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  • Ustegius & Unikonna

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  • Kiki & Erinyes

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  • revo & Farfalla

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  • Purity of Magi & MarmaladeSky

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Oct 2, 2016
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Mangahelpers Valentine Art Contest - Artwork of the Couple

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Entry #1

Valentine Art Contest - Beastial Love by @Ustegius & @Unikonna

- Drawn together with
- Minor editing and speed coloring in Clip Studio Paint

Valentine Art Contest- Badge - Celtic Love by @Kiki & Erin'

  • Original pic is this one
  • the design is one celtic knot, specifically the love knot, Its a design we can find for instance, in wedding rings.
Celtic Love Knot :
This design features interlaced knots and represents the love between two people. It is believed that the Celts exchanged these knots in much the same way as we exchange rings in the modern age. The Celtic Oval knot is one of the oldest and simplest designs.
The Celtic love knot resembles two interlocking hearts and usually sits within an oval shape.

Source : here

Valentine Art Contest: "Eight kinds of love according to Ancient Greeks" by @Farfalla and @revo

  • We came up with the idea of making various types of love/affection inspired by this image, then decided to be more specific and represent the eight types of love acording to the ancient greeks. We wanted to make it more cute and fun so we decided to use a cat-theme for it.
  • I drew the four kitties of the left column (Agape, Philauntia, Pragma & Mania).
  • Farf drew the other four kitties of the right column (Eros, Philia, Storge & Ludus), and she lined and cleaned all drawings on computer.
  • The phrases for each drawing were written by both of us.
Working with Farf was really great, she has always good ideas and is very helpful and creative. Learned and enjoyed a lot by making this. :kissbunny

Valentine Art Contest - ''The bickering yet lovey dovey witches things" by @Purity of Magi and @MarmaladeSky

  • The fanart comic is made by me in Paint Tool Sai.
  • The cute poem/text per frame is made by Marmalade.
  • Yesterday it was a bit of a brainstorming decision we had, like in what we wanted to submit in the end especially due to the fact that there was a new drawing that I have currently in progress which certainly does fit this theme also, however that one is still in make and was out of option. So we decided to go for this 'not quite new' 34 panel (graphic) comic of the best pairing that exist in the world, because they are simply the best. Fuck you Farfalla. Anyway, I want to give my huge thanks to Marmalade for accepting this idea, and also coming up with this very cute idea to add for each frame a text that fits for each panel to make it actually a whole piece together. I liked the idea personally and I must say that was a very nice way of thinking she had about this.
If there is something else you feel like to add in here Marma, you know where you can find the edit button. =3=

PS: You can finally free your parents from the closet. They have been sitting long enough there. -3-

PS: PS: As you can see Revo, your Argentinian betrayal towards her will not be forgotten!! Marma is already a part of me now. : )

- Insert evil marmalade editing -
I'd like to thank the Argentinian betrayal that made this piece possible~
It was a fun project to work on, working together really does make you work a little differently. But I think that's a fun challenge. Love Magi's artwork - had a good time putting this project together!

(I'd rather leave my parents in the closet, it's so quiet right now I kind of enjoy it)
(Also am I allowed in Permahell yet?)
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