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    The year is 2099, Aeris, an agent working under SDC (Scientific Development of California) to protect the secrets that are within the organization, she is prepared to use any necessary means but, what lurks from the shadow is something that she was not prepared for and Humanity in a whole is in danger. What will she do?

    Genres: Action, Sci-fi, mystery, psychological

    Chapter 1:
    Case 1: The end is the beginning

    The year is 2099, Humanity has greatly advance in term of technology but, the human condition remains the same or it might have even degrade, the gape between the high-class and society is bigger than it ever was.

    'I know that because, I live among them both."

    ring ring ring

    A clock on the floor brought life into what seemed like an abandonned apartement. A woman, laying on the floor with her blue eyes wide open staring at the boring red ceiling. She didn't need an alarm was the first thing that crossed her mind, everyday she was awake an hour before it would rang but, it was an indication that she had to go to work so, she never threw it away.

    Aeris. That was her name.

    Aeris finally stood up and kicked the cushion she was laying on to the corner of the empty restroom. The woman had the same routine every mornings; waking up, kicked the cushion in the same corner and finally, after a shower, she would eat the remnant of the supper she had the day before. After being fully prepared to head toward her job in the independent state of California, a "guardian", her work consists of guarding the secrets and researches hold in the Scientific Development of California or SDC.
    Aeris was never interested in the work that were being conducted in SDC, she just knew that she was indebt to them after they saved her from certain death, she couldn't remember it but, her early memories were of there.

    "- At the same hour yet again?" The man standing in front of the door of a gigantic building said with a smile, eyes on his gold watch. "- Yeah, that's Aeris for you. How are you this morning?"

    "- I am doing just as bad every morning after seeing your face." Aeris said, returning the smile to the man as she went inside the building.

    The beautiful inside of the building, the red paint, the white ceramics on the floor spread into two directions completed by staircases on both sides and the golden letters "SDC" over the reception office which, didn't seem to realize the woman that entered. Instead of being welcomed by the receptionist, a child, a girl.

    "- Aeris!" The girl ran toward Aeris and hugged her with all of her strength, her green ponytail was undone by the woman she was holding.

    "- Was Johnathan bullying your hair again?" Aeris assumed, she knew that the girl was being bullied for her hair color and she always told her to just show them off. "- Don't tie them, your hair are so pretty."

    "- I wish that I could have beautiful long black hair like you..."

    Aeris felt like trying to say anything more regarding the girl's hair would just worsen the child's mood. Instead, she remembered something that would have the opposite effect, she was well prepared.

    "- By the way Maria, do you know which day it is?"

    "- We are the 10th of September, no?" The confusion that was slightly taking the girl shifted to a radiant smile, finally she let go of the woman and stand back waiting impatiently. "- Did you buy it for me?"

    Aeris simply answered with a smile and poked the tip of Maria's nose, at the same time, she took something out of her dark long coat.

    A video game console.

    "- Today's your birthday, of course I bought it." Aeris was yet again the victim of the child's hugging but, she was never bothered by it, she even considered Maria as her own children or a younger sister. "- Happy Birthday."

    "- Thank you! You are the best Aeris! Thank you!"

    "- I am glad to see you two enjoying being around each other."

    An old woman was standing on the staircase that led the the upper left of the building, when Aeris saw her, she poked Maria's nose again as they both went to greet the old woman.

    "- Chief. Davies, how are you today?" Aeris greeted the old womam with respect, although they had known each other ever since the woman's memories could permit her to remember, her chief always stood by her side.

    "- I told you to call me Tatiana already. I am doing quite good today, my health seem to become much better recently." Chief Davies answered with a warm smile. "- How about you?"

    "- That is good to hear. If you are doing better, so am I."

    "- Grandma, Aeris didn't forgot my birthday!" For the third in a short amount of time, the child hugged Aeris but, this time it was more brief.

    The old woman answered by patting the child's head "- You two are like sisters, I am sure that her mother in heaven would agree with me." Cheif Davies brush the air in front of her to an attempt to change the subject. "- Alex was waiting for you, she had quite a jewel in her possession."

    "- I will go see her immediately. See you Maria. Cheif Davies." Aeris wondered about what the cheif meant by "jewel" as she climb the stairs by two, leaving both the old woman and Maria behind.

    Once Aeris reached the second floor of the tall building where, various offices identified by name tags. The woman walked through them and reached the familiar door that she often had to visit, she knocked.

    "- Come in."

    When Aeris opened the door, an aroma of coffee came tickling into her nose but that quickly went away when she saw a corpse on the desk inside the office, on instinct, Aeris quickly closed the door behind her.
    Alex simply greeted her with her pale blue eyes, her blonde hair were covered with blood and so was her white suit.

    "- What the hell is that?" Aeris couldn't help the look of confusion and disgust that she was sending at Alex.

    "- It's a dead body." The blonde woman chuckled a little before she made sign for Aeris to sit on the couch near the desk but, her offer was turned down. "- I thought that Tatiana informed you on that. Maybe not."

    "-..." Aeris couldn't hide her repulsion toward the corpse scent that finally had completely took over the coffee one. "How long was this person dead?" She thought to herself.

    "- This man has died twice..." Alex had started before sipping her coffee in silence for a minute or two. "- My research finally paid off, I was able to construct a soul, although different from the man's original one. In other words, two men's lived and died in this body."

    "- I am not sure that I understand..." Aeris was stupefied by the statement made that, even the corpse's sent had vanish from her nostrils.

    "- To procreate a child, a man and a woman needs to copulate in order to meet the fecundation process, thus, with that simple thing in mind. What would it takes to make an adult born? Control over time?" Alex stopped and sipped again for a minute or two in her coffee. "- The answer is simple; Experiences. This is the important thing to create a middle aged man or woman but, let's keep in mind that not everyone get the same experiences at the exact same time. For example, I am twenty five years old and yet, still a virgin, which is quite abnormal in our current time laps."

    "- Aren't we all different in the end?" Aeris asked.

    "- Yes and no. Certain experiences open doors to future way of leading ones life. A person that is allergic to peanuts would never grow an addiction to peanut butter. Yet, a person who used to hate peanuts can love peanut butter. In other terms, humans molds themselves practically identical to some circumstances but, these circumstances create our differences at the same time." Alex stood up and without warning plunged her left hand in the open body on her desk. "- In simple terms, Humans are not something that can be understand."

    "- Then, how did you made another one live in this body?"

    "- Simple, I created an artificial intelligence that I inserted datasets of experiences and placed it within the brain of this subject."

    "- Isn't that just a robot?" Aeris was confused by what seemed to be nonsense spewed by Alex that was now standing face to face with her.

    "- Isn't everything in this world a part of life? Everything is life."

    The corpse stood up on the desk, with the flesh on it's face falling apart before the whole body just all together stopped moving as it crashed under the desk. Aeris had moved back without realizing it and the look of disgust once again on her face.

    "- It moved... And died..."

    "- That's number three. The body is too weak, that's what I assume. If we succeed, we could sell them to either police forces or the military. You want some coffee?" The offer was quickly declined by Aeris as she stared at the blood on Alex's hands.

    "- Why exactly do you need me?"

    "- Aren't you a box full of questions?" Alex walked towards the corpse laying on the floor and with her fingers, she took out something from the body. "- This was found into this corpse, which was found earlier in front of SDC. At first, it seemed like a normal murder but, this seem to be targeting us directly."

    "- What is this?"

    "- An SD card. I tried to look what was inside it but, it's corrupted."

    Aeris was more interested on the identity of the corpse than what may have been on the card, the fact that the man was disfigured was obviously to conceal the identity.

    "- Is anyone missing?"

    "- No one."

    Rang Rang Rang

    The emergency alarm rang, both Aeris and Alex looked at each other and they both understood that either a fire had started or SDC was under attack but, the answer became clear when about ten gunshots resonated from the first floor.

    Who? Why?

    Chapter 1: END
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