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MangaHelpers Art Contest: Valentines Day Freestyle
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Entry #1:

Valentine Contest - Winter, Pandemic, Distance, and Cats by @Kiki and @MarmaladeSky

Entry #2:
Valentines Day Freestyle by @Xadyu and @sakura-aneki

A thousand miles for.... by @Xadyu

It’s time. It’s finally time.

It touched down, the gates are opening.

And here I’m sitting. Tapping my foot nervously on the ground. Wanting to bite my nails.
We’ve been building up to this moment for so long, and it’s time. It’s finally time.

Eagerly waiting, staring down the gate for just a glimpse of you.
It’s as time is standing still, but my mind is racing, thinking back to when we set this date.


“That after all these years, I still thought about you.
Memories still kindled the fire deep under the snow.
It was foolish to think I loved you, but the feelings were to intense to ignore.

Never did I confess, or at least so seriously that we did something with it.
For the sake of friendship, the feeling lulled back to sleep again, and so on, just to suffer in silence.

Even now, years after we’ve spoken, years after contact got broken.
After all, the reproaches from then no longer sting.
In the end, I acknowledged the lack thereof.

I wasn’t the easiest, and back then anything but honest enough.
My heart was often off the straight path, because of the vicious lies told by my mouth.
But to really tell you what I felt? For that I was too cowardly.
Even now, my reasoning remains vague.
You went from one to another, I myself did the same.
We moved on, we went our separate ways.
Never taking that chance is what I still regret to this day.

It had no chance of success, I was clearly not the one for you, at that time.
I didn’t know anything real about love or relationships, yet I still wanted it all the time.
Even though I was mostly, the one, for you.

Eventually I asked you, for you to put an end to my internal hope, illusions and struggles.

Because I missed you the most.
Of everyone, I thought the most, and only, of you.
Chances were, you’ve already forgotten, or given up on me.
Because I was the one who left, in fear.
But my deliberately buried feelings always remained.
You remained the gaping hole in my heart.
A violently suppressed, but never absent pain.
Under whose influence friendships withered away.
You’re the one who’s never been with me, and yet the one who escaped.
My internal tormentor, a reminder of what might have happened if I hadn’t cut if off.
All that was left for me were the words I should have said to you all these years ago.
Words with which I'll probably thoroughly ruin every possibility, but I want to record my capitulation to emotion with this;

I’m bad with emotions, and I don’t always know what love is.
But I loved you, and I still do.
My affection for you is anchored deep within me, and will always stay there and not wither.
It was you.
It was always you.
It has never been not you.
I love you.”

A relieving sigh followed the thoughts crawling through my head. The eagerness turned into anxiousness as people started strolling out the gate.

It’s time.

Pondering anxiously, I put my elbows on my knees, palms crossed in front of my face. Another sigh followed. It’s getting to me, she’s almost here.

It’s come to this, the moment we’ve both been waiting for.

It’s time..

It’s finally time.

... Paradise by @sakura-aneki (the sequel to the first piece)

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