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*Onepiece FF* 'The Fate.'


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Nov 24, 2007
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South Korea
OOPS! I forgot to mention this is part 1 of the series!
This Story will include ALL Story Arcs of One Piece. Also, this Story will start at U.K., Present Day, in Metropolis School of London. Our hero is 13 years old Named Eather y.s. Kim.
"Man! I'm going to be late again!" Our Hero, Eather is NOT a morning person. As a result, he rushed through his morning rutine as always. After 30 minutes, our Hero finally runs out of house and gets on his bike.
"Mr.Kim, you are late AGAIN! This is your 14th Tardy in well, 14 DAYS!" The German teacher, Mr.Elric, yells at Eather. But we mustn't blame him. For he has been patient for last 13 days.
"Search me, teach! I dont think it is my fault there is an accident in the intercetion between my house and the school." Eather, trying to sound innocent, tried to lie his way through the punishiment.
"We can ALL see your house from the window, Eather, nice try. Go see the Principal." Said Mr.Elric, calmly, but in a 'I'm going to grind you UP!' tone, surely, readers heard it once or twice.
"Eather, this is not good. Is there any other options that we can take?" Said Eather, he has habit of talking to himself.
Eather got around to entering Principal's office somehow. The Principal, tall, slender male with what seems to Eather to be gray eyes(for No troublemaker will look at Principal straight in the eyes), talked to Eather. "This is serious, Eather. 14 tardys means 3 absents and 2 tardys. if you keep it up, you will be commiting truency." The tone was rather dull, but still gave Eather a chill down his bones.
"Don't worry, there won't be ANY troubles!" Said Eather, avoiding eye contacts.
"I will give you 1 last chance, Eather, look me in the eyes." Said Principal, trying to get Eather to look him in the eyes.
"Okay, teach! got it!" Said Eather, as Principal dismissed him. Now, our Hero has not got into any trouble untill lunch. Which is amazing feat, for he is marked number 1 suspect for any trouble.
"Principal was really getting on my nerve today."Said Eather, as he sat on his usual Asian lunch table.
"Well, he IS a principal, you gotta obey him." Said Justin, who has known Eather for more then 2 years now.
"I know, I know."Said Eather. While opening him Onepiece yellow, he noticed sudden quietness in cafeteria. This wasnt good, considering Eather is sitting down.
There was a strange creature upon the ceiling. Strangly human-like. But pitch-Black. if reader ever played Legend of Zelda, Orcarina of Time, think of Dark Link in the game.
As everyone looked upward, the Creature got behind Eather. Then SLAM! Eather was not there anymore. And Neither was the creature. Only thing left was his Right Arm and His book. Inside, there was a strange picture that looked almost the same as Eather and Creature. Only difference was, the creature looked like Dark-White Reversed Version of Eather.
"Where am I?" Said Eather, getting up quite easily for a man with 1 arm. "And why is one of my Arm gone?" Now came the brute moment of reality. Eather shrieked the Strange Creature looked at him from the Sky.
Creature Said, "My Name is Fate. You are in East Blue, Rogue Town Island's Shore. Ahh, I see not all of your Body made it to this world! VERY ENTERTAINING! AHAHAHA! Excuse me for that! Oh, yes, in the place for your limb, For now, I will give you Automail. Also, I will give you you're sword. its name is, 'KenjiTenno KooriKisuke,' Remember its name. I must go now, for Fate needs to do his business. You shall be called, Fate's Child."
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