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Naruto: Chinese Fanmanga!!!


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Nov 24, 2006
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Original work don'ted know everyone to have to once see?Chinese of.My English badly, so can't accurately give everyone the translation become English.Sorry.
A named a psychohare friend a help translation!psychohare ,thank you!
Page 1

初代 = Shodaime
三代风影 = ? (三代 = 3 generations, 风影 = ?)

Page 2

Uchiha: You can never beat me with your current abilities. I do not wish to harm an old friend like you.

Uchiha: Do u still not understand, Nidaime?

Nidaime: We will bring u back to the village, even if it will cost our lives!

Shodaime (thought): Why is he so strong? Has he obtained the Devil’s power?

喝! = HAA!

Page 3

Nidaime: Let’s see what you’re made of

Uchiha: Alright! I’ll let you brothers witness some new jutsu!

Uchiha: This place shall be your graves!

睜開 = eyes open

red colored caption: What secrets do these red eyes hold?

Page 4

开!万花筒 = Mangekyou Sharingan!

Nidaime: Raijin! (lightning sword)

Page 5

啊! = AH!

Page 6
Nidaime = Aniki! (brother)

Page 7

Shodaime: I can’t withstand any longer, we can’t stop him. Brother, return and protect the village

Nidaime: Why did you take that blow for me! WHY!

Nidaime: Don’t be foolish brother, if I’m returning?
(next frame): we’re returning together!

Uchiha: Hmm, what touching brotherly ties! But Shodaime, do you think I would let him leave!

Page 8

Shodaime: Mokuton! Forest Entrapment!

Nidaime: Brother, what are you doing?

Shodaime: You are the most important person to me, and you possess greater leadership qualities.
(next frame): Uchiha斑 (Ban?) Let’s settle this!

Uchiha: Protecting your loved one, Hah hah, this is ridiculous

Page 9

哈! = HAA!

Caption: Protecting someone who is important to you ignites unbelievable amounts of energy.

好 = Good
加油 = Ganbatte
(next frame): Ban (Uchiha), we will go to that place together
Sayonara, brother

(last frame): Ban, brother, lets build an everlastingly beautiful and peaceful country

Page 10

Frame 1:
Later, to commemorate their heroes, the people of Konoha carved their images into the stone faces
In order to warn future generations, this place was named “The Death Valley?

Frame 2:
When Nidaime regained consciousness, Shodame had already passed away.
No one knew what happened during that period of time

Frame 3: Grandpa, I’ve heard this story numerous times

Frame 4:
I have never told you this story, isn’t it great!
I’m not listening!

Frame 5:
Sandaime: Haha, Konohamaru, then what sort of story would you like to listen? Grandpa will tell you the story about the Sannin
Konohamaru: Forget it, grandpa’s stories are meaningless, I’m going to get Naruto nii chan to teach me some ninjutsu.


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Apr 28, 2006
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Re: Chinese original work<NARUTO Front biography> !!!

ummm wow really interesting nice way of portraying it