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MangaHelpers Winter Art Contest: Stan Lee/MCU - Short Story
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Entry #1:

Heroes like us by Linali

It was a cold, snowy evening, on the day before Christmas Eve. Tommy was running as fast as he could, focused on nothing but his destination – the shop on the street corner. Two weeks ago he saw figurines of Marvel superheroes on one of the shelves and felt he has to have it. He's been walking the neighbor's ugly, disobedient dog ever since then to earn money to fulfil his little dream. He was so excited, he was barely noticing the world around him. Maybe that's why he tripped over the legs of a homeless woman, who was sitting on the pavement, her back against the wall. He murmured "sorry" and moved on to his destination.

Once he entered the shop, he went straight to the shelf with figurines. Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and many more - all of his admired heroes. With his heart pounding like crazy he reached for Spiderman.

"You like these, true believer?"

Tommy flinched and turned around. An old moustached man wearing sunglasses was standing behind him with a wide smile on his face.

"Y-yes... Yes, they're awesome!" answered Tommy. "They're strong and fast and help other people a lot...” the boy looked at figurines in awe, ”I wish I could be a superhero too".

"Then become one!” said the old man.

"How?” Tommy frowned, "I don't have any superpowers".

"And why would you need them?” old man chuckled. Seeing consternation on the boy's face, he squatted and put his hands on Tommy's arms. "Did you know, that shopkeeper lady over there has a disabled husband? She's been working hard and taking care of him for years. I've never heard a word of complaint from her. And this person -” he pointed at a redhead man, who just entered the shop. "He's a firefighter, he's saved countless lives. He never gives up, no matter how dangerous the situation seems to be".

The old man looked Tommy in the eyes and smiled. "You don't need a superpower to be a hero for someone else. Because the path of a superhero starts not in the mind, not in the muscles, but in the heart".

Tommy looked at his shoes with his brows knitted thinking intensely. Finally he raised his head.

"So what am I supposed to...", he stopped mid-sentence and blinked in surprise when he realized, that he was alone. He turned his head left and right, but the old man was nowhere to be seen.

Tommy sighed heavily - he already had an idea of what he should do. He looked on figurines wistfully for the last time and moved towards counter.

"Two sandwiches and a cup of tea please", he said.

She was right there, where he saw her last time - sitting on the pavement with her back leaned against the wall. Tommy came closer and carefully gave woman his buys. Her eyes opened wide in surprise, then filled with tears.

"Thank you", she whispered.

Tommy bowed his head, not able to say a word. He just turned around and went back home. He was moving faster and faster with every step and finally he started to run. Strange energy filling his body made him feel like he could fly. When he finally stopped, he was panting heavily, but he didn't feel tiredness. He smiled happily - it was a wonderful feeling. And nothing could stop it. Even though he has to walk the neighbor's ugly, disobedient dog for another two weeks, if he wants to buy a figurine.

But who said that the path of a superhero is easy?

Entry #2:

Birth of a Hero by Emperor Spriggan

Once upon a time, there was a man called Santa Claus. He wasn't too tall, nor too short. Red was his favorite color, and he always liked wearing red clothes. He had a white beard, and upon his back there was always a bag that was full of presents. You see, the thing that most people did not know about Santa Claus was that he wasn't like everyone else.

What made him special was that he had the power to grant wishes. He could read the minds of people, and learn what their greatest desire was. Acting upon that was what made him be able to grant their wishes so easily. Due to the kindness of his heart, he always found it important to respond to these wishes. That was why every year, during Christmas, he would always deliver presents to everyone around the world with a sleigh and the help of his two reindeers.

Despite all that, he was not completely happy. You would be wrong to think that someone who had such incredible abilities would be content with himself. He could answer the wishes of anyone, but he could never fulfill his own wishes. He always felt unhappy, but he could never find a way to make himself happy.

During Christmas Eve this year, he prepared himself to deliver presents as usual. He checked the time on his clock. It was one minute to midnight on the 24th, and he always made sure to start delivering presents at midnight. His bag of presents was ready, but his reindeer were nowhere to be seen.

He looked around, once, twice. He had his bag of presents ready, but his reindeers were missing. Strange. Now that he thought about it, he had not seen them at all that day.

Half an hour passed. The deer were nowhere to be seen. He waited impatiently, but the deer still didn't show up. The nagging feeling in his mind refused to go away. He grabbed his bag, and ventured out to start giving presents. Staying there idle was doing nothing to help him. He might as well keep himself busy.
There was one more ability that he had. Despite the fact that he wasn't fond of using it. Santa Claus had the power to move at extraordinary speed. The reason he did not particularly like this ability however, was that he would always end up feeling drained after using it. He always ended up needing time to recharge after using the ability. Currently however, he didn't really have any other choice.

Within 6 hours, his bag was almost empty. There was just one more destination, then it would all be over. He arrived at a house where the family had a sole kid. A stark contrast to most of the families he visited. They usually had two or more kids.

He took the designated presents out of his bag, prepared to dash into the house and leave it underneath the Christmas tree. Something unfortunate happened though. His speed was all over, so the dash he tried ended up being a slip.

Down, down he fell into the chimney. Until he crashed into the base, where he saw the Christmas tree. It was just as beautiful as the ones in the rest of the houses. Dusting himself off, he walked to the Christmas tree and placed the last of the presents for the family there. Just before he was about to leave through the chimney again, he heard someone call out to him.

Someone had spotted him.
Hesitantly, he turned back. The eyes of a child stared back at him. This was the first time anyone had ever seen him. SantaMan was unsure what to make of that.
"Are you Santa Claus?" The young boy asked innocently.
Well, what else could he have asked? Santa Claus was a story that everyone around the world was aware about. The yearly delivery of presents made everyone believe in him more. The fact that no one had ever seen him in person did nothing to diminish people's faith in him.
He was hesitant to answer at first, but eventually decided against it.
"Yes, yes I am."
The kid smiled. It was a bright smile, and it made Santa Claus feel something warm in his chest. That was the first time he had seen anyone smile at his presence. He had never really stuck around after delivering his presents, so this was a first for him.

"Thank you. Christmas is the day I look forward to the most every year. Your presents usually make my whole family happy. To us you're a hero."
The words took him completely by surprise. The warm feeling in his chest only grew , and he felt himself smile back at the kid. After he left the house that night, he came to a realization.
"A hero eh? That's a new one. I've been called many things in my time but never that. I guess that makes me SantaMan."
The boy continued to smile at him and proceeded to shock Santa Claus even more.
"Well I think you're more than that. You make everyone happy. I think you're a super hero."

Santa could no longer contain the feeling. He let loose a booming laugh.
"HO HO HO! You have made me very happy my boy. What's your name?"
"My name is Stan." the boy replied.
Santa took a candy cane from his pocket and handed it to Stan.
"Off you go back to bed my boy. And remember not to tell anyone you saw me. It'll be our secret."

What made him happy, was seeing other people happy. Making them happy, and contributing to that happiness. Maybe that's what being a hero was about. And just like that, the answer to a question he had been asking himself this whole time was answered.
"Me a superhero? What a concept." he said to himself, smiling at the memory of the boy.
Ever since that day, Christmas became something he also looked forward to yearly.
As to where the deers were? They had decided to go on strike that day. They had realized their master was unhappy, so they wanted him to realize what was really important to him. SantaMan made sure to punish them accordingly when he got back by not feeding them their favorite brand of grass that day.

Entry #3:

When I was a hero by Organizized

At six years old, I climbed the outer wall of our house. My mission: to swing from our roof to the neighbours’ across the street. My father tried to coax me down - I could not see him due to the homemade mask obscuring my vision, but I heard him shouting from below.

  “Those superheroes aren’t real, Johnny!” he yelled, desperation in his voice. “They’re just made-up characters in silly stories! Come down from there right now or you’ll fall and break your legs!”
  “A fall like this wouldn’t hurt Spider-Man, dad!” I shouted back - quite heroically, I thought. “And anyway, I won’t fall, I’m gonna swing across to the Anderson house!”

  My dad continued yelling, and I could hear him saying something about fetching a ladder. I knew I would have to take the leap soon or he would drag me down by force. I braced myself, took a deep breath, held out my hands and prepared to run…
  “How are you gonna swing, genius?” a voice called; not a frightened or frantic voice, not my father. The sarcastic pubertal tones of my teenage brother, Michael. “You don’t have any web-shooters, Einstein. And Spider-Man might not get hurt from a fall like this, but last time I checked you were never bitten by a radioactive spider.”
  I stopped. He had a point. I had only read my brother’s comics in a rush when he wasn’t around - since he had forbidden me - and I mighthave skimmed through the details.
  In the end, I waited for my dad to get me down via the ladder. My parents scolded me to no end, and I was strictly forbidden to read any sort of comics for two weeks.

  It took me six months to find a spider which finally bit me. It took another three months after that for my broken arm and leg to heal.
  You’d think that was the last time I convinced myself I had superpowers. It was not.

  When I was eight, I got so incredibly angry at my sister that I painted myself green with watercolors and, screaming, jumped through her window. Her closed window.

  When I was ten, a kid in my class lost all her hair in a disease. Her first day back at school, she was treated as an outsider. A few days later, one of my brother’s comic books - with a bald superpowered mutant on the cover - mysteriously disappeared. Michael tugged my hair until tussles of it came off, but I saw my classmate smile for the first time in weeks as she read.
  (Later that day, I strapped three kitchen knives to each hand because I also wanted to be a mutant, but ended up stabbing myself in the ribs. So it goes.)

  At twelve, I got in a fight with a high schooler, standing up for my bullied friend. Before the fight, I covered my eyes with a scarf, convinced I could beat him with my other senses heightened. I walked away with three lost teeth, a nose which would not stop bleeding and a reputation for being “friggin’ crazy”, but thanks to that no older kids messed with me or my friend again.

  Then, on my thirteenth birthday, my brother decided he had grown out of his comic book collection. Needless to say, it was the best gift ever.
  After that, I never stupidly hurt myself again. I didn’t have time. I only read.
  And read.
  And as I read, I knew my father had been wrong. Because yes, these were made-up characters. But they were real. With real issues; real insecurities; real emotions - real enough to make a kid believe he is a superhero for identifying with the anger, the sadness, or the need to prove oneself which he found in within the pages of a ‘silly story’.

  Every scar on my body is a reminder of something I’ve learned. When I learned I need to control my anger or someone will get hurt. Or that looking different is not something to be feared or looked down upon. When I found the courage to stand up for myself and for others.
  A reminder of the all the times when - just for a second - I was a hero.

Entry #4:

A New Face by Barrier

A lean muscular lazy looking young man, with a sword strapped on his back, stood motionless staring into the space in front of him. He suddenly asks “Where am I?”

Agent Law, you are currently in the Universe -WAL-107-HEX, or the MCU universe according to some. A female’s voice sounded from the young man’s earpiece.

“Where exactly am I? Where is my target?” asked Law in annoyance.

You have been transported outside the solar system. Your first destination is the planet Earth, where the target was last located.

“Dammit, so you don’t know where the target is currently? The power surge occurred a week ago, now he could be anywhere by using the space stone” said Law in frustration while massaging his forehead.

Agent Law, it is recommended to visit the earth and gather information about this power and take action.

“Yeah, off to earth it is” said the young man as he started walking lazily. However, this wasn’t normal walking, as he walked the space started to wrap around him and after a couple of steps, a large piece of spherical rock appeared in front of the young man and that was Pluto. He took another step and Uranus was next to him. After couple more steps, a blue planet appeared in front of him.

“This is Earth? Sky, show me the exact location where the target was last seen” said Law into the earpiece.


Information flood into Law’s mind. His figure flashed and the next moment he was standing in a barren land. There were dead creatures laid along the ground, dead.

“There was a war here?” wondered Law.

From the evidence seen, there was a battle between these creatures and some other species a week ago. What’s interesting I find is that the creatures aren’t killed in a similar way. Some are killed using overwhelming force of the physical body, some by lightning, some by pieces of wood as seen by the shrapnel’s, and some by small metals projected at high velocity. The enemies of these creatures doesn’t seem like the work of one species, but a variety of them working together.

“Interesting, since they are the victors, they will know what happened here. Track them down” said Law happily.

On it.

Several seconds later.

I have found half of them. They are flocked together in one place. The other half I cannot find. Probably dead.

“Let’s go”

In a building several people were present together, but the atmosphere was gloomy. Suddenly, a youth appeared in the centre of the room. Panic filled the room, and suddenly a muscular man with a beard threw an axe with a wooden handle to the intruder.

However, the result wasn’t what anyone was expecting. The youth blocked the axe with one finger and smiled “Weak”.

“Quickly call Captain Marvel” said the guy with the shield with a star symbol on it.

After that, several figures surrounded the youth.

“Who are you?” asked the person with the shield.

“My name is Law. I am an agent send from another universe to eliminate the being that used some kind of power source to reduce the mortal life in this universe by half” said Law calmly.

The room was stunned into silence.

“Another universe?”

“Isn’t he talking about Thanos?”

“Thanos? Is he the one?” asked Law.

Everyone nodded.

“What about the power?” asked Law.

“Infinity stones”

“Infinity stones? What are they?” asked Law confusingly.

“Even I missed the show. Its easier if we show you” said a tiny man. Suddenly, he grew bigger and approached the young man with a round object. Written on it was: Avengers Infinity War Blu Ray.

After two hours and forty minutes later.

“Whoa” wondered Law aloud.

“Same reaction as me” said Ant Man.

“How come Starlord did what he did? How come Thor’s puny axe overpower all 6 infinity stones?” Law started questioning Ant Man.


“Sky how come no information on infinity stones are mentioned in the mission even though it is the strongest power in the universe?” asked Law seriously.

Probably because the guardian of this universe is lazier than you, and never updates the information.

“That idiot” facepalmed Law.

“Are we on the same side?” asked Captain America.

“Yeah seems like it” said Law.

Everyone smiled.

Suddenly, Law looked up and started gawking. From the sky came a figure of a beautiful blonde-haired women dressed in red and blue came down.

“Captain Marvel” shouted another woman.

Law’s figure flashed.

“Watch out” shouted Thor.

Before Carol could react, Law approached her and took her hands and cuffed her.

“Mam you are under arrest, because its illegal to be this beautiful” said Law cheesily.


Thump! Crash!

“Who is this man?” asked Carol after kicking the youth away.

Law summersaulted and landed elegantly and said stylishly “Captain, care for drinks?”

“Yeah I am up for it” said Captain America cheerfully.


“…..” Law

“……” Everyone else

“Cheer up everyone. We got another member into our team. Let’s celebrate with ordering takeaway” said Ant Man. Captain Marvel was filled in with specifics of the youth’s arrival.

“Take away?” wondered Law.

Half an hour later

“I want Pizza”

“Chicken wings”


“Peri Peri Chicken – Extra Hot” said Law

“You are going to regret it” said Ant Man.

Food arrived, and everyone ate and then went to sleep.

Next morning.

Agent Law, I have tracked down Thanos.

“How?” asked Law waking from sleep.

Moments later.

“Everyone, wake up! I know where Thanos is” shouted Law.


“How did you find out?” asked Captain Marvel.

“Hehe… since Captain Marvel asked, I will be obliged to tell you” said Law delightedly. “In the end of the move we can see that Thanos has completed his objective and is living in his retirement house. For us to see that, someone had to shoot that place. I went through the credits scene and found where they shot that place”.

Stealing my credit.


“We can finally have out revenge”

“Maybe we will be able to reverse the effect by using the stones ourselves”

“So who is ready to go and kick some ass?” asked Law.


“So everyone?” laughed Law.


A huge crack in the space ripped open and consumed everyone in the room.

In an open field, several ruffled-up figures appeared.

“I haven’t brushed my teeth”

“I feel like throwing up”

“Hahaha….” Laughed Law.

“WHO IS THERE?” a big purple skinned man landed in front of the figures. He was wearing golden armour and, on his left arm contained the gauntlet in perfect shape with all 6 infinity stones embedded into them.

“Thanos” everyone sucked in a breath of air.

“His Gauntlet is perfectly fine” shocking Thor.

“How did you insects get in here? And yes, using time stone I was able to reverse the damage” said Thanos.

“Hello Mr. Thanos. I am Agent Law and I have come to confiscate the stones from you and restore all the lives you have destroyed” said Law.

“Is that so?” smirked Thanos. Simultaneously, he threw a punch with his left arm containing all powers of the stones. A beam of light reached in front of the group, no one had time to react except the youth.

“Hmph..” smirked Law in return and blocked with one finger.

“What?” said Thanos frightened.

“You are strong kid, I will have to use the power again to make you disappear” roared Thanos angrily.


“NOOOO….!” Screamed Thor.

“I don’t feel so good” said Law.

“Law….” worry appeared on Captain Marvel’s face and others.

I have concluded that due to huge intake of spicy peri peri chicken and also due to the fact that you did not visit the bathroom that you are experiencing excretion.

“Damn, Ant Man was right” said Law regretfully with a red face.

“Lets finish this” said Law.

Law took out the sword from his back and swing it casually.

World Break - Nothingness

The strike reached Thanos, suddenly Thanos and everything on him started disintegrating.

“So, this is the end. However, I am the victor in the end. The infinity stones are disintegrating as well. There is no way you will be able to revive the living” said Thanos.

Everyone’s expression changed from shock to surprise and then fear.

Congratulations Agent Law, mission completed.

“So that’s it everyone. I have to leave now” said Law and disappeared.

Everyone was teleported to the initial building, but Law was nowhere to be seen.

“So Thanos is defeated but we cannot revive anyone because the infinity stones are destroyed as well” said Captain America sadly.

“I guess we have to continue our lives like this”

“Yeah, the others will be proud that we were able to eliminate the evil and the source, so the future will be safe” said others.

“YES” smiled everyone.

Outside the MCU, Law stood looking deep into the space. He could see how the heroes finally laughed and smiled.

“Sky, the mission is completed. Now we can proceed on and resurrect the living beings killed by the stones. Inform the HQ” said Law happily.

Already done. Now we have enough mortals to power up our home.

“Sky I was thinking. Seeing Captain Marvel made by blood boil and made me feel like a young man again. Why don’t we go on a date?” asked Law cheekily.

Hmph, not happening. Why don’t you go with that marvellous women of yours?

“Oh, come on wifey” moaned Law.
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