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Nov 24, 2010
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Title : One Piece
Story By : Eiichiro Oda
Art By : Eiichiro Oda
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural
Serialized In : Weekly Shonen Jump
Published : 1997


As a child, Monkey D. Luffy dreamed of becoming the King of the Pirates. But his life changed when he accidentally gained the power to stretch like the cost of never being able to swim again! Now Luffy, with the help of a motley collection of nakama, is setting off in search of the "One Piece," said to be the greatest treasure in the world...

Currently ranked as the best-selling series in manga history.

Source: Mangaupdates^^


Main Board

- Tree of Knowledge

- One Piece Theater and Arcade

- Davy Back Fight

- One Piece Playground

- One Piece Chapter and Review Archive

The Blank Century(Awards and Tournament)

- One Piece Art

Main Board

It is our most frequented and cherished place, the main forums, here you can discuss anything series related, but just make sure to discuss everything that is related to a current aka new chapter following the 24 hour rule. Give everyone a chance to read the chapter and enjoy it without spoiling them.

- Super Sticky: Only staff can use these, the chapter and spoiler discussion threads go here, as well as the spoiler summaries and old spoilers which are archived.

- Sticky: General discussion threads like mega convo go here, it's also a place that only staff can use to sticky threads we deem are interesting or important to feature for a certain period of time or threads that need attention.

- Normal threads: All plot related threads that do not break the 24 hour rule go here, general place to discuss and start a thread about everything related to One Piece.

Available Prefixes for the Main Board

Rules - Rules are for staff usage only and point out threads that have important info in them about the rules that concern the One Piece Section.

Info - Info threads contain information about the section and often has useful information for navigating around the section or also has some new information regarding the series in general not just forum related.

Featured - Threads that are promoted to get special attention are featured and are sticky, these thread hold interesting discussion that staff thinks it might be useful to get a spotlight.

Question - A specific question about anything you might have misunderstood can start a discussion. These questions will be answered by members regarding the series.

Hangout - Hangouts are usually threads that have no specific topic but serve as a discussion place for general ideas and questions. These threads have various topics discussed in all at once.

Discussion - Discussion is used to discuss basically anything that can start a debate, these are threads where most discussion tends to center on, they can be about anything related to One Piece.

Chapter - Used to discuss a certain chapter. Chapter threads are marked by it.

Spoiler - Spoiler threads are marked with it, it's one of the ways to avoid everyone getting spoiled.

Review - Reviews for a specific chapter are marked with this prefix. Anyone can start a review thread, making sure it follows the rules of reviewing.

Theory - used when a member has a certain theory he has come up with and has elaborated on in the thread.

Predictions - Used to mark threads that deal with the future events in the manga we have not seen yet.

Favorites - Discussing specific characters, events and arcs that you deep to be favorite and ask the others to discuss their favorites as well.

Art - Used when discussing topics about the art of the series.

Tree of Knowledge

Available Prefixes for the Tree of Knowledge

Character - Used to discuss a specific character or group of characters.

Powers - Used to discuss the abilities and powers of the characters in the One Piece manga.

One Piece Theater and Arcade

Available Prefixes for One Piece Theater and Arcade

Games - Used to discuss games that are related to the One Piece series.

Anime - Discussion about the ongoing One Piece anime an adaptation from the manga.

TV Drama - Discuss tv dramas that are related to the One Piece series.

Movie - Movies that are related to the One Piece series.

Special - Discussion concerning the specials that air as part of the One Piece anime.

Soundtrack - Used to discuss soundtracks that are used in other media of One Piece, like anime, games and movies.

Davy Back Fight

Available prefixes for Davy Back Fight

- This is the prefix you would use for threads involving match-ups that have already occurred in the manga. If the battles have already been fought, then it gets Canon. If you want to discuss what a rematch would be like, it would still get Canon as the prefix, because you have a canonical basis for this fight. Since as you likely well know, Bleach fights are more individually based, and thus it is good to separate match-ups that have that already individual dynamic established.

Conditional - This is the prefix you would use for threads that focus on characters under specific restrictions that do not allow for the characters to access their full potential or uses only a specific version of a character.

Fantasy - This is the prefix that you would use for fights between characters who have never fought each other in the manga before. This goes for any thread pertaining to characters who have yet to fight each other. If the subject of the thread becomes a canon battle, the thread prefix will be changed to Canon, but until then, it will be classified as Fantasy.

Team - This is the prefix you would use for battles where two or more characters are teaming up to fight a foe.

One Piece Playground

Available prefixes for One Piece Playground

Match - A game about a fight between two characters.

Word Play - General games that involve things like the letter at the end of one characters name to continue in the next post with the first letter of a new one.

Fun Thread - A thread for non-serious discussion about One Piece

What-If - This is the prefix used for alternative scenarios, i.e. any discussion that focuses on what might have changed if things happened differently.

Design - This is the prefix used for any verbal or graphical design related to the One Piece world. New One Piece characters, new abilities or new styles for new and existing characters, new places, or anything similar.

One Piece Chapter and Review Archive
The Blank Century

The "outdated" threads are moved to this section. The threads are locked, however, so if you are interested in reviving any particular thread(s), feel free to post here. In a nutshell, by moving inactive threads to this Archive, the other boards will be more orderly as many threads can be or will be moved into the The Blank Century. As members, our valued One Piece fans have the opportunity to have a greater impact on what threads that will "die and live", so we encourage you to visit this section frequently. And please keep in mind, the decision to whether move a thread from The Archive rests with the Staff.

One Piece Art

Available prefixes for One Piece Art

Cover - Covers that are canon to the One Piece series - Volume Covers.

Page - A certain page from the manga that you have colored.

Panel - A certain panel from the manga that you have colored.

Line Art - A drawing of a One Piece character.

Fanart - Personal drawings of One Piece characters and manga pages/panels.

Q and A Thread

This Thread will also be used as a Question and Answer thread between members and the staff, if you have any questions related to the One Piece forum post them here or contact the following staff:

zetsu banned

Feel free to contact any global or admin as well for general rules and stuff.

Send them a PM(Private Message) if you do not want to post in this thread, any questions however go here.
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ibra87 is missing down there?
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