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Voting MH Art Contest Week #13-14 - Innocence Poem

Discussion in 'Art Contest Archive' started by DiMaria Yesta, May 8, 2017.


Week #13-14 - Innocence Poem

The results of this poll are hidden until the poll closes on May 15, 2017.
Poll closed May 15, 2017.
  1. riki

    8 vote(s)
  2. Lovemagi

    3 vote(s)
  3. TSPanda

    8 vote(s)
  4. Asia Run

    5 vote(s)
  5. Belserion

    7 vote(s)
  6. Debonair Raven

    5 vote(s)
  7. Shobu_Yoruichi

    2 vote(s)
  8. Lord Maple

    1 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. DiMaria Yesta

    DiMaria Yesta Semi-hiatus

    有名人 / Yuumeijin / Celebrity


    Aug 23, 2015
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    MangaHelpers Art Contest Week #13-14 - Innocence Poem
    Voting Details:

    • Voting will automatically close on May 14th at 23.00 PM GMT
    • You may only vote once and for up to TWO of the submissions.
    • Announcement of winners will be done soon after voting closes.

    If you have any questions regarding voting, they can be addressed HERE.

    Entry no.1: "No Longer Innocent" by riki

    I used to be an innocent girl
    and believed in the good in people.
    But now I know the truth
    after I encountered you.

    I'm no longer that foolish girl
    who believes in true love.
    Your deceptive tongue and empty promises
    have taught me that so very long ago.

    I'm no longer that guillible girl
    who believes in every one of your lies.
    Now I am wary of everyone I meet
    and question their every moves.

    For I'm no longer that innocent girl
    because you took that away from me...
    but then I was stupid enough
    to let you into my life.

    And I have regretted it every since.

    Entry no.2: "We are the same" by Lovemagi

    The sounds of the Sea
    Gallow in her soul
    That cold small body
    So strong, yet fragile

    Standing near the water
    Thinking about the future
    with occasionally
    A glimpse of the past

    The soft breeze
    Going through her body
    As a lone turtle in the field
    independent, yet lonely

    A little innocent animal by the water
    Looking straight at her
    She recognizes herself in the animal
    Knowing they are both the same

    We are strong, we are independent
    We are the innocent being in this world
    But that is exactly why

    We are so breakable

    Entry no.3: "blissful innocence comes before the bite" by TSPanda

    there was a time
    some time
    you don't remember
    but you were truly innocent

    a child poking a cat
    a kitten clawing at a ball of wool
    a young couple sharing apples under the mid-summer sky

    something we may bear witness to
    but something we may never truly feel

    because to know is to sin

    Entry no.4: "An ageless innocence" by Asia Run

    Is the blind man
    That walks by the side of his loyal dog
    Trusting unconditionally

    It’s the voice
    Of the lonely singer
    Whose voice only reaches
    The walls of the bathroom

    Perhaps, it’s the kid
    Playing freely inside you
    The nostalgic old times

    Or the light
    Deep inside the tired eyes

    Of those that consider themselves too mature to be innocent.

    Entry no.5: "Innocence is a lie" by Belserion

    They say we're all born innocent
    But that's a lie
    Our first act is to bring pain
    Bloodstained, screaming

    For a while it's idyllic
    There's joy in your guileless eyes
    Long sunshine days
    Warm, safe, protected

    Then there's a knock
    The barrier is about to break
    The world has come to collect
    On the debt you haven't paid

    There's no such thing as innocence
    You were simply being molded
    To fit the empty space in the puzzle

    Of the world that just keeps turning

    Entry no.6: "The epic innocent" by Debonair Raven

    I used to love, I used to believe.
    No ill feelings, No grudge or peeve.
    Trusting blindly like a naive.

    Tasted pain, Misery and deceive.
    Tears are falling but i got my sleeve.
    No more innocence i must change or leave.

    Hurting them back that what i hope to achieve.
    Don't judge me, I was as pure as Adam and Eve.

    You think i'm corrupted?! Good grief!

    Entry no.7: "Heaven awaits" by Shobu_Yoruichi

    Heed to the Styx, salvation is beyond,
    You may loathe what fate decided to thou,
    Yet Charon finds hilarious what lifes drags off.

    Heaven or Hell, solely culprits or innocents may enter
    Easiest for the innocent, like yes or not is the answer.
    Hardest for the culprit, flip your coin, head - yes, tail - not.

    Tail!? Who told you you were going to be asked?
    Salvation is here, Charon pushes you at the big gate
    It does not opens, guilty you are not.

    Heed to the Styx, fate wonders your soul
    Peter you will be seeing at the time of redemption

    Because through life, fate did not took your innocent soul.

    Entry no.8: "off-white" by Lord Maple

    stained halls echo words of the capable
    take it from i, do not heed to their lies
    supposedly white walls built with cable
    couldn't even last through small wear and try
    words tell you not to say or hear one's affairs
    you break from command, rebellious change
    but painless as if it's kind stagnant air,
    you stop, felt dismay, and stay within range
    the threat of innocence that marred the grime
    though they say, good riddance, they too, are impure
    they too, have sinned, became wise, sculpted mimes,
    holding highly, the sceptre of grandeur
    prohibit yourself from the perceived

    and you'll see, you have died in misery
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