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NARUTO: Tobuden


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Mar 15, 2007
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Well, I just started my own Naruto sidestory project a few days ago, I'm looking for readers, so yeah.

The story [thus far] is following a new promoted Genin named Enishida Tobu and his teammates. Not much of a story up until this point, but the next three chapters will shed a lot of light on his situation [such as why he's an orphan, why there's the encounter between Izumo and Shuiro and other stuff]. The third installment should be out sometime tomorrow, maybe [if I get started now].

Chapter One: Enishida Tobu
Chapter Two: Team Three
Chapter Three: Urarashi Kan
Chapter Four: Decision
Chapter Five: To Nami no Kuni!!
Chapter Six: Beautiful Death!!
Chapter Seven: Tobu's Dead!!

Anyway, please enjoy, I'm looking to update on future chapters here and such. :)

Chapter Three added. Enjoy. :3

Chapter Four added. Chapter five to be added later tonight or tomorrow.

Chapter Five added! Sorry for the lateness! Enjoy!

[PS.: Comments welcome. :]]

Chapter Six added.

Chapter Seven added! Enjoy, please!
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