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MangaHelpers Halloween Special Art Contest - Witch

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    MangaHelpers Halloween Special Art Contest - Witch
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    Entry #1: Witches set : Neverland - Free or dread ! by @Erinyes

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Entry #2: The Witch and The Doctor by @TotalEconomist

    "The Boiling Witch. That was her nickname in the world, brewing the most delicious, yet foul dishes in the world. Surstromming Ramen to Limburger Cheese Pizza, she thought of it all. Yet there was one thing she couldn't brew: A dish of love. She tried, but was soundly rejected by the person of her of affection.

    The Witch Doctor was a culinary genius in her prime, using medicinal herbs to ease any aliment a customer may have. Under the watch of her former Master, she roses in the ranks until she reached her peak. Now where can she go? Certainly, she can't go beyond the top of the mountain.

    Suddenly, her phone rang.

    Picking it up, she checks the called ID and sighs. It was her, The Boiling Witch. Ever since they met in high school, she tried her darnedest to keep her way from the Master and herself. Now that the Master was frolicking with the Blue Rabbit, she was the sole target of her obsession. Answering the phone, she states her business.

    “I have a new dish I want you to try.” The Boiling Witch exclaimed.

    Rolling her eyes, she begrudgingly agreed to come over and try her experiment. In truth, The Witch Doctor enjoyed her dishes, but consciously denied her because she bottled her true feelings. Someone of her prestige couldn't succumb to a woman drenched in sin, could she?

    The travel time to the Boiling Witch's Beer Garden took thirty minutes, but it felt like an eternity. For some reason, The Witch Doctor felt something...different was going to happen today. It was an odd feeling, since this was just an ordinary visit. When the chauffeur opened her door, she collected herself and entered the building.

    “I'm so glad you could make it.” The Boiling Witch greeted with a bow.

    The Witch Doctor returned the salutations, but noticed that she looked different. No robes or gimmicky chef's outfit, just a pure white uniform. And her facial features weren't distorted, but pure. Taking a seat, she ordered a glass of The White Fox's best beer, knowing that the beer made the food even better.

    Thirty minutes later, The Boiling Witch presented her dish. It certainly looked foul, but it smelled pleasant. With stride, The Witch Doctor took a bite and was sent to a realm of bliss and herbs. It was delicious. It was Magic. It was...a dish made with love and something designed to finally open her up.

    “This dish is the best you've brewed.” The Witch Doctor calmly said. The blush on her face, however, betrayed her stoic demeanor.

    “I'm so glad you liked it!” The Boiling Witch exclaimed. For a minute, there was a silence between the two women. The Witch Doctor was the first to break the mute air.

    “Ever since high school, I've been pushing away your advances. But in reality, I was lying to myself how much I love your cooking” The Witch Doctor admitted quietly. A soft smile rose on The Boiling Witch's features.

    “I wasn't sure if I would succeed today, but I am glad I finally got to you” She beamed, “Maybe tomorrow we can go out on a date at that man's new restaurant?”

    “Yes, that sounds like fun.” The Witch Doctor said with a smile.

    And so, The Witch and The Doctor finally cast their first spell together: An Enchanting Love."

    "A cleverly disguised Shokugeki no Soma Fanfiction."

    "Credits: TotalEconomist aka Cat McHall on"

    Entry #3: Scary Creatures by @Organizized

      ”… and that is why All Hallow’s Eve just isn’t the same these days.”
      The group, sat round what was now only the embers of a fire, nodded to themselves, muttering in agreement. Most of them could barely see each other in this light, but they knew each other’s faces, each other’s stories. They were, but for a few small details, the same as their own. And stories was what they had gathered this night to share.
      The speaker, an old woman with a hint of a cackle to her voice which time had all but erased, sat down on a tree stump, indicating that her story was over. A newcomer with red eyes started clapping, but stopped when the rest of the group turned sharply toward her. The old woman paid this no mind. She was the hostess of the gatherings, and none of her kind had shown up for centuries. She had to make due with who she could find.
      ”Yes, the olden days werrre betterrr,” said a tall, black shape in the shadows, glancing at the newcomer. The way he rolled his r’s gave his speech a comical effect, rather than the mystique he was going for. ”Simplerrr.”
     This was met by more agreement from the crowd. It had been much simpler: go around the village, scare some kids, follow them home, knock on their door. Trick or treat, give us someone good to eat. We know they’re in there because we just chased them all the way here.
      ”Ame- I mean, de-mon to that, my brother” said a similarly tall, thin shape. “I haven’t had a good Halloween snack in ages. The last time I even got a taste, there was so much make-up on the kid’s neck it befouled the taste of the blood something horrendous.”
      “They’rrre all too… prrreparrrred,” the first brother said, (and the rest of the group stifled a laughter.) “They rrread their 'comical books', play their games on the big scrrreen things, learrning how to… handle us.”
      “Dass rite!” a big shape behind them boomed. “Jus’ the other year I wuss dyin’ fer a midnight jogger. But when I fin’lly snatched one, she’d this bright, uh, shiny thingie on her head, like. Perr-lyzed, I wuss.” The big shadow paused, taking a swig from the barrel he used as a jug. “By the time I ree-lyzed it weren’t reely sunlight, I’d lost her.”
      “... Quite.” the un-cackling hostess said. “And I’m sure even those of us who aren’t thicker than a bag of bricks have encountered similar situations.”
      This brought some chuckles, along with more murmuring of general agreement.
      “It does feel good to talk about it”, said the second brother. “Lately I’ve spent almost all my time in the crypt. I guess I’ve gotten… comfortable.”
      “Ain’t nuttin’ wrong with dat, tho” said the big shape. “I been lyin’ still fer two years, pretendin’ to be a rock. ‘least that way no one tries ta kill me for “hoardin’ fat”, which I dun’ bloody even have.”
      “Rrrright,” the first brother agreed. “Actually, come to mention it, it is getting earrrly…”
      “Yer, woodn’t wanna turn all statue, like, on a joyous day like dis,” the big shape said.
      “I should get going as well”, said the red-eyed young woman who had kept silent since the clapping incident. “Unlike all of you I still actually eat human meat daily.”
      “Yes, but only from a restaurant,” cackled the previously un-cackling old hostess.
      “Which closes in half an hour, thank you very much.”
      This seemed to be a sort of cue for everyone. Brushing themselves off and getting to their feet, they all agreed to meet again a year from now, wished each other a dreadful day, and...
      There was a sudden rustle in the bushes behind them.
      “Guys… it’s a troll!”
      “And vampires! Two of them!”
      “Is that a witch!?”
      “A ghoul! Where’s my quinqe?”
      “Do you two know Alucard?”
      “Hey, there’s a badly wounded old man...”
      “No, stoo-pid, that’s a zombie.”
      The group looked at each other. Then they looked at the kids and smiled awkwardly. They said:
      “Trick or treat, smell our feet, give us somethi-”

      And that’s as far as they got.

    Entry #4: The Beautiful Witch? by @Gryffindor


    There once was a Witch
    Who everyone thought was a bi**h
    Rumor had it she had stinky feet
    And really shiny yellow teeth
    With a teeny bit of mold growing underneath

    When it came time to trick or treat
    She was left alone in a silence quiet enough to hear her own heartbeat
    A house so gloomy and grim at the end of the street
    None dared to tread within a hundred feet
    Be that as it may, pranksters be not deterred
    One by one they all took turns
    First was the Werewolf under the guidance of the shining moonlight
    He knocked on the door and fled, taking a sharp turn to his right
    A shadowy figure emerged from inside and looked around before staring at the floor
    Seems that Mr. Werewolf managed to drop some lice out of his fur

    Up next was the Zombie who grabbed some toilet paper and hurled it at the door
    The shadowy figure emerged once more, looked around, sheesh it must have been a chore

    The calm and collected Vampire walked with a water balloon in hand, his turn was next
    "Fear not madam, for your blood I do not wish to dissect"
    Before he can knock, a group of kids beat him to it, frightened he stumbles and runs away
    From the door emerges the Witch, the Vampire catches a glimpse as he runs into the street
    What madness is this, she is nothing like the rumors said, there was a bonafide beauty standing at their feet
    The personality, the feet, the teeth, it was all wrong, all along it was a beautiful Witch who was really sweet
    With a big smile on her face she speaks, "now then kids what it will be, trick or treat."


    Entry #5: The Trollish/Crazy Witches by @Purity of Magi


    Entry #6: The Real Witches by @Belserion

    I sit idly by the window watching the festivities happening in my neighborhood. It's hard to believe this is the same quiet, suburban town where every house looks the same. Now most of the yards are littered with oversized pumpkins with scary faces carved in, fake bats line the usually pristine white fences and the trees are covered in some filmy material, which on closer inspection, resemble spiderwebs. Amidst all this confusion children of all ages go from door to door Trick or Treating. I wonder vaguely if they even know what they're doing, what they're saying. I wonder how they would feel to know the truth. The truth that people like me exist. I almost shudder as I see two little girls dressed as "witches", complete with brooms and pointy hats, skip hand in hand down the sidewalk. How insulting. As if we'd be that obvious. Just then a little black cat ran pass them, probably as confused as I am about where he is, and I watch in undisguised amusement as the little "witches" shriek in fear. I find that ironic. The cat completed the stereotype after all.

    I hear the grating sound of childish laughter and watched as a group of children left one of the houses, obviously delighted with their bags full of candy. I automatically scoff at this display, wondering when Halloween, no Samhain, became such a fun experience. At one time it was a nice celebration, a reconciliation of the living and the dead. That was before the dead became restless. Before they overstayed their welcome. If these people knew the true history of this day they would be hiding in their houses. Instead I hear things like "Happy Halloween" and watch as these commercial businesses make a fortune off of well meaning families. I'm not sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for them.

    My Grandmother says I need to work on my obvious disdain for these people whenever I forget myself and make a scathing comment about their ignorance. She says it's unbecoming for someone in my position. With my duty. I feel bad sometimes. But mostly I get frustrated. Perhaps I have too much pride. I glance once again at the two little girls and felt the sting of insult. Yes, definitely too much pride.

    Maybe I wouldn't have to remark on their ignorance if we stopped all this secrecy and educated them. Then I remember the Salem Witch Hunt and the warnings passed down through generations of my family. I remember what knowledge does to people. Maybe their ignorance isn't such a horrible thing after all.

    I hear my mother call to me and I know it's time. I'm a little nervous. I turned sixteen two months ago so this will be my first time participating in the ritual. I'll finally join my family as well as the other members of the coven and i'll help them do what's always been done at this time every year. We'll hold the veil in place with our power. I really do wonder how they would feel, knowing the only thing that protects their fun, harmless holiday of costumes and candy are us. The real witches.

    Entry #7: For Her Sake by @riki

    The first thing that Garret noticed as he entered the village was the smell of burnt human flesh. It didn’t take him long to find the source – bodies of those who were unfortunate not to escape in time were scattered all over the street. Some were blackened so badly that it was hard to identify them. A few were thrown against the walls while others were skewered on broken wooden poles. Looks of terror were on their faces as their deadened eyes looked up at the sky as if asking why God abandoned them in their time of need.

    The sight sickened the witch hunter. Some of the victims were women and children. Was one of them his sister? Did Elicea die in a horrible way? No, he mustn’t think about it. Right now, he needed to prepare himself. Garrett forced himself to look away and focused on the task at hand. He was going to find that wretched witch and avenge the villagers’ deaths especially his sister’s. As he walked among the destruction, he glanced around just in case of an ambush.

    Where there were once rows of houses were now nothing more than blackened wooden frames. The conflagration that swept through Beredin had died down though flames flickered here and there. Heavy smoke still lingered in the air as he searched for his prey. However, he had a hunch on where to find her – amidst the rubbles of the ruined church. It would be a perfect place for a witch to defile.

    Sure enough, his intuition was correct. When he came closer to the church, he heard a woman’s humming a children song. It made his skin crawl to hear such a jovial tune among the devastation. He stopped himself and muttered a prayer of protection. Taking a deep breath, he entered the damaged building. As soon as he entered the church, he immediately spotted the witch, who was kneeling in front of the altar as if she was praying. It was easy to identify her though. She had a thin, elongated body that even her black, velvet dress that hung loosely on her shoulders couldn’t hide the bones protruding from her pale skin. Her claw-like fingernails were now as long as her fingers and curved; they were polished black with red tips. Her brittle pale blond hair was in a stiff braid that stuck out like a gnarly tree branch.

    As Garrett approached her, dread crept inside him. There was something about the witch that bothered him. Something familiar… He was about to withdraw his sword when she suddenly stood up and turned around. His heart sank as soon as he saw her face. Like her body, her face was gaunt though smooth like a porcelain doll. Her cheeks were tear-stained in crimson red for witches cry blood, not tears. The sclera of her sunken eyes was now black while her irises were gold.

    Despite the transformation, Garrett recognized his sister from anywhere. Looking at her, he recalled how Anatte was hesitant before she told him that the witch had killed Elicea, but now he understood what she meant. Elicea wasn’t killed by the witch – she was the witch.

    As soon as she saw him, she tilted her head and gave him a ghoulish grin. “Welcome home, brother,” she greeted him in a warbling voice. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

    Entry #8: Night Cruiser by @Shobu_Yoruichi

    "How was the shrimp salad?" "It was average, better the previous year, don't you think, dear?" "Ha...jajajaja, i don't know Bruni, don't like shrimps, my mongolean beef is spicy as always, i'm loving it" "I'm only sticking to this restaurant because is the tradition to go out and eat here at Halloween" "Bruni, Bruni, my lovely dear, you're amazing to me, always doing what i want, and how i want, i love you" "Me too sweetie, this year, the restaurant had something that took my attention definetely" "You mean that aquarium at the entrance??" "You noticed, Siegfried??" "Brunilda, i'm always with my eye upon my treasures, and know everything about you" "You, indeed, surprise me, with your foolish words, but because i love you, let's finish this quickly before i get mad" "Okie dokie!".

    Siegfried ends his meal, both stand-up and walk towards the exit, when Brunilda stops to look straight to a golden fish in the aquarium that surprisingly, it was doing the same to her, floating immobile with the intention to not let a detail pass his eyes regarding the woman. When, in that moment, she approaches to the glass and puts her hand on it, the fish didn't move at all by this, but its eyes for sure it did, from the palm of the woman started to spur air bubbles in the aquarium, by every second, more bubbles were being produced, and the fish understood that it was in danger, it tried to move backwards uselessly, and from one second to the other, it was absorved by the bubble current, and the fish saw how it vision changed from the bubbles at the restaurant, to the bubbles in the blue sky... the black sky... the space with stars.

    The golden fish felt nothing but freezing cold, bubbles were no more, only stars to his gaze, that suddenly started to come against him like meteors, and was drawn to the bottom of the space, returning to the planet at great speed, entered the atmosphere, pointing his head to the depth, a particular Boeing 787-800 passed at his side, to only feel the crash that one of the meteors struck against it, destroying it, to finally piercing that blue depth that was the sea, just a little to feel the airplane parts crushing the surface and going below the fish drowning him even more to the depth... when his eyes could focus, it locked his view on auroras in Coral, purple Whales, scarlet schools of Shrimps, and rainbow-colored golden fishes dancing below.

    When touched the bottom of the sea, looked above, and saw the bubbles splitting their way showing Brunilda taking his hand away of the aquarium, "Witches don't want to be looked so much" she said, "I've enough with this foolish but lovely man", "Hurry dear!" said Siegfried, leaving with no looking back, the woman crossed the light to enter the night and the fish went to the upper part of the aquarium to look ceiling but seeking the black sky.

    Entry #9: A Witch's Love by @Barrier

    Walking down the ancient hallway, is a man in his early twenties, long black hair, muscular body and unstoppable! His footsteps echoed loudly but it did not matter since no monster of any would dare step into his presence. His friends describe him as benevolent, charming and magnanimous, but the same couldn’t be said for his enemies. What do they say? Nothing, dead men tell no tales!

    “It’s been a long journey together, Z” said the man. Suddenly a woman in her early twenties materialised next to the man. She was beautiful, but she did not seem real! “Yes, it has been X, and there will be more when adventures when the ritual is completed and get my material body” said Z. “Are you certain that you want to do this? If this ritual fails then you will die, I do not want to lose you too, Z” said the man sadly. “There is nothing free in this world, to obtain power and freedom there are certain price you have to pay, remember that” said Z.

    “Yes, I remember” said X with a sad look in his eyes, “157 years ago, a 15-year-old boy was powerless to stop his sister from being taken away and killed by those young masters, powerless to prevent his parents from committing suicide due to shame and grief, powerless to avenge his family and, beaten to near death and thrown away. When he lost his will to live, he met you, the powerful witch in her spiritual form, Z! You promised him power for revenge, his will to survive was greater than any, he grew in strength, but with revenge in mind he acted early and kidnapped the young masters. He tortured, killed and carved their crimes on their bodies before sending the corpses back to their respected family. The families grew enraged, they united, they sent out their warriors, assassins, merchants and bounty hunters to kill him. With every death experience I grew stronger and killed all who chased him. He did not stop there, Z warned him, but he did not listen, he went to their families and killed all of them, not even sparing women and children. The old monsters awoke from their meditation to stop the madness, but they were too late. They attacked him, they were too strong, he was certain to die but you took the attack for him and wiped them out, but it came at a cost and you disappeared. With revenge completed, he was ready to express his love to you but due to fate it was a step too late. He desperately tried to bring you back and it took him 50 years to do so, but alas only temporarily” lamented X.

    “Why are you bringing back bad memories from the past? When I get my body, you will soon forget these memories” said Z happily.

    “Ah, yes! It took me a lot of effort to get the information out of you for us to become different entities so if I am in danger you will be still alive. I got the ritual ingredients; a dragon egg, a vial of phoenix blood essence and a drop of my blood” explained X.

    “Focus X, put the ingredients in the cauldron and stand in the drawn transformation circle. Shut down your senses and relax” instructed Z. “OK” replied X.

    Z began chanting “tel eht lautir nigeb Ꚛ ti si niap ot tnahc eht slautir os ammi annog etirw ti sdrowkcab os ti thgim kool ekil rehtona egaugnal p:” Suddenly X shuddered and threw up a mouthful of blood. His face displayed pain, but not physical pain. “Why?” asked X looking at Z. “There is nothing free in this world X, to obtain power and freedom there are certain price to pay and this is the moment I have chosen for you to repay me. I want to come back and to do that I need your body.” replied Z calmly.

    X said smiled “Z, you should have asked me. I love…”. “Die” screamed Z. The body slumped to the ground lifelessly. A short moment later the body twitched and stood up unsteadily shortly after. “Haha…. Finally, I am back” laughed Z “Hm? Why does my chest fell heavy? Why does his tears still keep falling?”

    A powerful young man was fighting a white tiger, he was evenly matched, but he was ambushed by another one and struck on the back. He laid there twitching and was incapable of movement. “I am sorry mom, dad and little brother” said the young man quietly to himself. Suddenly, the two tigers collapsed and died. The young man relieved looked into the horizon and spotted his saviour, a young man in his twenties, scrawny look, long ragged hair, walking slowly towards him and was muttering something. Excited he sharpened his hearing to hear what the expert is saying. “X, where are you? Come back, don’t leave me alone, I am sorry” muttered the man. These words pierced into the young man’s soul, destroying it and killing him.

    Entry #10: I am no Witch by @Arjuna

    I am no witch

    Society gave me this name

    Why I should be one?Is it because I am a woman

    Is it my fault that I am helpless now

    I went to the pond and saw that little child

    That child was suffering from fever so I put my hands on his head

    But when he died they called me a "Witch"

    They forgot that he was sick but accused me

    They said I used black magic to kill that boy

    They bound me to a tree and threw stones at me

    "Aahh it hurts". Blood falls from my forehead and my pain got covered by shouts," kill the witch" "Burn her"

    They say I killed my husband but ignore the fact he was killed by robbers

    I can see my brother-in-law in the crowd instigating them

    Does he want my husband's property

    Someone brought a petrol can

    So they are gong to burn me

    I don't know why but fear has left me

    I began to think

    From times women has been branded a witch

    But I am not witch

    If there witches then it is you

    Who subdue women for material gains

    From Joan to me

    The situation haven't changed

    Someone was saying it was 21st century

    When I remember it I laugh

    Branding witches even now

    they live in dark ages

    Their heart are dark

    They are the black magicians

    Not us

    But one day women will rise

    They will tear this name

    And prove to the world that we are not witches

    Entry #11: Witches Rite by @MarmaladeSky

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