One Piece: Best of a Decade

Wealth, fame, power. The man who had acquired everything in the world, the Pirate King, Gold Roger.
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One Piece: Best of a Decade

Come forth and nominate your favorite moments, characters, chapters and much more! Show us what you loved the most during the past decade of One Piece!


Chapter 957 was one of the best in many years idk about the decade though. Its impossible to pinpoint one single chapter. But as of recently chapter 955 and beyond have been amazing.

Also everything that had doffy and katakuri in it
Well with One Piece it's so hard to pick one single moment but I guess Mariford is still on top with Ace death, Sabo awakening to haki, Shanks stopping the war and so on.

Other awesome and iconic moment on top of my head: Sabo meeting Luffy, Brook performance during the BigMom arc, Sanji's past, the chapter "news from the world" with the reveal of BB being an emperor and Aokiji vs Akainu, The bounty reveals and so much more.
I'd say, this has been the best decade for the series overall. Plus, I believe ten years ago is when, the Marineford battled ended and Oda stated that One Piece was 50% completed at the time. Also, like to add that, the characters have all come a long way and it sounds like the next decade will be the final conclusion coming for One Piece. Glad to be alive to see it come this far and hopefully, be around to see it's end too.

Thank you to Oda, WZJ and his fans. :super
I personally loved the moment when Ussop "develop" the ability to see beyond and shoot & KO sugar for the second time!!