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MangaHelpers Art Contest #05-06: Beach Shory Story

It's time to write your own short story for this round of the art contest. This time the theme is Beach! Every once in a while, most of us go to the beach to have fun and simply relax. Channel those experience into a story and share with us!​

Category: Short Story
Theme: Beach

Source: wallpaper-gallery

What do I need to know before submission?
  • All members are welcome to join the contest. There is no minimum post or user status you need to have to participate.
  • Entries for the contest must be posted in this thread.
  • Each participant can only submit ONE ENTRY and it should be a new piece. So don’t try to be smart and enter a piece used in past contests.
  • Submissions not following the weeks theme will result in disqualification. If you have any question about the contest, you can ask it here.
  • Maximum text length is 50 lines or 3000 characters (with space). Be mindful that this is a short story.
  • No excessive, suggestive, spoiler, or porn-related imagery in the contest.
  • No plagiarizing is allowed.
  • Submission is open until March 13th, 2017, at 23:00 (GMT)

How do I upload and submit my entry?
  1. Post your full text here in this thread.
  2. Choose a title for your entry, and post it in the format specified below.

Post Format:
"Theme Name" - "Work Title" by "Artist Name"

"Full text here"



Voting Details:

  • Voting will commence after submission period is over, that is March 13th, 2017 at 23:00 (GMT).
  • Announcement of winners, next contest dates and theme will be done soon after the voting period is over.
Good Luck, Everyone!


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"Tiny Little Rocks" by Organizized

  I've always hated the seaside.
  No, that's a lie, isn't it? In truth, it is a loathing which has grown like a tidal wave, gradually getting larger and more forceful as it crashes toward the shore. Has it really been just three years?

  We used to go together, the two of us. To the beach. Even then, I never really saw the appeal of it all. As she marvelled about the softness of the sand, I remember just quoting a film I liked.
  “‘Sand is overrated. It’s just tiny little rocks’,” I paraphrased, in what I hoped was a cynical enough tone of voice to bring out the cute wrinkles around her eyes which only showed when she got annoyed enough.
  “All I’m asking is that you feel it," she said. "Grab a fistful and let it slip through your fingers.” She did so herself as she spoke. “This is ridiculous, it’s like friggin’ silk or something!”
  “I’d rather feel something else,” I said, making sure she caught me looking down her blouse as she leaned forward.
  And there were the wrinkles.
  “You’re a pig,” she said, with as much half-hearted contempt as she could put into three short words.
  And I was.
  "You're always so baffled when you drag me out to go all wildlife and I’m not ga-ga about it,” I said while stomping a white shell to pieces with the heel of my shoe, unthinking. "Every time."
  “Well…” she began, “I figure if there wasn’t a small part of you that liked it, you wouldn’t keep coming along. I’m trying to appeal to that small part!”
  “Then save yourself the trouble," I said, "and just give up. I don’t have any small parts."
  “Well, actually…” she teased, glancing downward.
  “Oh, shut up,” I snapped, grabbing a fistful of sand and dropping it into her hair. “You’re right. It really does feel soft!” I mused, watching as she tried to shake the sand from her hair, cursing and punching me all the while, until finally running into the sea to get it all out. Naked.
  Yeah, I was a pig.

  If I had known then, could I have been less of a jerk? Could I have breathed that salty breeze with a smile on my face, making an honest effort to enjoy it?

  But I couldn’t have known. No one saw it coming. It’s been three years, and I still go over it in my head every night. What I could’ve done to prevent it. I could’ve stopped her going. Just pulled her to me and held her close until the boat left without her. But even I am not such a jerk to deny a mother her first time away in a year.
  She didn't ask me to come, then. She’d go alone for one week.
  And then she was gone, and only the stormy sea itself knows her final resting place.

  Today, as I stand on the beach, the feel of the wind on my face makes me dizzy. The sand against the soles of my feet feels like it’s trying to pull me under and bury me forever.
  Three years later, and I’m still being dragged to the beach.
  “Daddy, feel it!” he cries in delight. “So soft!”
  I run the sand through my fingers, and he looks at me, expectant.
  I smile.
  And the waves slowly roll back out to sea.

* * * * *​

The film quoted in the story is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The title is taken from this quote. Everything else is from myself, written today.

Also, man, 3000 characters is not at lot to work with. Had to revise the text a lot.


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Beach Short Story - Encounter by WithYouInSpirit

I’ll never forget that day. The day on the beach.

It was a day just like any other. Our family were kneeling before the Idol of Yúcahu for our daily appeasement of the God of the Sea and Crops. The sun would have been rising in the East over our home and the Empire of the Aztecs with their mighty stone cities I had heard so much about.

This hour of silence was reserved for the Gods. During this time, we their faithful followers, were forbidden from opening our eyes. For to lay your eyes upon a God was to sacrifice your own sight for the privilege. However, on this day, the Gods were merciful. Merciful for one last time.

“Fellows, Tainos. Listen to me! Sails have been spotted on the horizon. Come quickly!”

Most of us ignored him at first. This poor fool who wished to lose his own eyes. After some time, my wife Inamoca asked that I go see what the fuss was about. I smiled. Of course I was the only person that would dare to disrupt the holy hour. I had my own pact with the Gods. I carefully made my way out onto the street and was drawn to the panicked voice of the shouting man. It was his cries that I used to get myself down to the beach. His name was Maniquatex and he was a fisherman for the Village Elder who should have been dutifully praying. But what had happened to the God’s sacrifice? Where were they on this day?

“Look. Look at them! Sails emblazoned with strange and foreign depictions. They come to destroy us. Take what you can and leave this place. Run for the Aztecs. They can protect us!”

However, instead of running, the people of Haiti stared in fixated wonder at the ships approaching from the East. I could not see them myself, but I could feel the stones of the beach beneath my feet grow colder, as if the Gods were still there. Silently urging me away from that place.

“The true people of the Sun have come”.

“Is this what the Gods have sent us?”.

“Get the children”.

Our people continued to gain excitement as they shared the view of that which drew ever closer to our shores. Maniquatex had stopped shouting and now grew quiet. At that point I listened to the shifting of the stones again as he silently slipped away, never to be heard of again for many years. We should have followed him. I should have followed him, as best I could. But I couldn’t. I bore my own sin that tied me to this place, and so I stayed with the others. Light, excited voices told me that the children had now joined us just in time for the ships flying the strange markings to drop anchor not far from where we stood.

I didn’t know what was going on. The water splashed as the newcomers from the ship approached us through the shallows. They spoke in a harsh, foreign tongue and when none of us were capable of responding, they brought forth one of our own who had been tied up on board the ship with them.

This fellow Haitian conveyed to us the messages of these newcomers:

“…rightful territory of the Empire”.

“We will take your women for entertainment. Your children for conversion. The men will work for us”.

“Any rebels will be shot”.

They were armed with frightening devices. I could feel them as their cold steel barrels pressed against my bare back. The island was not ours anymore. Women were raped, my own wife included. My children were sent to the ships where they were returned to their nation far to the East. The villages of our island burned and our Idols smashed into the earth. Our entire way of life was dead.

I will never forget that day. The day on the beach.

Perhaps I could have done something if I were able. But alas, I was blind.
I wasn't sure about this idea of mine, but it's something I haven't seen done here before so I decided to go through with the unconventional story telling style. Thanks for reading :amuse
This entry was Proofread by @Vandred . Thanks for the feedback :D
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Beach - "Hatchlings" by riki
Got inspiration from watching a lot of nature shows. And by golly, I actually didn't have to submit a snippet this time. :XD
I must have fallen fast asleep watching television because I soon felt someone roughly shaking my shoulder. Groaning, I pretended to ignore it and turn away to continue to sleep. Nevertheless, the shaking still persisted. “Wake up, Kylie!” my mother coaxed. “The turtles are leaving!”

At once, my eyes sprung opened as I sat up on my bed. From the pale moonlight coming from the window, I could see my mother crouching over me. Her eyes were lit with excitement. “Come on! You don’t need to get dressed; just put on a pair of shoes and a jacket,” she told me. “I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

Nodding, I grabbed a pair of sneakers and hurried down the stairs. My parents and six years old sister, McKenna, were already waiting for me at the door. My mother draped a blanket over her arm while my sister carried the lantern. My father had a tall thermos, which was most likely filled with hot chocolate, in his hand. “Everyone’s ready?” my father asked. We nodded. “Let’s go!”

We walked toward the beach without speaking a word. The only sounds I heard was the wave crashing the shores and the distant din of the cars driving by. I mused to myself how the people driving by didn’t know that a phenomenon was happening nearby. If they did, they would probably stop their cars to see the show. The cool breeze, which smelled like the salt water, caused me to shiver. Crossing my arms, I wished that I had brought a warmer coat. My mother must have noticed because she wrapped the blanket over my shoulder. I gave her a grateful smile.

By the time we arrived at the beach, the moon was high up in the sky, and a handful of people were already there. Most were marine biologists; their equipment pinged as they recorded the action. The rest were like us. However, they all came for the same reason – to see the turtle hatchlings head toward the sea. We gathered on the rocks above the beach, which was restricted to prevent any harm to the baby turtles, and looked at the sight below.

“Look, mommy! The sea turtles!” McKenna squealed, clapping her hands with delight. Hundreds of baby turtles scurried toward the ocean, which seemed to beckon them with the waves. Gritty sands covered their leathery shells like sprinkles. Their flippers dragged them forward, leaving ripples in the sands. As soon as they reached the edge of the shore, the water snatched them with open arms and swept them away from the land.

The whole time, my family and I watched in awe silence as we sipped our hot chocolate and huddled around each other under the blanket. We rooted for the baby turtles, urging them onward, and grimacing at their struggles. After an hour or so, most of the hatchlings had reached the safety of the water so my father announced, “Show’s over. Let’s head home.”

My sister and I started to protest, but we knew it was no use. It was getting late, and we had trouble stifling our yawns. After we gathered our belongings, we started to walk home. As we headed off, I had one last look. It was hard to imagine that the nearly empty beach was once home to these extraordinary creatures. Looking toward the sea, I could only wish the hatchlings good luck in their journey before I went on my way.


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"Concrete sign" by Hecatoncheir

Four legs on the left, four legs on the right make a flee.
If you want to catch them, blind them with flashlight and be stealthy.
Push them hard against the rock with index and middle finger to trap. With ring one and the thumb grab them by the edges of coarse square back. Release pushing fingers and keep them high, because you don't want to lose fingers. Turn the prey around and you'll see a downward half circle on the belly. They had eyes that looked nowhere but that circle gave it a face of a saddest, unhappiest creature i ever met, every time i turn them around.

Giltheads and octopuses need their meat alive and an errand girl with smallest hands was catching the bait.
Next to a big concrete sign with an upside down anchor, that makes the big ships to never come visit us, i held my bucket.
I had nine summers behind me when my father placed a hook inside their sad smile.
Their legs were dancing for life. I was hurt by their death.

So i'll make them a good home under a pine tree. Deep bucket, high stone to breathe and mussels for everyday.
I would lean on the big concrete sign that repels the big ships away and i'd spend days like that. These days were lonely.
I liked to think they like me before they go, because i liked each one of them.

New one would replace an old one. Bigger ones would replace the small ones.
The ones i wanted had dangerous nippers, so they were a secret. I started hunting the ones twice bigger than my hand,
all alone when deep dark night. I knew every of hundred holes in the coast rocks but I did stunts over the ones
where my most wanted live. They were so unnecessary big for the fish hunts.

They hide from me under the highstone when they sense my shadow. I'd lean on the concrete sign.
They make bubbles. They make bubbles non-stop. It's all they ever do. They bubbled to death and i was bored to death.
That sad face is all they give me. I was the one choosing which ones are to die. I didn't choose the nameless ones anymore.

I taught them how to float. You can do that by giving them more sea so they have less air..
They are even shining now because i bathe them in sunscreen factor 15. I know how to make the bubbles stop.
Leave the nippers, you have a fight to death... Once.. there was a big,, who didn't hid. He stood on the stone, looking at me!

Well, well... under three months of rule i haven't seen any so much deserving of the full penalty of law..!!
The alpha crab of an island empire, but your island is two stones and a bucket! You're no Sebastian under the Sea!
I'll take you hands away so you can't cut mine. I'll use a knife, but for you legs i don't need it! I pull out it's left leg,
it runs to the right, i pulled all the legs out on the right and it ran to the left.

Your last leg drags you for the concrete sign, but now you're not going anywhere, now you can just wait,
because you're nothing but a square.. Zero legs on the left, zero legs on the right.. make no flee.
Sorry for my vice, but i have just begun..

Sigmund Freud analyse this.
"make a flee" is grammatically wrong but i wanted it because it's one of my first english words learned. "penalty of law" is Pink floyd. I borrowed cos i was the mood. True story.
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I can hear them again, those guys dancing on the beachside. I've always wondered why they do that; "I have told you, Francis.", "Dad! you're awake!".
"Yes, i am. You know that i can't sleep when the Corroboree plays". "Yes, i do. May i try to see it? I'm older now!" "You can, but if you touch by any chance the Stonefish shoal, dreamtime is over for me" "What does that mean?" "Later for that! Try to sleep, and think in the eternal while you try" "Wut?... ok, good night Dad."

It hurts... but pleases me; the Stonefish's venom has become part of my life and i became part of this beach when the Stonefish accepted me, when loiter here became normal, when i saw the those guys yelling at the sand and the foam circling the fire in the afternoon. It was comfortable yet weird, like time stopped. Could Dad meant that by "eternal"? For sure, it feels like home this beach, it feels like i cannot die here, whilst time stops for me.

"Juju ... Kobbakobba". "What?" Night has fallen, i'm a little farther of the limit of the coast and the sea, no one should scream around here? "Fire on the coast? What a great fire!..." "Juju ... JUJU...KOBBAKOBBA" "THIS!... THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!" The entire beachside full of fishes, wood and fruits of all kind on fire, surrounded by the aborigines dancing and yelling those words. "STOP!" I screamed, while i ran through the rocks to reach their place. I fell and twisted my ankle, the shoal of Stonefish was there... to stop me!? "GET OF...!!" In vain my words came out my mouth, my body was full of stings, then, Pain crossed Time; undescriptable, inenarrable, incalificable, beyond my mind, the pain... why did i tried to stop the fire? Was my first thought when i awoke.

"I can hear..." "Francis!! You must take the children this year to the carnival" "Yes, Louise, i know. Dewey, Hal, let's go!" "Yahoo, daddy!! We want burgers!" "What? But you always asked me for fish soup!" "We don't want that thing again, we're tired" "Reese just bought us one the other time, it was delicious." "Ok, i gotta see what can i do, ok?" So crowded here! "Malcolm!!" "Guys, come with me, my dad will lauch the firework" "Dad, can we go with Mal to see them! PLEASE!!!" "Ok boys, but remember that if you don't look after each oth..." "DREAMTIME'S OVER". Running through the posts... Kobbakobba..."What? Impossible"... got to check the beachside.
Full of stars, a mild sea, and a peaceful beach stood at my eyes that night, yet the wounds stopped me once again, since that night i have not been able to return to this beach nor hear anything. A few steps further, touching water, my foot touched a sting, and a thought crossed my fearful mind that night.

"Eternal fear is what my Dad probably meant, the pain taught me that..." a explosion! A firework...
"Boys, we shall return now!" "Haa!! Already!?" "Oh yes! I got poisoned again, need some heat on my wound" "How did you poisoned, Dad?" "Finding my Dreamtime..." "What it is!!??" "Stonefish but worst is Mom's and i'm sure you won't like to see hers"
"Sure on that!! Daddy".

Credits: "Malcolm in the middle" for the names xD.


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I used to like go to the beach with my family we were all going to the beach in a little beach house who grow up with time, not in size but in quality.
And the years passed and I wished to live in the books going to the beach was boring, without the influence of my family I would just be watching TV all the vacations.
And when "that" time comes and you HAVE to do it, did I say we were several by rooms ? Of course I just didn't sleep and waited they leave to do it.
Recently we're going to go but I'm so sleepy. Even If that was bad I wish going back because I now regret that past.


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The Really Short Story Of The Boy Who Didn't Have Any Talent ,Especially In Stories

Oh Dear~ It's already 10AM and I just woke up from another of these dreams, theses dreams so deep that they engulf you like the sand as you try to escape.
But this one was different.
Let me tell you what happened...
I wasn't really in a good shape,so I decided to go at the beach , alone, as always, because I left everyone to live my life as freely as I could.
But that loneliness was deep, deep carved in my heart , enough to make me want to slide as the sand in my hands, and fade away, not being found by anyone , not being searched by anyone.
As I began to sleep, I recalled some old memories..
I could see children playing happily with the sand, making castles to defend against the ocean.I was smiling for the first time since ages !
A moment later,I saw myself amongst the children.There was some old friends trying to get on the inflatable boat, Carl and Victoria were the first ones to be on board! It made them the captains of the boat, but Carl had no sense of he didn't put a weight to immobilize the boat.
Luckily, Melvin reached the boat before they could go .But not me.
As I saw them going farther and farther, the night was approaching, and within the five minutes, I would have as the only light the white crescent moon ,shining alone in this pitch-black night.
Alone, in the dark, I could feel the cold sand under my foot,the littles wawes refreshing my body.Silent, I was doing nothing but drawing forms in the sand...
When I finished my work, I read what I wrote loud a clear : "WAKE UP"
I opened my eyes and saw a face.
This face seemed familiar to me, really familiar..
It was Victoria, smiling ,and sweating from the hot weather..
She kisses me before helping me to get up.She explains I slept too much on the hot sand,and the sun wouldn't wake me up!
Right after, I bought her a triple-ball icecream to apologize for the hindrance : Melvin, Carl and Bradley were waiting for us to play a volleyball match..

At the end,you are never truly alone, no matters what happens, not matter who you are, especially a boy who can't even write a short story.

Inspired from my real life, my unreal dreams and the special mind in my normal body.
Non-talented writers have to use credits?
And who decided that?
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