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Jul 21, 2006
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Welcome to our Manga Art Forum!

  • Don't direct link to external images by using the -tag if it is NOT your own webspace!
  • Don't quote fanfics of other artists! Link to them or give at least a proper source.
  • Don't post links to images or fanfics containing ******/porn!
  • Don't post links to images or fanfics not done by you!
  • Don't put up images or links to images showing full frontal of private parts.
  • Opening post must contain some form of the image (actual image or thumbnail). If actual image is used, the image must be in spoiler tags. (Linking to the image somewhere else may still be done in addition to having the image in the post.)
  • Thread must contain only one art piece (exception made for different versions of the same art piece, e.g., line art version and then colored version.)
  • Thread title must contain the title of the piece and relevant descriptive information. If the thread is outside one of the sections dedicated to art of a specific manga, then the name of the manga is required. If the artwork comes from a specific chapter (e.g., a panel, double spread, cover), the chapter number is required. Example: Ah! My Goddess! - Chapter 21 - Belldandy Smiling
  • Colorings/lineart/fanart/etc. using content from the latest chapter cannot be posted until:
    - 24 hrs after the chapter is released for all other ongoing series.
    Please refer to the forum rules if you have any questions, or you may contact any art or global mod via PM.

I noticed that a lot of you upload your colorings to DeviantArt(DA). For your information, if you color a manga cover/page/double spread/panel, you are officially coloring a copyrighted material. Hence, if you upload your colorings to DA, you are technically "claiming" that the piece of art if yours. However, it isn't. The lineart still belongs to the mangaka no matter how you see it.

Even if you cleaned the pages yourself and colored them, they still violate the copyright rule. Even if you credit the mangaka for the lineart, it doesn't make a difference.

Note that DA mods are strict in deleting any copyrighted material. Hence, if you have colorings from mangas on your DA gallery, do not be surprised to see your coloring deleted by the DA mods. Once your coloring get deleted, your thread in MH becomes invalid because the coloring link is now broken.

Ok, so how do we solve this problem?


Solution #1
Do not upload anything that doesn't belong to you (pages/panels/covers/double spreads) from ANY manga to DA.

Instead, upload them to MH's image gallery here.

If you prefer to upload it somewhere else, I strongly recommend ImageShack . From my observation, while the links to other sites such a photobucket, tinypic, and so on might break, ImageShack does not have such a big problem with broken link.

Solution #2
Remember Solution #1. :p

That's it. Enjoy coloring, enjoy posting, enjoy drawing, and have fun. :smile-big :hbunny :luv
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