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Naruto: The Sunpōkage

After the Fourth Ninja War. Naruto realized he didn't actually want to become Hokage. He really wanted was to be treated like a Human being and the acknowledgment by the Leaf Villagers. He got that right after the war. So he thinking of the war. Where Kayuya took him and his team to different dimensions. He starts thinking about what other dimensions there are.

The one day Sasuke came by with Sakura, Kakashi, Sai, and Yamato. They saw Naruto making portals. Naruto said, "During the war. I got my interest in other dimensions."
Sakura Haruno said, "Yeah like the one You were Memma and Sasuke here was a playboy who flirts with every girl even your Naruko version of yourself."
At that statement. Sasuke vomited up. Sai starts drawing the scene that Sakura mentioned.

Naruto said, "I don't want to become Hokage but I still want to be known as a Kage."
Yamato said, "How about this you could be know as Sunpōkage."
Kakashi said, "I'll take your spot as next Hokage."
Sakura said, "I'll take the spot."
Sasuke said, "I would but what I did before the war. I wouldn't be the best."

The pairing Room:

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