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The Forum Rules apply as usual. Furthermore, the following extra rules apply.

Shin Prince of Tennis Tournament II Rules
1. Threads and Polls
The staff will take care of any organizational duties. In other words, do not create any new threads/polls and leave any updates to us. Once a round ends, the thread will be closed. If you want to further comment on a match that's already over, use the Discussion Thread.

2. About the votes
You cast a vote by selecting your character of choice in the poll. Votes will be hidden once the poll is closed and the round is over. In this subforum, there are two plug-ins installed that affect voting.

The first one allows you to unvote and revote if you change your mind during the discussion, just click the Unvote button and your previous vote will be removed.

The second plug-in rewards those that actively participate in the discussion in the thread and doubles the value of their vote. This happens automatically, you do not have to do anything extra, just keep in mind that if you participate in the discussion, your opinion holds more weight.
Please understand that if you have voted in the poll and posted in the thread, but failed to make any posts that contribute to the discussion, your posts will be deleted.

3. Characters
Characters are to be considered with the abilities they displayed in the manga. Additional information from official sources like the data books or Pair Puris may be taken into account.

4. Matches
All matches are best of 1 Set. The serve order will be determined randomly when the match starts. Characters start each match without injuries.

4.1 Determining the winner
The character with the majority of votes at the end of the round moves on to the next round, their opponent is eliminated from the tournament. If there is a vote tie, that round will be extended by 24 hours. If there is still a tie after the extension, the winner will be determined randomly.

In order to make this a more enjoyable experience for everyone, please follow these rules and discuss and justify your votes.
If you have any further questions, please post in the discussion thread or contact me via PM.

And last but not least: Have fun!
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