One Piece Best of Year 2020: Results

Thank you all for taking part in the voting, here are the winners from the final voting round:

A breakdown of each category's results will be added to the opening post of individual threads.

"Run away from an emperor?...Do you want to make our captain Pirate King or not?!" - Franky (ch989)


Finding out what happened at the Reverie

Roronoa Zoro

Strawhat Pirates

Jack VS Inuarashi and Nekomamushi


Scabbards v Kaido (ch986-ch999

Chapter 992

Kozuki Oden

Roger naming "Laugh Tale" (ch967)

Kinemon being surprised by his own genius (ch975)

Korozumi Orochi

Sanji chasing sex workers

Mythical Uo Uo no Mi

Oden Nitoryu

Chapter 967


Scabbards vs Kaido, Chapter 992

Boa Huang (Flying Squirrel Gifter), Chapter 979



I don't know why everyone hates Orochi. Yes, he is a scumbag and a really evil person but he is still a villain, so this is his job imk. :D

I think his vengeance is fitting his psycho personality. He wants to see Wano burn like the Joker Gotham.