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MH Senpai
MH中毒 / MH Chuudoku / MH Addicted
May 17, 2009
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United Kingdom
Well considering Team GB's last performance against South Korea (before extra time) I'm not suprised that the failure to go through via penalties occurred. They should've bagged the game well before the 70th minute but stupid mis-timed passes and one man runs straight to the box cost them dearly. It was a good effort nonetheless. To be honest both goal keepers were very poor in the penalty shootout. Lack of experience is one way of putting it but if you find it difficult just to stay in the middle of your goal and keep your balance before the player approachs for a penalty kick you are doomed from the start! Oh and Sturridge's penalty was pathetic. He put power in it but the way he took it was as if he gave up after placing the ball on the spot.

On to the semi-finals!

- South Korea v Brazil
- Mexico v Japan.

I think the Mexican semi final match against Japan will be very entertaining to watch. I think there'll be some good end to end play in this one. As for the S. Korea v Brazil's obvious that it'll be a one sided game but it would be nice if Korea actually suprise the everyone with their tactics and go for it!

South Korea and Japan final anyone? :derp