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Aug 23, 2015
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MangaHelpers Autumn Art Contest - Autumn Recipe

It's time for the yearly autumn art contest. This time, it's theme is autumn recipe. It's your task to photograph a dish/drink and post this with the recipe. The recipe doesn't have to be yours. What recipes just scream autumn for you?
The deadline is October 28th, 2021 (23.00 GMT) so make sure to enter before the deadline!

Category: Photography/Culinary
Theme: Autumn Recipe

What do I need to know before submission?
  • All members are welcome to join the contest. There is no minimum post or user status you need to have to participate.
  • Entries for the contest must be posted in this thread.
  • Each participant can only submit ONE ENTRY and it should be a new piece. So don’t try to be smart and enter a piece used in past contests.
  • Use MangaHelpers’ Media Gallery to upload your entries. Any problem with uploading, let us know.
  • Submissions not following the weeks theme will result in disqualification. If you have any question about the contest, you can ask it here.
  • Color corrections and native camera filters can be used, but no excessive manipulation in Photoshop and similar softwares.
  • No excessive, suggestive, spoiler, or porn-related imagery in the contest.
  • The food/drink has to be your own. But the recipe does not.
  • Submission is open until October 28th, at 23:00 (GMT)
How do I upload and submit my entry?
  1. Go to this gallery.
  2. Click the "Upload Image" button.
  3. After upload is completed, you'll be shown your uploaded image with an edit box for commentary/additional information. After adding necessary information you wish, click "Save Media" and you'll be brought to the sharing media page.
  4. Choose the "Share BB Code" and post within this thread; choosing this will save you having to select any additional codes you want to post here.
  5. For more information on how to use the media gallery and uploading, go HERE.

Post Format:
"Theme Name" - "Work Title" by "Artist Name"

(Large size thumbnail - upload image to image gallery.)


ExampleFemale - Sayuri by Leen


Voting Details:

  • Voting will commence after submission period is over, that is October 28th, 2021 at 23:00 (GMT).
  • Announcement of winners, next contest dates and theme will be done soon after the voting period is over.

Good Luck, Everyone!


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Feb 20, 2012
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MangaHelpers Autumn Art Contest - Autumn Recipe - Purple mood by Erin'

The color is 100% natural, no additional chemical or so, has been added

As you all know, I love purple and black colors, :arf I wanted to do that Halloween/fall theme soup, soup is so good to have in cold weather to warm up :zomg . So, the trick is to manage get a nice lavander to purple color, and it's and easy to mess, as purple carrots when cooked release a really dark purple color (almost blue/black) so the point is to balance with other white vegatables, I added a red carrot to make it less blue, but ideally its better to avoid any other color that doesnt belong to white/pink/purple sprectrum. The recipe is pretty free-style.
I did it yesterday late :arf and did too a pumpkin pie, I hesitated, ended up submitting this, as i found it more unusual. I had no cheese goat, but i might add the toasts later to complete it.
Credits recipe, pics & edits : me

Carrots I used, the ones that look orange are actually bright red.
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Feb 1, 2015
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MangaHelpers Art Contest - Autumn Recipe: Sir's Autumnal Caramel Apple Mule

The Recipe:

The Ingredients:
1.5 oz (45mL) Vodka
.5 oz (15mL) Caramel Sauce/Syrup
1 oz (30mL) Apple Cider
Ginger Beer, to top!

The Method:
Step 1: Put some Ice in both your Shaker and your Serving Glass/Mug.
Step 2: Measure out your Vodka, Caramel and Apple Cider, and add to a Shaker.
Step 3: Seal your shaker nice and tight, and then give it a good, solid shake for 15 to 20 seconds for a good mix.
Step 4: Strain your cocktail into your serving glass, and then top with Ginger Beer.
Step 4B: Add more Caramel Sauce and/or Apple Cider depending on your tastes.
Step 5: Garnish with an apple fan or slice.
Step 6: The most important part: ENJOY!

It's currently Spring down here in Australia but I wanted to feel included so here's my submission :XD I love autumnal colours like brown and orange, and while this ended up looking a bit more apple-y than I expected, I still think it's fitting! This was also a heap of fun to make and a very enjoyable drink! If you have a sweet tooth I'd recommend adding some more Caramel to it like I did :P Hope you like it and enjoy!


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Oct 2, 2016
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Carrot Cake for a cold day by MarmaladeSky

Carrot cake is one of those types that really fits the autumn season imo - not only the colours, but also the strong flavors is perfect for a cold day. Served with a cup of hot tea ofcourse!

While I love carrot cake, i'm not a particularly good baker. So the first time I attempted making this cake, it wasn't as good as I hoped to be haha. (Safe to say it was disgusting hahahaha).
The measurements are probably not the exact ones I used - especially in the spice department but I feel this recipe is rather forgiving as long as you get the basic "cake" ratio down.

Personally I didn't add nuts to the cake itself, but I feel like that could really be a great addition to it (after a very flat tasteless cake the first time, I wanted to play it safe).
You could add some more carrot, 175grams is more than you think but for some reason, it kind of vanished in the cake.

Background image.
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