Voting MH Art Contest Week 23-24 ~ Portrait Photography

MH Art Contest Week 23-24 ~ Portrait Photography

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  • SheepyTurtle

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MangaHelpers Art Contest Week 23-24 ~ Portrait ~ Photography!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to the voting phase of MH's Art Contest Week 23-24 for the photography category. This is your chance to appreciate the efforts of the artists and their amazing photos. Be sure to pick the most captivating piece in your opinion. Now it's time to cast your vote.

Voting Details:

• Voting will automatically be closed on September 11th, 2016 at 11:00 PM (GMT).
• You may only vote once and for up to TWO of the submissions.
• Announcement of winners and next contest and new theme will be done as soon as possible after the voting period is over.

Entry 1: Work Rest by natsulucy

This is my picture of taking rest on the balcony of my maternal aunt's house.After doing a huge project work for my university examination i was taking rest there.The cool breeze refreshed myself.Streets of Kolkata in India can be seen here.

Entry 2: On Alert by gnut

my dog Tora being a snoop as usual...probably looking at a lizard or squirrel or bird....wtv that moves:XD

Entry 3: "I've claimed this spot, and I'm not going to move" by riki

My cats love to sit on my mom's hosta plants (and eat them too) much to her chargin

Entry 4: Gentle warriors by MArGi

Yabusame - mounted archery in Japan. This one horse looked especially powerful and beautiful; and the rider smiled at me when he noticed I was taking that picture. A great memory :^_^

Entry 5: Hatchlings by WithYouInSpirit

With the overwhelming amount of cruel and harsh action from human beings in the world today, we oftentimes forget about the great beauty of a new life. With any and all life, something special is born. Something that is deserving of the utmost respect. That is what life is...
(This is a picture I took of our newest group of chicks this spring just gone. Aren't they beautiful?

Entry 6: Hands of an Artist by SheepyTurtle

"Emulation of "Hands of a Hand Surgeon".

If a portrait shows your true self, your one truth, then the truth is that I am my hands. They are my tools, they are me, and the single most accurate depiction of who I am. I am my hands because they channel my thoughts not only into words, but into art."

Credit goes to Imogen Cunningham for the haunting original, "Hands of a Hand Surgeon".

Entry 7: Why Study When You Can Sleep? by rawhr

My cat Daisy knows how boring books can be and puts old notes to good use as the perfect bed to sleep on

Entry 8: In the Distortion World by DiMaria Yesta

This is me during my Coral Biology research. My friend told me he has an idea and ordered me to do it, so I did what he ordered. Actually we didn't expect that the photo will be like this. This is different with what we expected instead. Then, I happened to rotate the photo, and this is the result. It's like I was in a distortion world. I am a man who likes to imagine!
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