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Seeking Manga Artist!


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Dec 20, 2006
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United Kingdom
Moshimoshi, I am currently looking for a Manga Artist for a series i'm hoping to make, ide do it myself, but my anotomy is terrible >.>
The series is about a boy called Dieago, who inherits magical powers. But he isn't the only one. Many teens are begining to get magical abilities why? a Huge Magical burst that errupted from a rouge wizard who wanted to master Black Magic. Only people with high magical energy were affected, to others theydidn't feel a thing. Dieago is astounded by his new found ability, he thinks he is some kind of superhero, and becomes the speedy SWISH (which is the name of the manga)
I'll help with designs and i will do the script, if anyone is intresed i would be over the moon if you are.
Anystyle really, if you are interested, could you say so here, and if i say, send some examples of it? Thanks.
(i've posted this in the Fan Manga section, just to be sure)