is located.” continued Water.

Ame nodded softly in the spirit of affirmation.

“When will it stop raining? This’s as if it’s shedding it’s tears. This world has been torn apart by war and ridden with misery.” thought Ame to himself while riding on his reliable steed being escorted by a group of elite soldiers on his way to citadel of Rain.

Ame had finally reached the citadel which was as heavily guarded as the stable of Water. The faces of the people at the citadel were as grim as anyone else’s of this realm.

“Greetings!” exclaimed the high priest Rain Clear. “So you are Ame, I suppose and I believe Water has informed you about your role in this war, yes?" asked Rain Clear.

"Yes." replied Ame.

"Ame, the Tear is something that can only be seen and activated by you. And before you head to find the Tear, which is located in the Valley of Rain, I think you should know why this world is stricken with war and suffering.” said Rain Clear.

“Long ago there lived a rogue high priest of the Rain who was so consumed by his grandiose delusions of conquest that he stole the relic of the Scorch realm the Ember and launched an offensive to conquer their land thereby inviting the scorn of the people of the Scorch.” said Rain Clear.

“He, however, failed at his attempt to conquer the Scorch realm and the Ember was taken back by the people of the Scorch and they decided to put an end to the existence of the people of the realm of the Rain. You, with the power of the Tear, will be able to quell the raging fire of fear and hatred of the people of the Scorch” continued Rain Clear. “Go forth, find the Tear and bring peace to both the realms.” urged Rain Clear.

And so Ame did. He had finally ended the raging war and brought peace to both the realms of Rain and Scorch.

I don't really write and I'm sure that I'm a terrible writer. But I wanted to have a go at this since I was bored. I feel that this lacks depth and substance, and the dialogue is also bland, I think. But, I had fun. Anyway, thanks for reading!


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Oct 2, 2016
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Chocolatemilked by MarmaladeSky
With her eyes still half closed, Josie staggered out of her bedroom. Carefully feeling a smooth, cool surface, searching for the doorhandle. Found it. Two steps forward, two steps to the right. She held out her hand and pulled the handle. A soft light illuminated the room. Peering into the fridge, and yes. There it was. She found it. The chocolate milk she dreamed about. A creamy liquid, tasty and sweet. Her cravings that conquered sleep and had her climb from her warm, fluffy bed.
She took the yellow carton, unscrewed the cap. And that's when she heard it


A giggling sound broke the silence. What. Josie stared sleepily at the carton. Rubbing her eyes with her free hand. This must have been her imagination. She raised the carton to her lips and-


She almost let the chocolatemilk carton slip out of her hands. There was the sound again, it sounded so nearby. Almost as if it came out of the carton.

"All very funny" muttered Josie. Must have been her brother playing pranks on her. She once again raised the carton and peeked into it, trying to see what's making the noise.
A white, harsh light blinded her. Her feet were pulled off the ground, a warm, strong wind dragged her away. A wind suddenly fell and Josie landed on to the ground, face forward. Everything around her turned black.

"Do you think he'll be nice?"
"Is he really going to save us?"
"He doesn't look that strong at all ..."

Whispering voices around her. Josie slowly opened her eyes. Three faces were the first thing she saw. Kids faces.
She bolted up straight. The three jumped back, but stood around her. Josie studied them carefully.

"Who ... what are you doing in my house?" She said. "And who are you?"

The children looked at each other, confused.

"My lord.... we are in a forest." Said one of them wearing a red hat. Josie's gaze flashed to the ground. Grass. What.
"This cannot be true". She mumbled and pinched her arm a couple of times, but nothing seemed to happen.
"My lord, please don't hurt yourself. Her Majesty will kill us if we deliver you harmed"

"What the hell are you talking about? And MY LORD?" She rubbed her face with her hand. Huh that's strange. She rubbed again. It felt like a beard.
"WHAT IS THI-" Multiple pairs of hands covered her mouth.

"My lord, please don't be so loud, they'll find us." Said the redhatted child.

"Yes, my lord, You are not strong enough yet, we must not be found" The voice of a yellowhatted child that was now awfully close to her. Josie stared at the children one by one.
The third, greenhatted child started rumbling in his backpack.

"Don't worry, we will protect you." He handed her a flask. "Drink this, you will feel better."
She took it carefully and opened the flask.
And that's when the smell hit her.
The smell of chocolate milk.

I really haven't written anything in a while, but I had this idea about getting Isekai'd through an everday object. Wanted to have fun with it.
I'm not the best writer (or a good writer at all) - but it was fun playing around with this idea.
So here we have it, maybe I should have had Josie grab a jar of Marmalade instead (would have been the better choice).
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